Sunday, November 26, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Gallery Baseball Collectors Box

Topps Gallery makes its triumphant return since it's disappearance in 2005 and it brings back everything you liked about the product.

The only downside, you have gotta find them at Walmart before everyone else does.

You can find Topps Gallery in Collectors Boxes with 2 autographs, fat packs and in blaster boxes. Today's break is a Collectors Box with the two autographs.

Let's take a look.

Every box of 2017 Topps Gallery Baseball Collectors Box comes with 20 packs and boxes running around $70 with 2 autographs.

The base set is 200 cards with the last 50 being Sp's. The 150 card base set is made up of stars of today and tomorrow, while the Sp set has players of yesterday and fall 1:20 packs. I need to find myself the Griffey.

The cards themselves are beautifully done artistically with a nice border touch. They are the same Gallery you have always come to know to love.

Building a regular base set shouldn't be too hard, however with Sp's at 1:20, the master set won't be as easy.

On the back of the card, the artists names are featured.

Speaking of Artists, they even have their own cards in the product. There are two to find.

Like any product, there are parallels to find as well. I pulled Private Issue which fall 1:8 packs in the collectors boxes.

and an Orange /25 that falls 1:196 packs.

There is also, Artist Proof,Canvas, Green /99 falls 1:50, Blue /50 fall 1:98,Red 1/1 falls 1:4,867, and Printing Plates 1/1 that fall 1:1,217.
Now onto my insert pulls. Unlike the base, they are very high gloss.

Heritage insert falls 1:10 packs. I pulled two pretty solid base ones especially in #AllRise. These have parallels as well including Orange that I found.
Parallels include, Green /250 falls 1:74, Blue /99 falls 1:185, Orange /25 falls 1:731, and Red 1/1 falls 1:17,195.
Masterpiece which is a really nice insert design falls 1:10 packs. These also have parallels to find.
Parallels for these include, Green /250 falls 1:98, Blue /99 falls 1:247, Orange /25 falls 1:977, and Red 1/1 falls 1:23,448. 

Hall Of Fame Gallery includes, well, Hall Of Famers. Solid design as well and high gloss. These fall 1:20 packs and also comes with parallels.
Parallels for these include, Green /250 falls 1:98, Blue /99 falls 1:247, Orange /25 falls 1:977, and Red 1/1 falls 1:23,448. 

Now onto my autograph pulls.

I pulled two base autographs of Cardinals rookies.

The autographs also have parallels that include, Green /99 falls 1:69, Blue /50 falls 1:116, Orange /25 falls 1:195, and Red 1/1 falls 1:4,372. There are tough Sp's to land as well.

Other pulls not in my box include,Cut Signatures, The Expressionists , The Expressionists Autographs,Hall of Fame Gallery Autographs ,Heritage Autographs, Masterpiece Autographs, and Artists Originals Sketch.
OVERALL, I am happy that Gallery is back. I didn't fair too well in terms of autographs in this box but I am happy with the overall break. Price isn't terrible for a 2 autograph product and it comes in many levels so you can take a dip in at fat packs, move up to blaster then go all out on one of these if you are impressed.  I have seen autographs be hit from the other forms of distribution including one by my father who landed a Mancini auto from a blaster.
I guess the only downside is the Walmart exclusive part. A lot of baseball products in 2017 were hard to find at retail outlets because of the hot rookie class as everyone bough multiple boxes, then re-sold them for twice as much online leaving some collectors empty handed. 

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in a new promotion coming up soon for the holidays! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well 


  1. Wow, I really like the look of these cards. Great review.

  2. Nice of Topps to spot you a box.
    I was interested in Gallery and Fire and decided to set build Fire. I like the look of Gallery more, but I'm glad I chose Fire because of the lack of SPs. 1 out of every 20 packs for an SP and there's 50 of them? That's a 1,000 packs with perfect collation! No one would ever do that of course, but what a chore trying to track them down.

  3. Nice Redbirds! Now that is a box!

  4. Great post and great pulls. Smoltz, Yount and Biggio are the hightlights for me but you did great. Those autos will turn out much better if Reyes can come back from surgery and be the mega prospect he is for the Cards. I know that is a lot to ask for. And with the different stars you grabbed I'd definitely be happy. I like this product and was happy with the cards I grabbed as well.

  5. Love the look of these. I'm happy to see Topps is making these retail exclusive​ sets to encourage people not near hobby stores to still collect.

  6. I don't care for this product at all, but happy you pulled a couple Judges for your PC.

  7. I really like Topps Gallery! I wish the boxes were easier to find. I'm not going to pay more on eBay to someone!

  8. This release roars like a pride of lions. Can you say '53 Topps? Okay, a stretch, but Seto and Bergren have made this one a total winner, with absolute class. Buyers want the secondary market to reflect an art lover's and appreciator's sensibility toward prints? Okay, then here's a modern pressing to take that theory all the way out onto the limb. It is a large risk that I believe succeeds grandly. Understatement of the decade: a great issue.