Saturday, July 15, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Elite Football (Solid Pull)

A long standing product in the Donruss and Panini line, Elite makes yet another return for 2017 with a lot of similarities to last year.
So let's see what 2017 has to offer shall we?
In each box of 2017 Elite football, you will find yourself enjoying 20 packs of 5 cards. There should be 3 hits per box including one on-card Pen Pals autograph. Boxes will run about $115.
The base card design is the same used for Elite Draft and similar to last years. I was just happy to find so many Giants in my box including Brandon Marshall in big blue. Not all offseason players who changed teams are on new teams.

The base set is 200 cards deep with rookies and veterans.

The rookies in the product are numbered to 499. I only found three in my box besides two parallels. So the assumption of 5 per box can be made. Key rookies to find are, Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, Mike Williams, John Ross, Corey Davis, Leonard Fournette, and O.J. Howard.

There are plenty of fun parallels to find in Elite. There is Green, Red /149, Purple /99, Status /99, Aspirations /98, Orange /25, Aspirations Die-Cut /24, Status Die-Cut /24, Blue /15, and Gold 1/1. They all glisten and shine.

Some of my favorites...

Status Die-Cut /24 of Bengals RB Jeremy Hill

The inserts shine just like the base cards and most have the parallels of Green, Red /99, Purple #/49, Orange /25, Blue /5, and Gold 1/1. 
The offerings include, Fired Up, Field Of Vision, College Ties....

Elitist, Title Waves, Homefield Advantage, Face To Face (not shown), Family Ties (not shown)

Spellbound. My favorite of the group. These spell out the players last name. Would be a fun rainbow to put together. Each card is also numbered. There are only a few players, roughly 7 in this set due to the amount of letters.

There is also parallels, those include, Green, Red /99, Purple /49, Orange /25, Blue /5, and Gold 1/1. You can define the parallel by the background. I pulled an Orange Odell and a Red Brown.
Now time for the hits which I thought were awesome.

First up, Elite Coverage dual relic. Mine is the prime version and has some nice swatches. I like the color scheme to the team featured and design. It's very easy on the eyes.

My next find, the one-per-box Pen Pals was of RB Kareem Hunt. Could play a huge role on that offense this year. I do find it odd to be called Pen Pals when only one player is featured.

And my final hit, the biggie of the box. A Turn Of The Century auto of 2nd pick Mitchell Trubisky. Best rookie pull for me in 2 years.
Other hits not found in my box are, 

Elite Rookie Autographs,Elite Signatures,Back to the Future Signatures,Epic Materials ,Impact Impressions ,Passing the Torch Signatures,Passing the Torch Signatures Doubles, Pen Pals Dual Autographs ,Prime Numbers Relics,Pro Bowl Standouts Relics,Team Lineage Signatures,Throwback Threads and Throwback Threads Doubles.
OVERALL, so far my favorite football product that I have opened. Lots of numbered cards, nice looking hits, and some solid looking inserts. Like I said, I really like the Spellbound. May have to chase the base versions of Odell Beckham Jr down.

This box may have been above average compared to some, but there is so much to pull and so many big names on the autograph checklist I find it worth the risk. I hope to open another box at some point myself.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Panini America for providing this box for me to review and to be able to do a future GIVEAWAY with some of the cards. Follow Panini America on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.

Random Card On My Desk:1992 Triple Play Phillie Phanatic

Friday, July 14, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Classics Football (NICE PULL)

Classics returns to football again. Last years release bored me honestly and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the 2017 version.

Will this year change my mind or will I feel the same...

You will have to read on to find out.

Each box of 2017 Classics football comes with 14 packs per box and 10 cards per pack. You will find two hits this year as opposed to one last year and boxes will run you just under $70. So not too shabby on the price.

The base set is 300 cards deep for those set collectors. It's split evenly between 100 vets, 100 legends and 100 rookies. The rookies are still in their college uni's since it's a pre-draft release. Mitchell was my best rookie of the box. Design is simple, but fits the product name.

There are some tough to find parallels in the product including Blank Back, No Name, and Full Name. They are easy to define this year because they are numbered. Glossy, Red Back /299, Blue Back /175, Blank Back /50, No Name /10, and Full Name /5.
These are red backs.

These are blank backs.

And this is the one per box sepia variation. I got Cam.

Gold unnumbered parallels.
There are plenty of inserts to find in this product as well and they all have gold parallels. The designs give a...guess what..a Classic feel.

These guys take it to The Next Level!

Players matched with their Idols.

Record Numbers from the 2016 season. Boy, I can't wait til 2017 season!!!!

These were two of my favorites with Classic Clashes between rivals and Career Colors that covers a players career between multiple teams.

Just a few Super Bowl Heroes.

And now we have made it to the hits.

My first pack I found this Classic Materials of Darrelle Revis. This is a prime parallel /50.

My second hit was this boom, a /10 Fran Tarketon Membership auto. He is one of the tougher ones to find in this autograph line.
Other hits not found in my box include,
Significant Signatures,Significant Signatures Gold,Legends Significant Signatures,Legends Significant Signatures Gold,Rookies Significant Signatures,Canton Collections Swatches ,Canton Collections Autographs,Classic Combos Memorabilia ,Classic Combos Signatures ,Flashback Fabrics,Sideline Generals Signatures, Stadium Stars Signatures and Buybacks.
OVERALL, I say this not just because I pulled a good autographed card but I really like this years Classics product. The themes and feel throughout the product were solid. Getting two hits instead of one was a nice decision as relying on one hit in a $70 box is tough. 
My only knack on the product was the gold parallels for the inserts. I felt those were unneeded. If you wanted a parallel on the inserts you should have gone with a numbered one. The fact that there were so many base card parallels is another reason they weren't needed especially being unnumbered. 

If you enjoy products with a throwback feel with throwback players I say give Classics a run. You may hit it big or you may not. Either way I think you will have fun with this years edition.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Panini America for providing this box for me to review and to be able to do a future GIVEAWAY with some of the cards. Follow Panini America on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 

Random Card On My Desk:1992 Triple Play Gallery Of Stars Frank Viola

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eli+Judge=Baseball Card Breakdown Mail Day

Once again, I was able to pull off another great PWE trade with Baseball Card Breakdown.

Up first, some Archives needs. I actually never landed any of these in my box break....

Including this one of Homerun Derby Champ, possible MVP and definitely ROY, Judge. My PC is growing slowly everyday. I think I have reached 13 rookies now and am always on the hunt for more including doubles and triples (though I prefer new ones I will take the same).

Eli!! Who is still the most underrated QB in the league. No respect despite 2 Super Bowl rings and MVPs. 
Here are two more new ones for the PC. Mirror Red /250 kicks it off

Followed by a Lady Luck mini parallel from Goodwin Champions. This card is pretty sharp.
I have over 300+ Eli Mannings and sometimes it's hard not to get doubles, but I didn't here. Impressive Gavin!
A big thanks goes out to Baseball Card Breakdown once again for another great mail day. I look forward to our next exchange as I have set a few things aside for you already again.

Random Card On My Desk:1995 Fleer Ultra All-Star Moises Alou

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

REVIEW:2016-2017 Studio Basketball

For the first time since 2009, Studio makes its return to the court with a new format and configuration. It's a nice change of pace for basketball collectors.

So let's see how this product goes with it's return.

In every box of 2016-2017 Studio basketball, you will find 10 packs with 6 cards per pack. There will be one autograph and one memorabilia card per box. Boxes will run around $90.

The base set is a tiered. The first 100 cards work with action images on a Collectors Edge plastic feel base cards. I totally loved the look of these. There are rookies, stars and legends included.

Cards number 101-200 are part of the Studio Edition subset. These display player portraits and average 15 per box.

Completing the base set ,#201-300, are 100 Sketch cards. These fall 1 per box and give an artists impression of the base.
This would be one big challenge for a set collector but I think it would be a fun one since all levels look really nice. There are also base card parallels such as, Teal /15 and Gold 1/1. 

My only parallel of the box was an unnumbered glossy from the Studio subset.

The inserts in the product have the base card feel and rainbow shine. I really enjoyed them.

Rock Solid is a tougher insert find and fall 1:40 packs or one in 4 boxes. I lucked out with probably the best of the 10 card set.
There are also From Downtown inserts that showcases original artwork and is one of the rarest inserts in the set falling about 1 per case.
Now onto the hits!

My first hit was an Influencers relic.

My second pull was 100 times better than the first. Celebrated Signatures of Scottie Pippen /49.
Other hits not found in my box are, 

Breakout Signatures, Studio Signatures and First Impact Relics.
OVERALL, Really solid break. Pippen auto and a tough to find Kobe insert head the break not to mention top rookies I found. I really like the tiered base set and all three tiers look nice. The inserts are full of shine. I really don't have any complaints and would be tempted to break another box if the opportunity presented itself.
Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Panini America for providing this box for me to review and to be able to do a future GIVEAWAY with some of the cards. Follow Panini America on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 

Random Card On My Desk:1996 Fleer Golden Memories Lou Whitaker/Alan Trammell

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My First Topps Now Cards

I have always thought the Topps Now program was an awesome idea and a big money maker. Who wouldn't want captured moments of their favorite players throughout the season??!! My only problem was I didn't have the money to invest into it and missed out on many moments I would have bought if I had the money to.

All of the Aaron Judge cards and even a couple of Ken Griffey Jr's just to name a few. Not sure if I will ever be able to track those down.

But, I can at least now can say I own a few of the Topps Now cards thanks to @SpartyHawkCache
on Twitter whose recent contest I won.

I landed myself three cool Kansas City Royals.

The first one was Eibner's walk off win hit. Love the Gatorade bath here.

The Rally Mantis.

And another good rookie in Merrifield that stepped it up.
A big thanks goes out to@SpartyHawkCache for the awesome Topps Now mail day. They may not be Yankees, Griffey or Judge, but I plan on holding onto them for my PC as I may not see another Topps Now card.  

If you haven't followed him yet on Twitter please do so. Loves to talk about the hobby and does many giveaways. One of the hobby good guys.

Thoughts on my first Topps Now cards are welcomed in comments.