Saturday, July 29, 2017

MLB Pick Em Standings For August

Here are the standings for the month of August. At the end of the month, these totals will be added to the overall standings that you can find, HERE. These standings here are for the monthly prize, the other standings are for the overall prize pack at the end that will be epic. 

You are welcomed to join in at any time. There will be many twists and turns in the months of August and September so you are never out of the race and you can at least try for a monthly prize.

Sport Card Collectors League (AL)
Topps Heritage Division
SCC   4
Royals and Randoms
Rockies  4
Ryan Sawyer
Scott N.    5
hudsonfan15     3
Marty's Angels  5
Thomas   8
Duane Danielson
Bacon Boyy  

Topps Chrome Division
@JGfan24ever   4
@Dennysportscard  4
Life's a Pitch   8
Jeff Hoyle
Kyle Herring
@jake1725    1
Rich Frank
Luke Enno
john veith    
Mark Morales     4

Topps Five Star Division
Nachos Grande  5
Nick Frank   2
Daniel Wilson    6
Tony Quezada
@funtocollect   5
Kaiser Cats    3
Dions IP   0
Johnny G
Turks Picks, LLC
Ray Silva   
Jeanette Marlier
Tread Willis  
Jay Rob      2

BCW Supplies League (NL)

Topps Allen And Ginter Division
Bubba's Bombers
John Sharp   2
Broad Street Bullies
Tenets of Wilson
Irodequoit36     10
Chicken Dinner
Tim B.
Dub Mentality  
Justin P
J. Barnett
the bowl cut kid   0
Brooklyn Yankees
@SteveWrightOne    5
Buffalo Boy      2
April Bartron
E Z   6
@joemordini1   2
Jason L.  0
Shawn S.      1 

Topps Tek Division
Shane Salmonson 
Bump and Run   1
@DavidMackey77  3
allformykids      3
ketchupman36  1
Raz    2
Mike Janeway
shawn norman
Alex Olson      
Mike E     
Lost Ways27   

Spartyhawke Cache     3
Kelvin B    0

Topps Series 1&2 Division
The Big Show   1
defgav's dumpster divers   6
Thomas Y
Brad B    0
Tyler Lucia
clifford wollaston
Kenneth Alcott
@njsensasianscards  3
James Baurle    4
Mad Max   
Scott Markman
Stephen Radford      3   
Ryan Mac     2



GIVEAWAY! Win 1 Of 4 PWE Prizes!

When I recently broke some Panini products I mentioned doing a giveaway with some of the cards. Well, that time has finally arrived!

In these 5 envelopes is a mix of 3-5 numbered insert cards and some decent hits. There are 3 chaser cards to be found in the 5 envelopes that I will reveal in just a second. There may be more contests down the road for more of the cards from the breaks so stay tuned for that too.

Our first winner chose Envelope Number 1. 2,3,4,5 all remain to be claimed!!!
The above envelopes are numbered 1-5. There will be 5 separate contests held over a 5 week span. Each contest will be easy to enter but all will be different.
When a winner is announced, the winner will have their choice of what envelope they would like. Even though I just put them together, I shuffled them and then numbered them so I have no idea which one has the chase cards.
Here are some of the cards you will be chasing.....
To win ONE OF THE FOUR PWE envelopes remaining, today's entry is simple, Just share this contest. RT it on Twitter or Share on Facebook or Post it on your blog. 

MUST Leave a link of you doing so in comments. If no proof, no entry.
That simple. Well, and these other rules of course....
  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT TO ENTER. I CANNOT AFFORD SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE U.S. SORRY FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE AS I APPRECIATE ALL OF MY READERS. However, if you live outside the country but have an U.S. address, you can enter.
  4. Envelopes will be mailed at the same time when the contest is over. I think this will make the suspense more fun.
  5. Random winner after 3 randoms.
  7. You will have til Saturday, August 5th 2017 by 8 pm e.t. to enter.
  8. Good luck and please remember to THANK Panini America and Tracy Hackler!

Box Of Goods Part 2

Yesterday, I showed off some of the outer contents of this box.

