Monday, November 13, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Postseason Edition Baseball

Every October a team or player steps up big in the playoffs and leads their team to a World Series title. This year it was George Springer and past years have many, many October heroes.

Those heroes both big name and small can be found in today's product review with an autograph. Let's check out which hero I landed.

In every box of 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Postseason Edition Baseball you will find one encased autograph card. Players from the 80's,90's and 2000's can be found on the checklist and from the card brand selections. Boxes can be had much cheaper than the Active Players falling at $40 per.

The players are all retired as opposed to the Archives Signature Series active players edition and the players in the set have multiple cards and multiple print runs. The Postseason version is like the Archives brand we have come to enjoy every year. It features some long ago forgot about players who once played a big role for their teams.

One of those players is the one that I pulled in Keith Foulke. This one is numbered to 39 and is signed on one of my favorite Stadium Club designs of all time.
Foulke is among a mixed set of players on the checklist. You can find the checklist for this product right, HERE.

Other hits not found in my box are dual autographs and relic autographs.

OVERALL, I think it's fun to find signed cards of players of the past, which is why I enjoy the Archives brand, but unlike the base product this one can be a bit of a gamble since you are basically banking on the one card. However, the gamble isn't as big as it was with the Active Players edition. 

For the collectors, this is a fun one looking for those players you may not find too often in products. The key as always for Archives.

For those looking to hit it big, well, this may not be completely up your alley even though there are some big names on the checklist like Aaron and Ripken and of course, Jeter.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review. Some of the above hits will be found in future contest promos I will run on here time to time. PLEASE Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well  


  1. Ahhh. I didn't know the difference between this product and the Archives Signature Series. Thanks for breaking it down.

    1. I didn't realize that there were two different Archives Signature Series' either.

  2. I'd love to see a case breakdown for this product. $40 seems kinda pricey to pull a Foulke autograph. And why did Topps decide to use a White Sox card for him? His postseason success came with the Red Sox. Ugh. Whatever. I still love Topps, but this one is a head-scratcher.

  3. I won't be grabbing these anytime soon as it is such a gamble for the price. That said I really do enjoy seeing what others grab. Like you I'm a big fan of past greats so there would be a huge draw for me. Your pull was a bit tough but you just never know when you might get that big one. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed.