Saturday, June 10, 2017

Too Many Yankees

I was full blown surprised earlier this week when I got an email from Too Many Verlanders saying a package full of Yanks was heading my way. It was completely unexpected and he beat me to getting my mail day out to him as well.

Having too many Yankees was a problem for him and I became the lucky recipient. Not only did he include a healthy stack of Yankees, he also tossed in some Jr's and some G-men for the PC while he was at it.

There was so much in this mail day that it's a two-parter and I couldn't even show it all.

Here is the rest of the healthy stack of Yanks and Giants he included....

Now let's show off the rest!

Some really cool stickers including holograms

Some of my favorite Yanks including Bernie and Roger. I just wished Roger wasn't apart of the PED situation, he was one of my favorite all-time pitchers until then.

Some more Clemens. Very shiny edition!

Some great looking cards here of Gehrig, Godzilla, and Berra

Some blue Topps parallels and a Phil Hughes rookie. The guy was supposed to be the next Roger Clemens when they first talked about him. He wasn't even close.

Derek!! I am always looking to add to that PC. But sometimes Jeets cards cost more than Griffeys.

Totally in love with this one. Coin and card. I miss the 90's badly.

Another great 90's card with a touch of Griffey.

And we finish it up with some new Juniors. Really digging the Flair addition. That was one of my favorite products for football, baseball and basketball in the 90's.
Overall a solid start. Tomorrow I will finish up the showcase including some hits he included as well.

BASEically Awesome Part 14:1991 Classic 4-Sport

Well, this is the finale of the BASEically Awesome segment. I hope you have enjoyed its place here on Sport Card Collectors over the past 6 months. But, as I stated in an earlier one of these, I have decided to let go of segments and free blog.

So I thought to myself, what a way to end this segment by looking back at some 90's looking cards that are cheesy and contain many 90's trends. This product made the list because of it's quirkyness. 

Let's take a look.

Highly overrated Brien Taylor here posing but I dig the Maryalnd more. Got that Starter Jacket on.

Lots of players two-sporting it. We don't see a lot of that anymore unless you're Tim Tebow.

Rocketing it!

Showing off his "guns"

There are 230 cards in this set that are just as quirky as these above. However, there is a Favre rookie to hunt down and some random autographs to search for. Boxes go for less that $10 so it could be a just for fun break.

So how bout you guys? You bust any of this or own any still? What was your favorite quirky card from the set? Comment below!

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Shine Is In The Proof!

Well, if you haven't noticed this week,I have been putting up two new posts a day. Well, that trend will continue for awhile . I have had some drafts stuck on here since 2016, so I think it's time to set them free. I get the pleasure of cleaning out my drafts, you get the pleasure of reading two new posts a day with some pretty cool cards involved.

To kick this off, let's take a gander at a pretty cool card. Not something you see everyday and one that may be the only one out there.

This is a rare card called Laminate Proof from 1995 Finest. I found this while searching for a 1995 Topps Finest refractor of Hampton. The card itself is the top laminate (plastic) layer only and the words that say "Topps Finest Protector, Peel and Remove Coating" are actually just printed on the laminate layer.

The card is a tad bigger than a normal sized card but is a bit thinner since it's just the thin layer.
The back looks pretty slick. It's got some embossing, completely a refractor and stands out. This may be my favorite card in my Hampton collection right now.
The seller I bought this from even accepted my $2 offer on the card so I got it for a steal. He does have other Giants versions of this for sale currently that I hope to someday add to my PC.

Thoughts on my latest Hampton addition is welcomed in comments!

Random Card On My Desk:1985 Donruss Hightlights Rickey Henderson

Thursday, June 8, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Archives Baseball

To me, Topps Archives plays the hobby role of "Things We Wished That Were But Weren't Until Now".

I mean who doesn't like seeing older iconic designs with players of today on them. It adds an extra special fun aspect and of course a nostalgic one to busting open packs.

This years product features the 1960, 1982, and 1992 Topps designs.

In every box of 2017 Topps Archives baseball you will find 24 Packs Per Box with 8 Cards Per Pack. There are two on-card autographs per box as well. Boxes currently are running a bit high at about $115, but it's a fresh new hot release so it's expected.

Like I said earlier, the base card designs are based off from the 1960, 1982, and 1992 Topps designs and is a 300 deep checklist that splits 100/100/100 for each design.

The base set is also built up of players past, present, future and Jeter. That's right, Derek is back in base sets! One thing I found intriguing is teams that were chosen for former players who played for multiples. They seemed to had chosen their beginning teams and I dig it. I really liked seeing Big Unit in an Expos uni. How often do we see that in base sets today???

I put a few images up for the base to give you an idea of what you will find.

Key Rookies to find in the product are Aaron Judge, Yoan Moncada, Andrew Benintendi, Dansby Swanson, Yulieski Gurriel, Alex Bregman, Tyler Glasnow.  I surprisingly didn't land many of these names. I was also really hoping Judge would be found for my new growing PC but not in this box.


There is also 20 tough to find base card variations as well. 
Just like with past Topps releases, you can easily define the variations using them. They are located on the back at the base of the card.
  • Base Code ends in #2782
  • Variation Code ends in #2799
The parallels in are easy to find in packs which is always a big help.

There is
  • Peach Parallel numbered to 199 fall 1:14 packs
  • Blue Parallel numbered to 75 and fall 1:37 packs
  • Red Parallel numbered to 25 and fall 1:110 packs
  • Black Parallel: numbered 1/1 fall 1:2763 packs
I was fortunate to pull a red in my break but not the best of players. I also got 2 peaches which is a unique parallel and a blue.
Other parallels include 1960 Grey Back  (has a grey back)/ 1982 Blackless (they remove the signature)/ 1992 Gold "Winner" Parallels. The Gold Winner parallels are pretty easy to spot with the gold foil on them just like the good ole days and the word winner.  The odds of pulling any of these are a tough 1:110 packs.

There are not a lot of inserts in Archives, but I think the ones that are in do count and fit the theme.

The excitement for Derek Jeter's cardboard return is defintely shown in this product with DEREK JETER RETROSPECTIVE INSERTS that fall 1:12 packs. There are usually two per box and that's what I got.

There are 21 cards in the set celebrating Derek in Topps designs from 1993-2015.

For those of you who like inclusions like these or you are a Derek Jeter fan or Yankees fan, the Jeters also have fun chases as well with Sp's and parallels.

Parallels for the set include:
  • Blue foil numbered to 150
  • Green foil numbered to 99
  • Gold foil numbered to 50
  • Red foil numbered to 10
  • Black foil numbered 1/1
There are also 3 tougher Sp finds that fall 1 per case besides the easier 21. The three include the 1993 Topps Draft Pick card, the 2015 Topps card, and the 2007 that had the Mantle/Bush on it. These have parallels as well.
  • Green foil numbered to 99
  • Gold foil numbered to 50
  • Red foil numbered to 10
  • Black foil numbered 1/1
I must also toss in the fact there are Jeter autographs of these as well!
Well, now that we are done discussing Jeter's role in 2017 Archives, let's discuss the other inserts.
2016 Retro Design. These fall 1:12 packs.

1959 Bazooka baseball inserts that has active and retired stars. These fall 1:6 packs.

And finally, 1960 Rookie Star insert that includes rookies of today.  Was hoping for Judge, but Moncada not terrible.
Now onto the main event.....THE AUTOGRAPHS!

We already discussed the Jeter autographs, so let's move on to the Fan Favorite autos featuring players and personalities you don't see everyday signing cards anymore.

My first was Kevin Seitzer. I like the added Bible verse.

And a peach parallel /150 of Terry Mulholland
Other parallels include:
  • Peach Parallel numbered 150
  • Blue Parallel numbered to 75
  • Red Parallel numbered to 25
  • Gold Parallel numbered 1/1
Other hits not found in my box besides Jeter,
1959 Bazooka Baseball Autographs, 1960 Rookie Star Autographs and Topps Originals Autographs.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Well, my hits were not the best in the break for the price. My overall break was a little weak from base to rookies to parallels to hits but I would not let that push you away from giving it a go. I have also seen many really solid breaks. If you also don't feel like pouring out the money for a hobby box, you could go check out retail blasters. You could pull an auto but if not, you will at the very least get some cool coins that are a throwback to the early 90's.

You could also check out some box breaks like the ones at Top Shelf Breaks.

I feel the nostalgia factor is also a draw-in here for those of us who enjoyed these designs. There is also a solid autograph checklist for the offerings.
I like how they did the Jeter inclusions in the product, but I bet many Red Sox fans won't. #GoYankees.