Now time to dig deep in and show off some pretty cool cards I got in a trade.

We start it off with some Derek Jeters. I am considering condensing my PC list down some. I might just narrow my Yankee needs and wants to Jeter and Judge.

My first Jeter mini.

And the Jeter card from Archives I really wanted and now have. Well, I mean besides an autograph.

Some new Paul Perkins. I need to round up my Optic and see how many of the rainbow I have not that I would ever consider going down that road again because putting rainbows together can be costly.

New Sheps! Love the Select Blue Diec Cut one.

Odell Beckham Jr Topps Chrome refractor rookie. I don't think I have the base version of this but glad to have the refractor now! #chromerules

Ken Griffey Jr new additions. The home run derby card I totally dig!

UD Holgogram. Anytime I can add new ones I will definitely jump at the chance.

Thurman! My oldest Munson card now.

Patrick Ewing rookie sticker. Wicked awesome!
Some Americana additions. I always welcomed any non-sport relics and autographs.

A new Judge.

And to finish this mail day off, another new Judge. This time refractor style!
A big thanks goes out to Grady M for another great mail day and trade. I hope you liked your return mail day as well and I look forward to the next box in my mail box.

Random Card On My Desk:1995-1996 Fleer Metal Jeff Brown

Friday, July 28, 2017

Box Of Goods Part 1

There is nothing more exciting to me than when I receive one of these boxes from SCC reader Grady M in the mail.
These boxes usually come hitting hard full of inserts, shiny items and team cards. This time there was even more to look forward to as we pulled off a trade as well.
Today, I am showing off just a few of the highlights of the box. Believe me there is more to show at a later date. But, I just wanted to show some off today and tomorrow will be the trade show off that has some Jeters, Judge, Non-sport relics and Giants! 

So let's take a gander at some of the cards that came in the box.

Up first, some new Giants. All are from 2017 and since I don't have a lot of new football, these were welcomed additions.

Davis Webb. Could be the future for the Giants. Now I just gotta land his autograph somehow.

Evan Engram who has been all the rave in Giants camp. Glad to have these added to the PC. I am really liking the look of Prestige. Very clear action shots and photography.

Dean Anna anyone?? I have a ton myself. Just hoping that the two refractors are new to my future rainbow.

Some cool baseball inserts. I really wanted a Costas. Glad to have it now.

Some shiny basketball, a pink Wilson and a /25 Dalton.

Kyle Seager rainbow....Ichiro and Kemp. Great looking cards from Panini. Just wished they were licensed.
A great start to this mail day. Much more to come tomorrow so make sure to come back to see what I traded for!

Random Card On My Desk:1994 Upper Deck Major League Evaluations Russ Davis

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Autograph Finale!

We have finally reached the finale of my trade with @Jake1725 and even with all of the greatness before this part, today's is the boom.

We start it off with a tougher Shaq insert from the 90's. I think it was 1:36 packs but from some searches I don't see many around.

Three football rookie autographs I always wanted from the 90's. These are all hand numbered to 1050 and consist of James Stewart, Michael Westbrook, and Joey Galloway. They are also all signed on-card.
These two I added just for the fun of prospecting. Not sure if Pinder or Taylor will ever really pan out but at least I have an autograph of theirs before they do.

This guy has hit well for years and I have always wanted to at least get an autograph of him, I don't feel sometimes Paul Goldshmidt always gets the respect he has earned. That's probably because he plays for the D-backs. If he was in NY....
The next autograph was an in-person one that Jake was happy to get for me and wait in line for. Bregman is close to being a break out star. This was the only way I was getting his autograph.
Nice blue ink on-card. @Jake1725 also chose a solid card to get signed.

George Springer has hit, hit, hit this year. Could be an MVP. I really wanted his autograph so I added this one /25

and then on top of it, added a rookie autograph as well.
Overall I am very happy with the trade we made. I added a ton of great cards for many PC parts and not to mention some stinkin' awesome TMNT toys. 

