Saturday, September 9, 2017

Welcome To The Dark (chocolate) Side

Well, not really dark chocolate even though that would be a cool variation to today's item, but today's item is simply a combo of Star Wars and milk chocolate. Who wouldn't dig that?!

Stars Wars Rogue One Finders Keepers is a chocolate egg and a surprise toy, something that's been a booming business for awhile now with a variety of popular shows and movies.

Let's take a glance at the box before we move onto the contents. You can find these at many places online and I assume stores nearby as well. They roughly cost $10+ each. I broke two for today's post.

Front View:

Back View:

Side View:

I thought at first glance that the surprise item was inside of the chocolate....

But, it's not. That was a bit of a letdown to be honest. However, it's still chocolate and Star Wars, a good combo in my opinion. 

When you open the box, you find an egg covered in Star Wars foil and a small capsule that encases a figure. I went for the chocolate egg first thing and it didn't taste too awful to me. I have seen some pretty bad reviews on the chocolate on Amazon with many one-star ratings for this product because of it. I guess it tastes like the toy. I get that it may and maybe a tweak with the product will help.

Here were the figures I found inside.

Box 1:

Box 2:

I think these were pretty fun to open. The cost is a bit high but with the name Star Wars I wouldn't expect any less. 

I do believe these would make for a fun stocking stuffer for the Star Wars fan in your life.  The element of surprise is the big catcher here. I think it would also be fun to chase down the set of figures as well.

Almost Time For Some FOOTBALL!

The last month or so I have thrown myself out there more for trading. Usually I shy away but with my hobby budget usually eaten up by shipping costs per month for contests and trades, I have turned to trading more to help with my cardboard addiction. See what I did there. Yeah, I tossed in the new blog.

Anyways, @GundersonNathan was posting pictures of cards so I inquired about what NY Giants cards he had. I am getting loaded up and prepped for the upcoming season that kicks off tomorrow in Dallas. I CAN'T WAIT.  I know many of you are still into baseball season, especially in the blogging world where it's dominated by baseball fanatics, but I am much, much more into football than I am baseball. I am one of the very few football card bloggers out there.

@GundersonNathan quickly sent me some pictures of his Giant offerings, much faster than I returned my offerings for him, and we worked out a deal pretty fast. I am always glad when a trade works out so quickly. It can be a grueling pain sometimes to keep searching and searching for stuff for someone to be happy.

He mailed his cards right out and I am much delayed on shipping my return. It's been tough getting around after I had my surgery so I am behind on shipping prizes and trade materials.

I received this package last Saturday but because I am so far behind on blogging, you will see some posts a year old on here in the next few months, I am just getting to posting this. So let's take a look at what he sent.

Some nice looking inserts and base to kick us off. Most I don't have shockingly.
A few more base including who may be the best safety in football in Landon Collins.
A new numbered Dre for that PC.

Can't tell you how much I love this addition. Red,White, and Blue Prizm parallel of Victor Cruz. The parallel colors happen to be of America and of the Gmen. You know, America's Team. I just feel bad for Cruz. I thought he played well for the Bears and now he is a free agent as of my typing this. Could be the end for him.

There were even some hits included in this package.

David Wilson who I would have loved to seen more of on the field. He may have been one great weapon if it hadn't been for the career ending injury.

Another new Dre for my PC. I am not heavily collecting him anymore but I will add some pieces when I can. His career is pretty much in the drain as well.

And to close it out, one awesome patch card of Eli Manning /25. This is a guy whose career isn't down the drain.
A big thanks goes out to @GundersonNathan for the trade and for getting my mind wrapped around football for tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed your return package and hoping we can work out more deals down the road.

Friday, September 8, 2017

#5:One Of The Brady's

Today is card #5 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card is my first autograph of Williams otherwise known as Greg Brady. This was my biggest non sport add from our trade and one I plan on holding onto.

I miss Upper Deck's days of having a non-sport presence in their sport products.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

#6:Arnold Palmer Relic

Today is card #6 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card I was really excited to get. The card doesn't have a lot of value but it's a cool piece of golf history with one of it's greatest and now I own a swatch of it. Arnold Palmer was a great golfer on the course and from what I have heard a great guy off of it.

This is why I love Ginter so much that it offers fun additions like this. The designs and layout also make a single color relic and turn it into something special.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#8:It's His Diamond Destiny!

Today is card #9 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card reminds me of Pacific Invincible which used a clear acetate window with a player image in their product. It's another one of those really cool late 90's innovations.

Parallels for this card go for much more and probably won't be something I will be able to add to my PC so I am glad just to have the base version.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#9:Griffey Is A Diamond King

Today is card #9 in my Top 10 countdown trade adds from my big trade with Project Pedro blog.

Today's card is simply a numbered to 10,000 Diamond King insert. I really like the design and even the numbering on these. I know people think 10,000 is a bit crazy to have something numbered to, but back 10 years ago it actually meant something. 20 years ago it REALLY meant something. If a card was numbered to that today, well, it would probably be worth pennies.

These Diamond Kings on the other hand have held their value over the years. Glad to have another Griffey off my want list.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Refocusing My PC

For months now I have been hoping to do this post and update so much on the blog, but I just haven't had the time. Hopefully by years end I will have my whole revamp ready to go.

