Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome To The Meadowlands

Once upon a time, many light years ago,my father and I rode with a buddy of his and took a long ride and got to see my very first NY Giants game way back on December 12th 1993 when they took on the Colts. The Giants dominated the Jeff George led Colts that day 20-6 mostly because of the running of my guy Rodney Hampton who rushed for over 170 yards that day. The sad part was I wasn't able to get any pictures from the game to help reminisce about it and the only thing I remembered was how bitter cold it was. I did however VHS record the game and still have a copy of it even though you can't watch it as well due to aging of the tape.

At least I was able to watch Phil Simms be QB for the Giants.

The following year, we took another trip with another one of my dad's buddies almost a year later on December 11th 1994 to watch the Giants take on the Bengals. This time I made sure my father had a camera.

This game I actually remember a bit more and not just because of the pictures. Just memory this time. The winds they always talk about in Giants Stadium, those are real and they were whipping around that day. The game itself was a back and forth affair. The Giants were trying to be a .500 team while the Bengals were trying to pull for an upset. The G-Men led the game for most of it before Cincy tied it at 20 in the 4th quarter with a Jeff Blake led drive.

Once again, my man Rodney Hampton was the hero rushing for a little over 70 yards in the game with already a first quarter TD and then closed the game out with a late scoring game winning TD for the Giants, 27-20 victory.
Here are a few of the best pics I got from the game.

Sadly, this was the last time I have seen the Giants in person and the last time I will ever see the Meadowlands as the Giants have the new stadium now, Metlife. My goal someday is to make it to another game, hopefully before Eli Manning retires. Tickets have gone up a lot since those days and life is a bit busier now, but I am hopeful still I will get to see them at least one more time in my life.

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part X

I think it's time I finish up this Reader Mail Day series that I have dragged on since the beginning of the year. Today's is one of the final two left to post. Next Saturday will provide the hits.

For now, we are looking at shiny goodness from Topps Chrome. As I have stated many times, one of my favorite products.

We have some wavy...

Some sparkly....

Some Pink....

Some Perspective....

Lots of Hits...

And a Future Star!

Another solid adding of refractors to my PC with more coming from him in my next mail day I am sure.

Comments on today's are welcomed in comments and stay tuned for the finale part of this mail day next week.

Friday, April 28, 2017

NYG PC Spotlight 24:2012 Panini Rookies And Stars Crusade Patch David Wilson

David Wilson
Patch Card #d 14/25
Card #25

Nuttin But The Hits: 2 2016 Allen And Ginter Rack Packs, 1 2017 Heritage With AUTO!

Recently my wife and I took a shopping trip with the mother-in-law to Walmart and I knew that could only mean one thing...I was going to get some cards.

If you have read my blog before, you know how much my mother-in-law likes to support my habit, I mean, hobby by dropping off cards she finds at yard sales or picking up a pack here and there at Walmart. Not to mention use them as birthday and Christmas gifts.

This time I was told to pick out a few packs. This time I got 2 marked down packs of Allen and Ginter and one pack of 2017 Heritage. I wasn't expecting much from each, but seeing others retail success and the decent prices I decided to take a shot.
My Allen and Ginter failed. But, still got some rookies for the PC and a couple inserts.

My Heritage on the other hand, landed me a Buster Posey Sp

And a 1:167 odds auto. Nice signature, on-card , too bad it's Clarence Jones. A guy I also got as my box topper in my hobby review break. Not a valuable pull, but still a nice retail one.
Overall, can't complain with an auto find and an Sp of Posey. 

What do you guys think? You do better with these packs? Let me know in comments!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

NYG PC Spotlight 23:2002 Fleer Tradition Rookie Retro Threads Football Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer
Football Swatch
Card #

BASEically Awesome Part 9: 1996 Action Packed Football

You wanna know what's awesome????

When you can combine embossing with action packed photography.

And there is one hard hitting product that did provide that, Action Packed.

One of my favorites came from 1996. The design led to crystal clear photography, the players on the field really stood out and not just because of the embossing, but because the background was a rough texture while the player was full gloss. Made for a beautiful combo.

All 115 base cards captured great photography like this....

and this....

and this...

and this.

The final 11 cards in the base set took a different approach with a subset called Eyeing The Storm. Which took a unique perspective showcasing an up close photo of the player in the background, then a full picture of them in the front.

I keep my fingers crossed every day that Panini will revive the product. So far the closest they have come was an insert set that wasn't embossed in Rookies and Stars. That was disappointing. But maybe it's a start. I even put a word in.

