Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part VIIII

Part VIIII is absolutely loaded with football Prizm awesomeness. Some from 2016 and some from 2015. Either way, it's a winner.

Up first, lots of rookie Prizms including DROY Joey Bosa. Oh yes, Kevin White is in there to but I guess with his playtime in 2015 this could be a rookie of him haha.

These will bring a sparkle to your eye. It's not just the border, it's the bubbly pop in the background. Just incredible.

Lot's of color in this group with Carson Palmer. The bottom make me think I need to jump into the card and I will be transported to that game.

Some shining stars that are actually shining! I sure hope Todd Gurley can shine again.

A Dazzling Fitz!

Some cool older parallels including Dickerson.

And speaking of Dickerson, he finishes up this part of the mail day.

Only two-parts remain in this mail day. One is a bit chromey, the other, hits loaded. I will take a break from those parts next week and showcase another recent mail day that was a big help and cheap acquisition towards my Psych autograph set chase. Stay tuned and leave your thoughts on today's mail day part below and your thoughts on Prizm football.

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part VIII

Part VIII features even more shiny goodness from my Grady M mail day. This time, we hit the track with Prizm racing.

The first group of Red, White and Blue prizms include Mr. Petty and Danica among others. I think this is one of my favorite parallels from the product.

Here are more parallels including 100-time champ Jimmy Johnson.

And we finish it up with another Red, White and Blue. I chose to show this one off last as it was my favorite of the group.
Part VIIII of this mail day will be showing up later. Stay tuned for that with more shininess and for now, leave your thoughts on Part VIII below!

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part VII

Another Saturday is here and that means to showcase a mail day, or in today's case, three parts.

Surprisingly I am still buried behind in mail day awesomeness and I need to cut to the chase here and show it off. So today, three more parts of my Grady M reader mail day will make their appearance. I hope it's not too much of an overload for you guys and just has the right touch and keeps your interests.

So here we go!

Today's cards are so beautiful that words can't explain them. You will have to use your eyes to come up with your own words.

They are a 2015 Topps Finest cards in the epic 1995 design. Not to mention, refractors of them. I almost fell out of my seat when they were in the box as I haven't ever seen them up-close before.

First up, Peyton Manning. This also is a green parallel.

Then Aaron Rodgers which is the base.

And finally, by far my favorite of the group, ELI MANNING that is numbered to 99. I want a rainbow so bad now!!!

So there you have it, three simple but beautiful cards.

Part VIII of this mail day coming up later, but in the meantime, let me know your thoughts on this set design and if you enjoy cards being put in throwback designs such as this.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Collectin' Griffey: 2013 Topps Spring Fever

My Ken Griffey Jr segment makes it's return and this time will showcase some cards I got from the Junior Junkie's Griffey Generosity Project.

Today's card may have been one of my favorite adds from the project. Such a cool design and the card is shiny which is what I am all about.

There is just something about this card that says baseball season is on it's way and it also speaks that summer is as well.

The back of the card is even attractive.
Thoughts on today's card or if you won one of anyone are welcomed in comments!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

#SCC5YR BCW SUPPLIES Prize Pack Winner

Wow. That was a huge turnout for this prize pack that set records on SCC for biggest viewed contest and one with the most entries I have ever had in 5 years. Now that's a way to celebrate!

Now let's just see how that random went on and who took home this prize!!


First I must note, some of you didn't link the extra entry in comments. Yes, I know you did the work, but without the link in comments I couldn't give you credit as it was in the rules. I really wanted to, but I didn't need a riot breaking out if one of you won without following all of the instructions like others did so I apologize for that.