I have decided to refocus my PC some for a variety of reasons. There are some things I like seeing in the mail more than others, I get a ton of doubles and triples in trades, and I just wanted to finish up some long time projects and build upon a new fun PC in non sports cards. I am also really hoping to narrow things down a bit more by years end as well so I don't have so much to focus on.

I have also decided to be done with set collecting which I will touch more on in another post but on The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict there is a list of sets I do want to acquire as a whole set and you can find that list, HERE. I am also still chasing down my 90's Ex and Spx set projects. I will update all of this as well.

So for now, I am breaking down what I prefer to collect in a three-part section. This list is my trade preferences and my personal list of items to get. They are in order from most important to least. Things to think about is just because something is last doesn't mean I don't collect it still, it just means I prefer something else more.

I have made notes next to all preferences and made sure my want lists and needs are all up to date til I revamp them again by years end.

Here are my preferences in order:

NY Giants (numbered inserts or all refractor type items from Prizm, Optic and Chrome, hits of all kinds and 2017 base and rookies)
Rodney Hampton needs. Check out MY TAB and help a brotha out! Most are overly affordable finds.
Missing Ghostbusters Autographs (listed under my want list tab)
Ghostbusters Slime Cards, Sketch Cards, and Film Cel cards (any and all)
Missing Psych Autographs (listed under my want list tab)
Missing Psych Insert needs (will post those up soon)
Celebrity Autographs and Relics (Ginter, Americana, Goodwin, Golden Age and so on. All of it works as I am building my non-sport PC)
Rookie Card Needs (I will be making a list of these needs as well)
Player Autographs (under my want list find a good list of players I want autographs of)

Ken Griffey Jr (it's tough here to say what I need for him other than hits and some of the 90's inserts. I do need tons of base but will need to see them first)
Aaron Judge (I will take any and all of him especially the ones under the want list tab)
Unique Piece cards (helmet, stadium seats, sheet metal, gloves, etc)

NY Yankees (I will only be accepting Derek Jeter besides Judge, Hits-I don't have barely any-and Numbered cards. NO BASE)
1995-1999 inserts from all sports (unless specified)
Numbered Celebrity Cards 
Letterman (unless it's a letter I need to spell out Sport Card Collectors)
Letterman Autographs (same as Letterman above)

I plan on updating the entire tab section, PC section and all other sections of the blog when I get the chance. My want list and needs will get revamped as well. I plan on revamping the way I do posts as well.

Keep an eye out on these updates as they will be done over the next few months or when I have time. I may start doing some tomorrow as I am still on somewhat bed rest and the Mrs is working but we will see.

Panini PWE Contest Winner #5

Here comes winner #5 of my 5-part winner contest .

Was it you? We will see in a minute.

Since the first contest entries have really dropped on this and they dropped again. Kind of surprising since the entry is so easy especially this weeks.

The final contest required you to guess the amount of views that the contest would get, many/good portion of you chose well under 100 views and there was only one stand out winner of the 24 who entered who came close to the 382 views the contest got.
Congrats to THE DIMWIT who was closest with 151 views! You win contest #5. Please email me at with your address or DM me on Twitter. You will have 48 hours to claim or the second place winner will claim it.

Thanks to all that entered and don't forget to enter the final month of MLB Pick Em promo going on now!

Field Day

Today is Labor Day, a day that marks a small get together in my small town every year. We call it Field Day.

It usually starts out with a parade, there is fun raffle auction where you can buy tickets and win prizes, there is good food and vendors set up throughout the town. It sounds like a big thing, it's really not, but locally it is.

One year there was a vendor set up with baseball cards I purchased from. Will he ever return again? I am not sure. But, at least I have some baseball cards to show off today thanks to a contest mail day from @RMcardsfan.

I know it's sometimes hard to understand my collecting. How many fans do you see collect cards from a hated rival? Well, that's me. Devers has been on fire just like a good portion of this years rookies.

Here's another one of those great rookies

Another Devers. This time a refractor.

And speaking of refractors.....

This guy!
A big thanks goes out to @RMcardsfan for the mail day. If you guys aren't following him yet on Twitter, go hit that follow button. A nice guy and generous collector.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

MLB Pick Em Week 23

Below are the picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

The rules are simple, pick a winner, earn a point. Pick a loser, earn nothing.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

You will play 4 weeks like this and person with the most right at the end of SEPTEMBER will win a prize!

Here is this weeks games to pick winner of:
Balt @ Clev
Milw @ Chi Cubs
TB @ Boston
NYY @ Tex
SD @ Ari

Here is my pick for the game
Chi Cubws

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 6:30 pm Friday, September 8TH 2017 to enter. Any entries after that will be disqualified for this week. If you missed Week 1, don't fret! You can enter Week 2 starting on Sunday. Even if you miss Week 2, enter Week 3. So on and so forth. I will slot those who enter in late even Week 20 in divisions that give them the best chance to win. Just remember even if you enter later in the contest and miss many weeks, there is still a monthly prize to win.

Standings should be updated Saturday

Good Luck to all that enter!