Thoughts on today's BASEically Awesome product is welcomed in comments.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Giants In The Mail:#PWEPayItForward With Eli!

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to do one of these posts as Giants don't arrive in my mail box as often as they used to. Mostly because I am not buying right now and my trades have been decreased due to funding with shipping. So it's a stinky situation, but at least I have some already to enjoy and write about.

Today's mail day however is from a good friend of mine I have known on Twitter for a few years now in @JGfan24ever. He's one of the friendliest and generous collectors I have got to know. Every so often, he will send me a surprise PWE full of goodness just because he is a good guy. I try to respond to him with one back as well later on when I get something I think he will like. It's like a form of trading, but not exactly.

Monday, one arrived with three Eli's within with two of them I had seen him post on Twitter. I think he has gotten used to the fact I will always comment on his pictures when I see Giants cards being posted ;) Anyways, out of his kindness once again, he mailed them to me.

Up first, a Prestige Eli from 2014. I liked this design for Prestige as it focused on team colors and it stands out.

Second, is a new Eli base card from 2016 Panini Prizm Draft Picks. This is a product I never had the chance to open.
The final card I totally fell in love with on Twitter, an Ole Miss die-cut refractor shine of Eli from the 2016 Prizm Draft Picks product. This card is even more stunning in person.
With these Eli's in my PC, my total card count jumps to 307 different ones. You can see this number and other breakdowns in the tabs at the top of the blog along with a want list to. Go check them out!

A huge thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the mail day. If you are not following him yet, why not?? Go give the guy a follow! I hope to return the favor back to you soon!

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!:Giant Finds

Up next from this box......

Some oddball NY Giants collectibles. Ones I had tucked away and forgot about. This is a mini pocket schedule/coaster. I think I used to have many of these but got rid of some along the way to other Giants fans.

Up next, a present I got from my parents a long time ago. It at one time had the pull-back mechanism but that no longer works. Still kinda unique either way. I am not sure of the year on this item except that it had to have been between late 80's and 90's.

Thoughts on today's finds are welcomed in comments. Stay tuned for more finds in this box to come!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NYG PC Spotlight 21:2002 Topps Pristine NFL Reebok Rookie Premier Jersey Card Tim Carter

Tim Carter
Jersey Card
 Card #RPR-TC

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:2002 Donruss Super Estrellas

Today's Wrapper Of Collecting past is a bit off course. It's a product I haven't opened, the wrapper here still has cards in it and it's one that's a product all in Spanish.
These cards were distributed primarily to Latin America and those areas in the U.S. with a large Hispanic population So they may not be that easy to find.
I found my unopened pack at a local yard sale for about $.25. I think at some point I may bust this and show it off on here as there is a Griffey card I need in the 150 card base set and some among the insert sets. So stay tuned for that.

In comments below, let me know if you have busted any or picked up any singles of any.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday's With Rodney:1996 Spx Gold

If you haven't ever read any of my blog posts, first off I think you need to catch up on those, but you would have also known my love of Spx from the 90's. There is so much love of the product that I began an Spx project trying to collect all of the sets, inserts, parallels from all of the sports from 96-98 of Spx and the beautiful hologram technology. You can keep track of my project, HERE.

Today's card is a gold parallel from the 1996 product. The first release. The golds fell at a rate of 1:7 and with 36 packs per box so you would roughly only get 5 per box out of the 50 card set. So it wasn't completely easy to land your favorite player and that's why it took me so many years to find the Hampton version. But, now that's off the checklist finally.


If you would like to help me narrow down my search for all of the Rodney Hampton cards in the universe and would like to donate some you have dusting around your house, check my wantlist HERE and see if you have something I need.  I am a little more than half way there but you never know what you may have that I don't.
Thoughts on today's card is welcomed in comments!

MLB Pick Em Week 4

Below are the picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

The rules are simple, pick a winner, earn a point. Pick a loser, earn nothing.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

You will play 4 weeks like this and person with the most right at the end of April will win a prize!

Here are this weeks games to pick winners of:
Baltimore @ NYY
TB @ Toronto
Chi Cubs @ Boston
Cincy @ STL
Phil @ LAD

Here are my picks for the games

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 6:30 pm Friday, April 28th 2017 to enter. Any entries after that will be disqualified for this week. If you missed Week 1, don't fret! You can enter Week 2 starting on Sunday. Even if you miss Week 2, enter Week 3. So on and so forth. I will slot those who enter in late even Week 20 in divisions that give them the best chance to win. Just remember even if you enter later in the contest and miss many weeks, there is still a monthly prize to win.

Standings should be updated Saturday!


Good Luck to all that enter!