Now time for a winner,

There were 77 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. JT Woodworth
  2. Tracy LeVeaux
  3. Scott's Collection
  4. B Man
  5. @rjdub81
  6. Footballcrdonly
  7. Scott Everett
  8. Wilson
  9. Kin
  10. Alec Petrelak
  11. Joey Shiver
  12. Scott N.
  13. Dion's IP Autos only
  14. Jafronius
  15. Matt Pederson
  16. Nachos Grande
  17. Wilson
  18. Joe
  19. thirdbasecards
  20. Nick Frank
  21. Mark Hoyle
  22. krsp370
  23. Tony Quezada
  24. Kelly Burrington
  25. John Shoemaker
  26. shawn norman
  27. Ismael Silva
  28. Brad Jorgensen
  29. Stephen Radford
  30. Scott's Collection
  31. JakeSchornick
  32. B money
  33. @JGfan24ever
  34. defgav
  35. Regina Davis
  36. evman
  37. Nick Frank
  38. Brad B
  39. John Sharp
  40. Michael Ott
  41. Mark M
  42. Tim B
  43. William Davis
  44. Ryan Sawyer
  45. Joey Shiver
  46. Westport
  47. B money
  48. Scott N.
  49. charles ottley
  50. Ryan Sawyer
  51. Gilley13q
  53. M BOYLAN
  54. Daniel Dubay
  55. Fuji
  56. @funtocollect
  57. @rjdub81
  58. JP Rogers
  59. The Lost Collector
  60. @EEFFL
  61. B Man
  62. Dion's IP Autos only
  63. Brad B
  64. Daniel Wilson
  65. Trevor P
  66. Thax Paladin
  67. Bryan McCarter
  68. Josh D.
  69. Scott Everett
  70. ketchupman36
  71. @Sam_Zozaya
  72. Daniel Wilson
  73. Bulldog
  74. hudsonfan15
  75. Michael Campbell
  76. @1NonlyFallguy
  77. Tracy LeVeaux
Timestamp: 2017-03-09 11:52:59 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to JT Woodworth on winning the above prize pack. Please email me at with your address and claim within the next 48 hours or the prize goes to the second name on the list. Please also post your prize and tag myself and BCW with your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered and be on the lookout for the card portion of my #SCC5YR celebration! There will be at least 5 hits, numbered cards and inserts up for grabs!

Please also make sure to thank BCW Supplies for their generosity in this contest and check them out on their site for your supply needs, HERE.

Mail Day Saturday:Matches Made In Heaven Part 2

Hope you took my advice and have your napkin handy as you may drool as I am again.

Before I continue on with Part 2 of my trade gallery, I must note that I don't always do huge trades like this with just anyone. Normally, these trades I keep between myself and Project Pedro Blog or 90's Niche Football Card Blog as they are my top 2 trusted traders, but having known @APetrelak for awhile, I knew it was safe and the cards he had up for offer I really wanted.

Up first, an Albert Almora red crusade /99

Some may call this a Christmas Card or maybe that's just Breakdown Cards, a nice sweet parallel of future star Michael Conforto

A nice Lindor swatch

Trea Turner who may turn heads this season auto. I think it's my second one of his

And one amazing patch of Yankees first rounder Blake Rutherford. This was one of the two cards I really wanted....

The second and one I wanted the most.......
That's right! A stinkin Kris Bryant autograph! The auto is done on-card too you could say, but on an acetate swatch. So stoked to finally nailed one down and now it can be taken off my want list. Which coincidentally, I had just updated my want list, HERE.

A huge thanks goes out to @APetrelak for this amazing trade and the help to make a Kris Bryant auto possible for me. I don't think I would have been able to ever get one any other way.

Thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed in comments!

REVIEW:2017 Donruss Racing Box 2 (BIG HIT)

Yesterday I left you with a good impression with Box 1 from my Donruss review break. Box 2 will leave you wanting to bust your own soon.

Today's is just a hit gallery so if you want further info, scroll back on the blog to yesterday's post or check out my Breakin Wax tab to see the first box and the details.

Let's get to busting!
Here are a couple of my variations from box 2.

Some 84 Donruss design for my base set. Petty's hair is pretty epic.

My Rated Rookies this round.

 Race Kings this round
Insert roll call. Some newer ones from the first break. I also pulled a /25 Artist Proof this time of William Byron.

Didn't pull one of these in box 1, the outside of the Donruss box claims these are rare but eBay begs to differ. I also couldn't find any further info on these either.I was hoping they were exchange cards of some sort if the person on the card gets the pole at a particular race. But, I assume these are just normal cards.

