Friday, December 8, 2017

Eli Picks:2016 Donruss Dominators

Eli's Picks is a segment where Eli himself, well a stuffed Bleacher Creature version, picks his favorite base/insert cards to show off. This is the first time this segment has been featured here on Sport Card Collectors. I will see how it goes before I do more than a couple.
So Eli decided he wanted to show off some shine early in the season with this attractive card.
These Donruss inserts bring you back to the 90's version with cracked ice look and appeal. The difference being, these are numbered to 999 and not 10,000.

I was really hoping Eli was going to show off some shiny new bling this year, but no hopes of that as this season and his are a complete washout.

I believe I acquired this insert in a trade with the great 90's Niche Football Card Blog.

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