Thanks @Jake1725 for the trade and all of the bonus surprises! I look forward to our next trade already after this whopper. 

If you don't know @Jake1725, he runs the Inception Baseball: A Very Simple Idea blog. Go check it out and see his exciting Inception autograph project over many years and maybe you have something that can help him with it. Not to mention, add him to your blogrolls. Great guy and trader.

Panini PWE Contest Winner #1


The first winner has been chosen in my Panini PWE Contest. There were 35 of you who entered to win the first envelope so here's hoping there is such competition for the next.

So, let's see who was lucky winner number one......

There were 35 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. James Baurle
  2. Tracy LeVeaux
  3. Justin S
  4. heino skovgaard
  5. kris schneider
  6. william parker
  7. Brad B
  8. Trevor P
  9. hudsonfan15
  10. John Sharp
  11. Jafronius
  12. Scott N.
  13. The Lost Collector
  14. Stephen
  15. Kyle Herring
  16. Justin P
  17. Unknown
  18. Thomas
  19. Sir Swandad
  20. Craig
  21. irondequoit36
  22. Alec Petrelak
  24. @DennySportsCard
  25. Matthew Chrisman
  26. Alex Olson
  27. @funtocollect
  28. @bigmac016
  29. @wavemix
  30. Dion's IP Autos only
  31. Mike E.
  32. @JGfan24ever
  34. Brad Jorgensen
  35. Jordangreif
Timestamp: 2017-07-27 11:44:57 UTC
You have randomized this list 3 times.

CONGRATS to James Baurle on winning the first envelope! Please email me your address and envelope number choice to If you do not do this within 48 hours, you sacrifice the prize and the second place winner can claim it


Stay tuned as a chance for the next envelope will be up soon!

Random Card On My Desk:1992 Pro Set Jimmy Johnson

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Whole Lotta Griffeys!

When I make one of the major trades, I try to pad a little bit of each of my PC's because there is so many. I feel this trade accomplished a lot so far and today's breakdown was a huge accomplishment.

By mistake, when I got to the Griffey part of the box, I stuck @Jake1725's pile in with another Griffey pile I am trying to update on my checklist so I don't know the exact number of Griffey's I added from Jake. I do know it was around 60, but it appears he may have added a few more in as well. So let's say roughly 65 for now.

As you can see the stack is pretty big and I couldn't post them all. So I chose a few of my favorites even though they all are.

Cool hologram I hadn't seen before and it wasn't Upper Deck!

I was shocked I didn't have the Fleer '92 All Stars

There was a ton of these I needed but these three photos stood out the most of the group.

Love, love, love these 90's inserts. Zone is really cool up close.

Some more Junior inserts.

And finally, a Diamond Kings I thought I had but didn't and a Score Complete Player I needed.
Lots of great adds above and I know you agree. This really drives my Griffey numbers up. I will have to do the math at a later point and get all of my numbers fixed.
If you thought these were exciting, tomorrow is the grand finale of this trade. Stay tuned for that one!

Random Card On My Desk:1993 Classic 4-Sport John Wooden

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Slam Dunk From @Jake1725

Here comes the next part of my trade with @Jake1725. Bet you didn't know that tiny box was so loaded full of great cards did you? Sad thing is, what I am showing in this series isn't going to be all of the cards!

So let's see what's in today's part.

Two inserts from 1995 Skybox Premium. Not only did it have solid base card design, but it also brought out some nice inserts. Paydirt has always been one of my favorites.

Derrick Brooks rookie card. This guy was a beast.

Two 90's inserts, I don't tell you I feel about them if you have read this blog enough.

Patrick Ewing. He was one of the big reasons I watched the Knicks besides Starks and Houston. I can't even watch them or basketball in general now.

Shaq. I can't ever look at this guy the same without referencing Aries Spears from Mad TV. If you never saw Spears as Shaq, give it a watch.

MJ! A guy I couldn't stand in the 90's is a guy I like adding cards of now. These make great additions to my small MJ PC.

And to finish it up, a KG rookie.
We are closing in on the grand finale of this trade. Another part coming up tomorrow!