Saturday, November 25, 2017

REVIEW:Babe's Long Ball Licorice

I have always been a big fan of licorice, so when I started seeing tweets from a new company called Long Ball Licorice, I clicked the follow button.

What they were posting was a new form of licorice that I hadn't ever seen before. No it wasn't long twisty straws like Twizzlers or a black jelly bean, it was simply a brick. A brick of licorice. Now that sounded up my alley.

Fortunately, they held a contest and I was a winner to give it a try. So I wanted to let you guys know my thoughts on this new product.

First up, they are officially licensed by the Ruth family to use Babe in their packaging and promoting. Here is their story on when they began their business, read it HERE.

Now onto the product.
Let's take a look at this packaging, it's so cool and old school.I really dig it and liked it so much that I kept it after I ate the candy. This is Red Licorice and it's name is Round Tripper Red Licorice. Of course a baseball theme.

My favorite, Black Licorice and called Long Ball Black Licorice. Yes, I am the guy every kid or adult gives the black jelly beans to. It's the only jelly bean I like.

After ripping the easy tear tab at the top, you pull this out. It sort of looks like one of those Little Debbie party brownies you would take to school. At least I took them to school.

(sorry forgot to take a picture of the red but just picture this one as being red)
The texture was the same as well but that's because it's very pliable licorice and not like the tough hard-to-chew sometimes like Twizzlers. By also being pliable, you can take as little or as lot as you want.

From what I have been reading about this product, it's best to suck on the product or if your a baseball player, use it as a replacement for chew unless you just want to eat it. I did it both ways to see what the difference was.
Chewing: Because it's a food product, it goes in and down easy with a subtle good flavor. Not bad.
Sucking On It: Much better choice. You don't need a big piece as it lasts awhile and you unlock a ton more flavor as well. This is how I ate the rest.

By the way, another tip is to take a small amount at a time. Makes it last longer and too much is too
much at once.

OVERALL, I liked the product. Something I may use while playing Madden so I can feel like a real coach trying to yell at the players instead of a nerd doing it. I found myself liking the red more than the black, not saying anything against the black as it was excellent, but that red raspberry flavor was quite sharp and delicious. I even gave a few samples to family members as well which all enjoyed it but liked the red more.

You can score a bag or box of your own by visiting them on their site, HERE.


  1. As a high school baseball coach I'm very much looking forward to trying this as an alternative to sunflower seeds. I like the pouch and it looks like something I can throw in the back pocket of my baseball pants and not worry about sitting on it. Not a black licorice guy, but I'm putting the red on my Xmas list!

  2. Interesting product. I put one of each in my shopping cart, but haven't bought it yet. Not sure if I'd rather spend $14 on licorice or baseball cards. Only time will tell.