Saturday, August 5, 2017

Not Sure If You Have Noticed...

I am not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have started up another fun blog. I know, I know, I keep burying myself in projects. I did however finally delete two of them in The Card Bin and That 90's Sport Card Blog. Those blogs I just wasn't doing anything with and the new blog I started takes the best of both of them eliminating the need for them. So if you followed them, you won't see their posts anymore so you may want to check out my new one.

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict is sort of a prequel to this blog as you can to take my collecting journey from 1993 til today. At some point that blog may turn into my main blog but I am not certain on that yet and it will be awhile before it gets that far. Right now it only has 4 posts and I am just diving into 1995. It won't have daily ones like this one does as that is a secondary blog and will get posts when I have time to get them in. Probably will get quite a few posted the week I am having hernia surgery at the end of August.

I do have lots of drafts started with pictures so I know this blog will go for awhile. As for my other blog, Snagging Cardboard, as promised I didn't give up on it and I am still putting up new posts occasiionally when I can.

So if you have a minute, PLEASE check out The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict. and add it to your blogroll or follow it by email or as a follower. It's much appreciated!

Let me know in comments if you add it to your blogroll and I will repay the favor on there back to you!

Getting Ready For Big Blue!

It feels like every time that I and @DJSeneseiNJ pull off a trade, it gets bigger and better. This time is proof of that.

As football season approaches, the Giants play next Friday in preseason vs the Steelers, so doesn't my collecting preferences some. I am still collecting Aaron Judge and Ken Griffey Jr, but starting to aim at some more Giants as you will see in today's trade part 1. 

I am still also heavily collecting non sport as well which is where Part 2 of this trade comes into play with an incredible card to post. You will have to wait for tomorrow to see it.

So let's see what Part 1 provided for us.

Here were bonus cards he threw in I didn't have. Nice mix of Yankees from today and yesterday.

More Yanks and some a few Giants

Now onto the trade pieces. Panini cards from I believe The National. He sent the entire Legend set but Griffey Jr was my focus there and adding OBJ is never a bad thing.
Like I have been saying in my last few posts, I have been adding to my non sport PC more and more. These are two pretty cool Star Wars medallions. Two of a very few Star Wars relic type cards I have.
Now onto some Giants. I can't wait for football season!
Eli Black Gold /100. I really like this product.

Another new Black Gold addition. This guy is going to play a major role in the offense and I am so glad that his injury scare was just a minor thing. He could be the teams biggest xfactor.

Andre Brown auto I didn't have who played a few seasons with the Giants before moving to the Texans and leaving the game. Vernon should be good for bigger numbers this year with JPP back as well.

I know I showed off this exact Eli Pro Bowl jersey card just a few days ago, but, this one is a tad cooler with some pinstripes. A new Paul Perkins relic as well and another guy that will be a huge key to the Giants season.

FINALLY! Got myself a Davis Webb autograph. I will be on the lookout for more as this guy could be the future in NY. He has looked decent so far in training camp. Will be interesting to watch in the preseason. I know many don't watch the preseason but I do for guys like this.

My first Giants uni Engram auto. Been dying for one. He has looked incredible so far. Wayne Gallman must be in the Giants plans somehow as a second or third running back. They never went out and grabbed a veteran like most expected them to do after they ditched Rashad Jennings. Both of these are on-card.
Well that's it for today's portion. More to come tomorrow including a new project I will be starting. Stay tuned!

Random Card On My Desk:1997 Topps Minted In Canton Parallel Warren Sapp

Friday, August 4, 2017

SI For Kids Cards August 2017

Here is my tenth installment of this series.

I have been collecting SI For Kids cards for year and thought I would share them with you and help you decide if you should pick up the latest issue of SI For Kids for yourself.

I was pretty excited to find a rookie of Penguins stud Jake Guentzel, my first of his. Myles Garrett is the 1st overall pick and superstar Ronaldo rounds out a pretty solid August. I did notice something a big odd with this months cards or at least mine, they are miscut as the left edge is very skinny.

Will that add or take away value or not touch it? Only time can tell.
So I think this isn't a bad issue to pick up. I still keep waiting for them to do an Aaron Judge card, maybe for September. I am still surprised one hasn't been done yet.
Thoughts on this months cards are welcomed below.  

Random Card On My Desk:1996 Collectors Choice Johnny Damon

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Blind Trade

@batcavelv on Twitter and I have been doing blind trades for a few years now. Blind trades are a lot of fun in my opinion. It's not all about money value and so on. It's about the surprises and fun and how often do we get surprises in life anymore???

I sent his surprise to him first and thought I sent a pretty solid group of goodies, he returned the favor without looking at his first and sent me a whopper as well.

Let's take a look.

Luis Servino Draft Picks rookie for my Yanks PC.

Really sweet L.T. /49 parallel from Elite Draft Picks. Dig it!

Some more newbies for the Giants PC and a Yankees card that I haven't seen before. I believe it's from 1968 Fleer. I don't have much vintage so adding any I can is a good add.

Shiny G-Men! Prizm looks great.

A new Griffey for the PC. This one is oversized. Never seen anything like it. Came with a certificate as well.

Pinnacle Inside can...unopened! I don't plan on opening it either (even though the temptation is there to do so)

Now time to roll out the hits!

New add for my Williams PC and a new Nassib too.

One person who signs well with Greg Jones, who never panned out, and Stevie Brown who could have used help signing who was a one year wonder. Both are new additions. Really dig the Brown card.