To finish my review, I must say everyday there has also been a lot of chatter on Twitter with the autograph additions of Zack Hample and Skip Bayless in the product that many collectors are bashing and complaining about. What are my thoughts on this, well, when do we get blogger ones?? That would be a dream come true. Can you imagine, Topp(s) Bloggers subset and autographed ones.....
Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the MLB Pick Em promotion. Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their site, as well.  Look for one of these autographs to be July's prize!

Random Card On My Desk:1978 Topps Victory Leaders Carlton/Goltz/Leonard/Palmer

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SI For Kids Cards June 2017

Here is my eighth installment of this series.

I have been collecting SI For Kids cards for year and thought I would share them with you and help you decide if you should pick up the latest issue of SI For Kids for yourself.

This months issue was one I would def want with Odell Beckham Jr as the lead card of the group. But, there are other solid names in here as well like Nolan Arenado and Giannis Antetokounmpo.
So I think this isn't a bad issue to pick up. I keep waiting for them to do an Aaron Judge card, maybe for July.
Thoughts on this months cards are welcomed below.  

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:1994 Topps Baseball Series 1

Here comes another one of those unopened packs I have been storing away. This is a product I felt you could find everywhere.

I even found half a box at a yard sale 10 years ago and have held onto a few packs to open later on. I don't remember opening any back in 1994, which was my second year in the hobby, but I did bust a lot of the football version that after seeing this one had the much better design and parallels.


So what do you guys think? You bust a lot of '94 Topps baseball back in the day? What was your favorite card from the base set? Let me know below!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Retail Therapy: 2 Rack Pack Break 2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball &2017 Score Football

Yesterday my mother-in-law made a Walmart run which usually means good things for me. She knows I have had a tough time recently with my health so a couple pack cheer up was in order.

I wasn't sure what she had picked up for me until she dropped them off. Not a bad choice of packs with a rip of 2017 Topps Series 1 baseball and my first rip of 2017 Score football.
Let's see how it went.
Not a lot of big names here. I know someone who may want the Evans.

Not bad with the rookie inserts with names like McCaffrey and Williams and Davis.

Some of my other inserts. I like the insert themes.
Probably my best card from the pack, a Reflections red parallel of Emmitt and Zeke.

So for $5, not a terrible pack of Score. Let's see how Topps went for the same dollar amount

5 rookies and a Trout.

Inserts. Miggy (that I know will have a new home), Bryant, Brett and a MLB Network card I needed. So pretty solid here.
Despite no hits, I don't think I did too shabby. What do you think?

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Baseball

Upper Deck Legends was a red hot brand out in 1997. The on-card autographs of NFL greats sold extremely well and still do today.

A couple years later, Upper Deck released a Century Legends baseball product and I knew I had to jump in on a few packs.


I never actually hit anything out of it at all and the product sold pretty fast locally so I was only able to scoop up a few packs.

A couple of years ago I was able to pick up some base card singles off a yard sale for the PC but other than that, I haven't seen much of the product around. 

How bout you guys? You pull that big auto from it? A historical memorabilia card? let me know below!

Monday, June 5, 2017


This card is crying out for a Caption.
Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"I gotta be careful not to laugh to hard, I may WETT my pants."

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My "Judges Chambers"

Not since Derek Jeter have I been this excited about a Yankees player as I am in Aaron Judge. This dude can hit the ball and hit the ball far and hard as we all can tell with his league leading 18 dingers.

Also for the first time in years, I have started to keep tabs on my team once again and watched a few games as well because of the excitement that Judge brings. Judge has simply brought me back to watching baseball. Something I haven't really done a whole lot of since Griffey Jr's retirement as Ken was a big reason I watched baseball.

Of course I watched the Yankees A LOT back then as well but not so much in recent years.

It amazes me how one player can change my look at baseball and give me a reason to pay attention to it once again. I have always collected the cards but haven't paid much attention to the game recently.

So yesterday, I spent at least a few hours going through binders to round up what Aaron Judge cards I had besides the few I knew of from 2017.

Here was the sad results,

2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome:

2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Profiles
and a 2016 Bowman's Best Prospect

And here are my 2017's I knew of already:
2017 Bowman x 2

2017 Topps

2017 Topps Rainbow Foil which is by far my best card of the group.
Obviously an autograph is tops on my wantlist, but I would also be happy in owning 2017 Archives, Heritage, Donruss, Gypsy Queen and Opening Day rookies as well along with other Bowman ones I am missing since baseball is a weird rookie sport and he has had cards released since 2013.

What are your thoughts on my small PC? What's the best Aaron Judge you own? Do you think this is a super star in the making or a one year wonder?