Sunday, December 10, 2017

Since You Been Gone

A lot of my focus this year has been on grabbing TTM autographs of celebrities. I find that my success rate is much higher with them vs athletes and with my growing love of non sports, it also helps add some cool pieces to my PC.

One of my more recent TTM requests was of Kelly Clarkson. The very first American Idol winner who has gone on along with Carrie Underwood as the most successful and biggest named winners from the show. She is also the daughter-in-law of Reba. Just thought I would throw that tidbit in since my wife is a huge Reba fan.

I sent out a request for Kelly's autograph not sure if I would get a return. I am not that creative when I send out my requests as all I usually have to sign is a white filler cards. Of course in Kelly's case, I do own a couple of CD's so I could have mailed out an insert from them and used that. My fear would be not getting it back and my CD OCD would kick in knowing that my CD insert was missing.

I waited for a few weeks and to my surprise, I got this back in return.....
Very cool!
A thanks goes out to Kelly for hooking me up with this autographed photo and to Autograph Blog for the address. If you haven't checked out his blog for addresses, your missing out. Great resource for the hobby.


  1. I don't watch American Idol, but this girl I was seeing a while back was a big fan. One of the few episodes that stand out was when she performed that song (I think about her father) and got emotional. She's got a great voice.

  2. That's great. She does have a great voice and it is awesome when the stars will sign requests like yours. Sweet.