Now time for my hits. For some reason or another, my Tire Relic pull of Jeb Burton didn't upload but that was my first hit. The relic looked kinda cool to and I will update this post at some point with it.

My next pull is a Martin Truex Jr firesuit relic I believe. It's done in the 1984 throwback design.

And the big boom comes in the form of Danica Patrick. It also happens to be the Hologold parallel that is numbered to 25. She has a pretty decent signature.
Overall, Box 2 was even more solid than box 1. Kinda makes me wonder what a box 3 would had looked like. Maybe something I might attempt at a later date. If these boxes of Donruss racing didn't leave you wanting to bust some, you must really not like racing cards. Even this not big NASCAR collector was left wanting more.

Thoughts on this break or the first one are welcomed in comments. Stay tuned for a solid giveaway coming up later today or tomorrow with some of the cards from these breaks!
Make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and check out their site for products like this one and others. Also thank Tracy Hackler and give him a Twitter follow too!Stay tuned for some of these cards in an upcoming Panini America giveaway to celebrate #SCC5year!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Matches Made In Heaven Part 1

(I do understand today is not Saturday and I have not been drinking, I have actually never had a drink in my life, but these posts couldn't wait to be shown off with all of my excitement)

You ever just scroll through someones blog or your timeline on Twitter or Facebook and fall in love with a card or two someone is selling? I did. But, for me right now, buying anything isn't really an option and trading I usually only do within my circle.

However, something about these cards spoke to me. I couldn't just let them slip by, I had to inquire if a trade at all was possible even though I know the individual was trying to sell them.

So I began the conversation with @APetrelak on Twitter knowing he was a huge hockey fan and told informed him I had a good amount of hockey items I was looking to trade away. They were 6 pucks and a mini stick all signed by different players with some being top rookies and all being Upper Deck authenticated.

Why did I have all of that available? Well, I have begun trying to condense my collection down to just cards at this point as I feel memorabilia items take up a lot of space and for the most part have spent their time just sitting in totes. No point in having them if you're not enjoying them.

He seemed interested and kept inquiring more info on the items as he didn't usually trade much. The conversations continued and it actually wasn't long til we agreed to a trade. I was so ecstatic I almost dropped my phone when I read his yes response. I knew we had just accomplished a match made in heaven for both of us. He got hockey items he collected and I got a couple of drool worthy baseball cards along with quite a few others.

Before I show the main showcase tomorrow, I am going to show off the rest and build you up. All of the cards I traded for came from 2015 Panini USA Stars And Stripes baseball which I am a big fan of all USA products. The other cards featured in today's post are the freebies he nicely tossed in.

So here we go!

There was a good helping stack of base including these stars:

Some Longevity parallels

Inserts with some big names like Seager and Russell

More inserts and more Seager:

Diamond Kings. Love the design and can't go wrong adding another Swanson.

If you have read my blog, you know I love shiny and chromed things. The fact these are also the sickly designed Crusades, is a bonus. 12 new ones here. Maybe I should look to see how many I actually have in this set since I have busted a few boxes of the product myself. Some good names in here including Frank Thomas.

Believe me, there is more USA to show but you will have to wait til tomorrow to see my home run of an add.

But here are the freebies he nicely tossed in. Some Opening Day including a Servino rookie. Some NYG and some NYR.

Finishing this off is a Joc Pederson rookie from Bowman.

And a pretty cool looking promo card from Leaf. Not something I have ever seen but am happy to add to my 90's PC.

  Part 2 coming up tomorrow. Keep a napkin handy or put on a bib, cause you may drool.

REVIEW:2017 Donruss Racing Box 1

With NASCAR season under full swing, what better timing then to bust a box of new NASCAR cards. I have always been a fan of the Donruss brand the last few years across many sports as the value per box has always been solid, the parallels are sharp and the cost per box is reasonable for collectors of all ages.

Now it's NASCAR's turn to see what Donruss is like and I had double the chance to see how it is. Just as an early overall view, I was impressed. So let's see why....


