Friday, November 10, 2017

Eli Picks:2004 Fleer Platinum Youth Movement

Eli's Picks is a segment where Eli himself, well a stuffed Bleacher Creature version, picks his favorite base/insert cards to show off.
Another new edition of Eli's Picks as we move more into football season. I am not sure how many more of these will make the cut before I make a few blog changes but I will decide later on. As of right now, this is the finale.

Eli chose a card from his rookie year this time. It's an insert from 2004 Fleer Platinum that has some embossing on it. Which is what the real catch about the cards actually is to him. He doesn't think the picture is too shabby either.

I am not sure what the odds are on this as I couldn't find any information on them, but I would assume knowing the product they were probably one or two per box. I was lucky to add this one thanks to 90's Niche Football Card Blog.

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