Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Beckett Era Ends

For over 20 years I have been a loyal Beckett subscriber, but this year, that will come to an end.

There are many reasons for my decision.
  1. A lot of the same information in the magazine I can find myself online.
  2. It feels as if nobody uses the price guides anymore. Everyone I trade with doesn't use Beckett for trading values and that's what I would find most handy.
  3. The magazine has gotten ridiculous expensive. What used to be $24.99 is pushing $40 a year now. That's too much for me.
  4. It's not just the price that has changed, the magazine has as well. It's not the fun one I once read in the 90's where they had Readers Write, Big Pulls from collectors and felt like it was more of a community based.
  5. The ads in Beckett where I used to look for local card shows are un-useful now as I have no shows to attend and no LCS' to see in there either.
It's a sad ordeal in some ways for me as Beckett has always been apart of my collecting. But, as the times change, I guess it's time for me to make some changes as well even though I am still very old fashion in my collecting styles.

How many of you still subscribe or use Beckett in any way? Let me know what you use and how you use it in comments!


  1. I've bought a Beckett once every few years just to keep tabs on the prices. Used to get baseball, basketball, and football, but it's just been baseball the last few times. I fear that they'll stop reporting prices from the mid to late 80's (when I started collecting) one day and that'll be the day I stop buying the occasional Beckett.

  2. I hardly ever buy Beckett any more. The last one I bought was probably two years ago. I'll flip through them at the card shop every now and then but that's about it. Card values aren't really something I take interest in anymore.


  4. I've stop buying Beckett magazines a long time ago. I had the first 15 years or so every baseball magazine. I think when they changed their format of the magazine to every other month or they combine the magazine to include other sports that's when I stopped buying.
    I used to look forward to the first Tuesday or was it Thursday to go to my local card shop to buy a Beckett mag. But that was getting hard bc that shop closed and the nearest one was a bit far to get a Beckett.
    I now get pricing online and use organize to track my cards..
    Anyway it's ok for u to stop buying the Beckett. It ran it's course..
    For me from 1984 to probably around 2000's that was a long time buying that Beckett magazine.
    I don't miss it. Thank goodness for the internet..
    Eric from

  5. I bought one or two when I got back into collecting in 2013. I haven't really felt the urge to pick up another one since then. All of the information is available online.

  6. I stopped using Beckett for pricing a while ago. Once people started selling cards on eBay, prices listed in Beckett just didn't seem to be realistic.

    That being said, I still pick up a copy once a year when the Supercollectors issue comes out. I'm still blown away by some of those collections. If Beckett moved their focus to collectors and their collections, I would consider buying the magazine regularly.

  7. I still subscribe to beckett. I actually do use the online subscription to look up prices. I find the online one much more useful. But I still get the hard copy. I have been subscribing since the beginning. I have every issue starting with number 1. Can't stop the collection now.

  8. Nope don't use it and haven't for a number of years never thought the pricing in it was realistic anyway so..... it was never a big draw for me or a must have.

  9. Kudos to you for sticking with them for so long! Personally, I haven't bought a Beckett since like 1999.

  10. So sad when a good thing has to end. I haven't bought a Beckett in 20 years. The damn things used to be the card bible for me as a kid but its just too easy to find anything it might hold with a few clicks.

  11. I use VCP sub now since I mostly try for vintage. PSA sub for the deals and eBay for newer cards. Also have used Sortsof too for newer cards. I miss the old beckdays and getting great in the mail when it was the goto !

  12. I haven't bought a Beckett since I got back into collecting last year. Sad to say but it doesn't feel relevant. Although I am curious to see what it looks like since I last saw one 20 years ago

  13. I haven't purchased a Beckett in years. Well... maybe a past issue here or there... but not a new issue. I gave up my subscription because it was way too expensive. Plus I'm kind of a hoarder, so I was running out of room to store all of my back issues. I recently just dumped hundreds of old issues into my recycling bin, b/c they were taking up way too much space.

  14. I haven't bought a Beckett Magazine in years - I usually just head to the book store, grab the magazine and read the articles that interest me, then I put it back on the shelf.

    I'm not into card values so it's purpose is lost on me and therefore I don't feel that the price tag is worth the purchase.

  15. Used to get one for baseball and one for football each year, but now with TCDatabase, don't need it for the reference. Otherwise, it has degenerated into the main engine for the rookie hype machine and super mojo hits.