Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Best Rookie Card Of The 90's

My father and I have been going back and forth through text for weeks trying to work on our second major trade.

He was looking for some more Aaron Judges for his PC and I had doubles, while my focus was on one single card that I knew he didn't want to let go. After I made my last attempt towards the card I wanted, he finally agreed and we pulled off a trade. A day after mailing, we got our cards.

I not only got one card, but ended up with a second. I didn't pull a Bellinger from my Gallery break and he had three so letting one go wasn't too hard for him. The sad part is, right after I got this, I got a trade offer for it so I am shipping it off. So I still need one of these.

And here was my card aim the whole time. It's 90's, it's Topps Chrome, it's a Super Star and it's graded. How about this bad boy....
What, what!!!
I have been wanting this card for some time but watching it jump up and up in value I knew buying wasn't an option. So I lucked out here in a trade. I was hoping he had the Vince Carter Topps Chrome as well but didn't sound like he did.

I will take a trade any day with prospects as long as I am getting a solidified player already in return. As much as I didn't want my Aaron Judge doubles go, I also can see him failing next year and values dropping hard. One thing that won't drop ever is this Tim Duncan. I think in the end I won the deal but if Judge plays like this year, you never know....

Thoughts on this tremendous add is welcomed in comments!


  1. That's great that you and your father trade cards. The Duncan is a nice looking card!

  2. You and your dad trade cards? That's flippin' cool. Love that Duncan.