Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Diamond Club

My love of cards with jewels reached a new high with my latest addition.

To go along with the Sapphire I have of Terrell Davis, I can now say I own a diamond chip as well. It is real diamond, it claims to be but how will we ever know.

I made an offer of $7 to acquire this tough 90's insert I didn't even know existed. This insert set is from 1996 Zenith named coincidentally The Diamond Club. The base insert falls 1:24 packs while this one, known as the parallel to it, falls at a tough 1:350 packs and there are not a ton of them out there from my searching.
It's a pretty cool cheap pick up in my opinion. It's also not very often this Yankees fan finds a Red Sox card to be cool.
Now if only I could add the expensive Griffey version of this and it's base version as well.


  1. As gimmicky asthey may be I am man enough to say I like pictures of men with jewelry inside.

  2. Wow. That's an awesome pickup. Can't even imagine how much this card would have commanded back in 1996 (the year after he won the AL MVP Award).

    1. I was wondering about the 1996 price as well! Such a cool card, and once again, something that has somehow flew under my radar for all these years.