Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!!

I don't normally post cards on Christmas day as it's been tradition here on Sport Card Collectors just to say Merry Christmas. However, this year I have been so far behind on posts that I needed to catch up. Hence, today's Christmas post with cards in it. It will also more than likely be the only cards I see on Christmas.

Today's cards are from a secret Christmas gift exchange that @DJSeneseiNJ and I did. We set a certain limit and went to town. It was a fun way to do things and the only secret Santa thing I participated in. To be honest, I didn't participate in others in fear shipping outside the U.S. and I just can't afford to pay extra right now.

Anyways, @DJSeneseiNJ hit me in a few PC's.

First up, non sport with The Walking Dead and Star Wars

NY Giants. Lot's of new cards here

I really dig this Davis Webb. My first 2017 Donruss card.

Some Yankees

#AllRise for a new Judge from Topps factory set.
"Snacks" rookies and a pink parallel. I still find it a bit odd to call these rookies cause he has been in the league for awhile, but at least unlike baseball, this is is first card on cardboard so it makes sense.
A sweet shiny Evan Engram Absolute Memorabilia insert and a shiny insert.
/10 Gold Brilliance! I miss Nicks. He was good when he was on.

Davis Webb jerseys. Both college and NFL. I don't have many of him

A sweet Jeter! Love the throwback card and a nice pinstripe included.

EPIC 1/1 sketch card from the Ghostbusters product by Cryptozoic. Like I said, I want it all from the product.

And finally, my first autograph addition to my Ghostbusters collection in some time. I really want to put this set together but simply don't have the funds to do so. I gotta rely on collectors willing to trade them to me or donate ;)
A big thanks goes out to @DJSeneseiNJ for the awesome mail day and for helping out my PC's. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed your return as well.

As for the rest of you, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday depending on what it is in your house. I grew up saying Merry Christmas and still do. I hope you enjoy time with the ones you love, get everything you want for Christmas and remember the real reason behind it. Stay safe and have fun!


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  1. Great cards and lots of fun. I really like the Star Wars widevision cards. Merry Christmas!