Shockey was probably one of my favorite Giants TE's up to date. That may change once Evan Engram hits the field. This is a Turkey Red relic numbered to 250. The design is nice in my opinion.

Godzilla! This is only one of two Hideki relics I have. The other is pants. I have never figured out if I liked Upper Deck branding the game used bats or not. It does make it look nice however but does it take away from it being game used....

Panini promo cards. My first towel card and I really dig it.

And to finish up the mail day, totally cool camo hat card of Todd Gurley. Another favorite of mine.

Big thanks to @batcavelv for the awesome mail day. I loved all of it and can't wait til our next trade. 

Random Card On My Desk:1991 Topps Joe Torre

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Love The Smell Of Surprises

I saw a post on I Love The Smell Of Cardboard In The Morning recently who was offering up some extra NY Yankee team sets he had picked up. Being an area run by the love of Red Sox, I don't usually see Yankee items here so I claimed one of the sets. It fills my Yankee PC, gave me a new Judge and a new Jeter.

Not only did he send the set to me, he also threw in some freebies.
Here is the set. All of the big names included.

Including like I said, Judge and Jeter. This Jeter is one of the very few 2017's I have.

We also stick to NY and some new Giants adds. The Topps Prime photo for Cruz is awesome. That's a cardboard masterpiece.

Odell rookie! I don't have this one and has been one I been needing to add.

Here are a couple of Giants rookies I am expecting to have huge roles on the team this year. Eli could be a shutdown corner and Shepard to get plenty of catches with Marshall and Odell getting a lot of attention. These are also new additions.

Speaking of new additions, back to the Yankees. Don't have any of these as I didn't have the chance to get any Platinum last year. It's actually the same for Platinum this year.

Jeter UD rookie!! As I said in my trade with @Jake1725 who also gave me one, I can never get enough of these.

Don't Judge me for wanting more Judge. Aaron like I have said has brought back my full passion of collecting baseball cards and watching the Yankees again. I have that guy to route on.

4 new minis including only my second Jeter one. All but the Jeter are numbered.

These are always fun to see.

And we finish it up solid with some Mantle and Berra.
A huge thanks goes out to I Love The Smell Of Cardboard In The Morning for this awesome mail day. I was really in shock by the bonuses you threw in. I hope to get something out to you at some point for your generosity.

Random Card On My Desk:1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Pat Hentgen

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Throwing Down The Hammer

My last few trades have been including a lot more non-sports than it used to. That's because my non-sport presence is getting bigger as I just want to scoop up what I can when I can.

A piece of Hollywood for me is just as exciting as a piece of jersey.

My latest trade with @JGFan24ever brought me in a group of fun items.

Up first, some #GiantsPride. I can't wait til football season.

Tim Carter jersey. I thought these always looked nice. I wished Topps Pristine could have hung around longer.

Eli! Pro Bowl swatch too. So it's a double PC item. I like collecting swatches from All-Star events as well.

I spoke of non-sport items in my trade earlier, well, time to show off my latest adds.

These Thor inserts are really cool in-hand. They are printed on thick plastic-glass like material and have a cool spooky design.

Dual relic of Darcy Lewis and Thor. Honestly, I haven't watched the Thor movies but like I said I enjoy cool non-sport relics. I have seen Kat Dennings before however who plays Darcy in other movies and on Two Broke Girls. Yes, I actually watched that show.

Not only is this a relic from the great Anthony Hopkins, but look at that swatch! Spectacular!

A Ryan Stegman auto on a Spider-Man card. Pretty cool. I do think the use of silver ink on this one wasn't the best choice since the web is about the same color. This card is from the Marvel Now product.

This is the authenticity of the card that is separate.
A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the awesome mail day. Love the Eli Pro Bowl relic and the non-sport adds. I look forward to our next trade!

Random Card On My Desk:1994 Fleer All-Star Game John Burkett

Monday, July 31, 2017

Donation To The Rodney Hampton Collection

I was recently contacted by a fellow Giants fan and buddy of mine on Twitter in @Seth_Murphy8 about some Rodney Hampton's he had. Being the great guy he is, he wanted to donate his collection of them to my Hampton project knowing I would make them a great home.

Which I will. Like I do with any cards.

Being down to a certain list of Rodney's which limits a lot of new ones without looking at the list, none of these were new, but are ones I am definitely holding onto as I do with all of my Hampton doubles.

There's a really solid mix of cards here.

I totally dig the Topps Gold parallel. It's just too bad I just added that one not long ago. The Playoff Contenders card below is in better shape than the one I have so I will do a switch out on that one.

The Giants helmet card is a new card for my Giants PC. I never pulled that one from Pacific.

I always hold onto Fleer Metal no matter what. But, I have never put these two side by side before until now and noticed the same photo was used.

I wished Upper Deck could revive some of the earlier Flair brand designs. They put out some nice base cards and full of color inserts.

And finally, speaking of Upper Deck, Spx 96-98 are still the greatest base sets in hobby history. I wouldn't be chasing them all if they were not.

A big thanks goes out to @Seth_Murphy8 for his generous donation towards my Hampton Project. I am 56.6% of the way of completion of all of his cards and am still in need of a lot more. If you have any off from this list right HERE and want to make a donation so you don't have to stare at Rodney Hampton cards on your desk anymore, I will make them a great home. 
Thanks for reading!