In every box of 2017 Donruss Racing, there are 24 Packs Per Box with 10 Cards Per Pack. Each Box contains One Autograph, Two Memorabilia Cards, Twelve Inserts, and Seven Parallels so it's pretty loaded for a box costing roughly $65 per.
The base set is similar to the design for the other sports which works here. There are photos of racers and their cars built into the mulit-level 181 card base set.

The base set kicks off with Race Kings, you know versions of Diamond Kings for baseball. I included a parallel in this pic as well. Race Kings takes up the first 27 cards. I didn't plan this out to well when I took the pictures for the base set. Anyways, they have parallels like the base cards of Gold Foil #/499, Blue Foil /299, Green Foil /199, Gold Press Proof /99, Press Proof /49, Artist Proof /25, and Printing Plates 1/1
Then those are followed by the Rated Rookies which aren't too easy to pull falling roughly 2-per box. These take up the next 10 cards. Classic design as well with the logo.

Then comes the regular base part of the set.These go on until card 136 with both portrait and landscape cards.
The final part of the base set is built with a throwback design to 84 Donruss in which I included base card parallels in this picture as well. I didn't plan this out to well when I took the pictures for the base set. Anyways, they have parallels like the base cards of Gold Foil #/499, Blue Foil /299, Green Foil /199, Gold Press Proof /99, Press Proof /49, Artist Proof /25, and Printing Plates 1/1
And just like with other Donruss releases, there are base card variations that are name ones or nickname ones I should say. The numbers on the back of the card are the same.

But the photos like this one of J.J. or Jimmy Johnson are slightly different. You will find these backwards in packs and falling about 4 per box so not too rare. There are 19 cards to find with parallels of Gold Foil #/499, Blue Foil /299, Green Foil /199, Gold Press Proof /99, Press Proof /49, Artist Proof /25, and Printing Plates 1/1

Speaking of parallels, here are the base cards ones I found in my box besides the ones I listed above. Once again they are, Gold Foil #/499, Blue Foil /299, Green Foil /199, Gold Press Proof /99, Press Proof /49, Artist Proof /25, and Printing Plates 1/1. I pulled a Press Proof /49 in this group.
The inserts in the product have common themes with other Donruss releases that helps you feel right at home.

I was kinda curious by this Donruss Classics insert throw in and was wondering if this was a preview of something later on this year. 

Overall, there are a ton of inserts to chase all with Cracked Ice parallels /999. Those look spectacular.

Top Tier and Call To the Hall helps celebrate top racers.

I like the design of this insert. Well done.

We all should recognize this name in Dominator. A Donruss stand-bye for years.

Now onto the hits that all have parallels of Holo Gold /99 or /25, and Holo Black /10 or less.

You can find relics. You can find autographs. You can find autograph relics. So let's see how I did.

My first pull was a cool Rubber Relic of Kasey Kahne. The design is really well done on these. I love the overall layout with the car in the background and racer in the forefront. It's all well balanced and the swatch is a pretty nice one. These are also extremely thick.

My second pull was a Tony Stewart Rubber Relic. Another nice one and one that I would had loved to landed back when I was a huge Stewart collector.

And my auto from the box is of Legendary Richard Petty done in the 1984 design.

Other hits not found in my box are, Rubber Relics Signatures, Dual Rubber Relic, Retro Relic and Retro Signatures which features an iconic Donruss throwback design.Signature Series, and Significant Signatures.

Overall, I was really happy with this break. Once again Donruss provided with not only a fun break, which I looked forward to busting every pack of, but also some fairly nice hits. I think this is a great way to kick off the NASCAR season and left me wanting more. Luckily I had a second box to bust to showcase the hits of tomorrow which by the way stay tuned for a biggie.

I didn't quite know how Panini would handle NASCAR cards after I was so impressed with what Press Pass put out. But, it seems they are handling it just fine so far if they keep putting out winners like this one.

Make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and check out their site for products like this one and others. Also thank Tracy Hackler and give him a Twitter follow too!Stay tuned for some of these cards in an upcoming Panini America giveaway to celebrate #SCC5year!