Saturday, October 14, 2017

MVP Gold

We are actually closing in on the end of the Hampton posts or at least the ones I needed catching up on.

Today we travel back to 1996 to a simpler time in the hobby. Back to when the inserts were actually valuable and it wasn't all about big money hits. Back when pulling a big name player of an insert from Collectors Choice meant something.

To me, I still think of the hobby that way when I buy the 90's stuff. If I beat the box odds and pulled an Emmitt Smith of today's 1:35 pack pull card, I would be super stoked. It doesn't need to be signed or have a patch.

Which is why I am so happy when I get to add a tougher to pull card that averages one per box to my PC. I was also a huge fan of these foiled inserts that fell one-per-pack for the regular issue back then.
I have the regular Hampton, now I have the tougher gold thanks to Jammin JD Sport Cards.
The only difference between this card and it's base version, this one has gold foil instead of silver. 

Another Hampton down and still more than 50% to go!

Friday, October 13, 2017

MLB Pick Em:LCS Match Ups

Okay, here are the picks for MLB Pick Em's Championship match ups.
Here is the ALCS Match up


John Sharp vs @funtocollect

Pick the winner of the series, pick how many games. The Tie Breaker is how many runs in the series.
Entry due by Friday 13th 2017 by 9pm e.t.

Here is the NLCS Match up


defgav's dumpster divers vs  Irondequoit36 

Only two of you total will move onto the World Series!!!

Entries due by Saturday 14th 2017 by 8pm e.t.



Going to Xtremes

Yup, Rodney is back.

Once again today we go back to 1996 and go to the Xtreme. In 1996 Playoff Absolute Football, which by the way the base cards rank in my Top 10 all-time favorite designs, you could find these acetate Xtreme Team inserts that fell 1:24 packs or one-per-box.

It looks as cool as it appears as Rodney is "shredding" up on his run or at least on this card. I just wished these had been numbered that would have taken it to the next level.
A thanks goes out to Jammin JD Sports Cards for helping me add this one to the PC.

After looking at this insert again, I pose the question, what ever happened to cool inserts like this anyways?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Inscribed By Landon

I can't say this enough, this year has been a total tough year when it comes to finances. I plan on doing a series in 2018 among other new changes to the blog about this topic and how I survived the hobby. I think it will give good insight for those that may be struggling the same way.

Well, one of those topics in that series as an early preview will be about trading. This year I have exploded onto the trading scene accepting trades with new traders and throwing myself out there which typically isn't me. I am not sure how many new traders I have added this year but I will by years end.

One of my new recent traders is @ccummings36 who posted some cards on Twitter he had available for trade and many I had interest in. Especially one biggie we will see at the end of this post. I was glad that he and I were able to work out such a quick trade.

Up first, I will show off the many cool freebies he tossed in. My first rookie cards of Bobby Hart and I think one of my first inserts of Tomlinson.

A sick Sterling Shepard in the Giants color rush uniform and two new Landon Collins including a Clear Vision rookie.

A couple of Prestige I didn't have.

Sick Elite parallels of Shep and Perk.

My third Brandon Marshall in a Giants uniform. It appears Panini used the same photo on all three cards.

Whoa! A bit trippy but my first Damon Harrison rookie cards! Parallel ones at that.

Up next is where our trade began. This Perkins Cross Training dual jersey card I really liked the design of.

Another Perkins. This time from Infinity. I can pair it with the auto I got from @DJSeneseiNJ.

Eli Manning Pro Swatch from Infinity. It's the first I have seen of this product in my last few trades. Seems kinda nice. Very Totally Certified partially.

And finally, the card that started the whole trade......
My very first inscribed card. To me, the best inscription there can be and it's signed by the one of the best safeties in the NFL, Landon Collins.

A big thanks goes out to @ccummings36 for the trade and for the sweet bonus cards. I hope we can work out another trade down the road.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Don't have a participating LCS but still wanna a chance to score some sweet packs of 2017 Panini Player Of The Day? Or maybe you just want to win some extras. Either the circumstance, I am here to give you a chance to land these 10 packs pretty easily.

If you have already won, you can enter again!

Please spread the word! Let's build this up!
Just follow the instructions below! Read each one carefully!
  1. Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Panini America for providing the prizes for these contests. Follow them on all social media sites and visit their site, HERE, as well.
  2. ***VERY IMPORTANT***MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT to enter or have a shipping address in the U.S. Shipping costs have gone haywire and I can't afford to ship everywhere.This is always hard to do as I appreciate all readers but I hope you all understand non-U.S. readers.
  3. Random winner will be chosen after 7 randoms
  4. There will be a delay in shipping. I will do my best to get it out when I can. I am using my very little hobby funds to ship this stuff out instead of buying cards. 
  5. CHECK OUT NFLPOD SHOP LOCATOR, HERE, Then tell me which participating LCS is closest to you. That's it!!
  6. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner (person who runs the blog), WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. Sorry had to add this in since someone tried to scam me once about this.
  7. Contest starts today, ends on Friday, October 20th 2017 . Winner will be announced in a separate post on Saturday 21st 2017. 
  8. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)
Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!

One Of A Kind

I always travel the internet and window shop, especially since the last two years have been so tough financially, so when I stumbled upon a pretty cool Rodney Hampton card that I have never seen or heard of before I wanted it. Once again however,  finances prevented me from just snagging it and it had to go straight to my watch list where a bunch of broken dreams exist.

Luckily I know some great people in the hobby and thanks to my buddy Jammin JD Sports Cards, I was able to add this one of a kind card to my Hampton PC. Sorry other Hampton or more likely Georgia collectors, I am keeping this one.

This card was printed by Masterpiece Collectables. They made a set of these exclusive 1/1 Special Olympics Nevada cards from 1998 Score base cards that I assume were sold for funds to help the Special Olympics. Something I find really awesome and wished more companies including card companies would do today. I bet a lot of collectors would grab cards of their favorite players if they were 1/1's and were going to legit fundraisers or non profit organizations.

The card also included a Certificate Of Authenticity that tells you about this special card.
This is probably one of the coolest cards in my Hampton PC.

Let me know in comments your thoughts on this card, your thoughts on if companies tried this today  if you would buy to help support legit fundraisers or non profit organizations.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

As the postseason moves on, so do the baseball card reviews on Sport Card Collectors.

Today's postseason edition is of 2017 Topps Triple Threads.  A high end brand for sure.

Last year I broke a box and didn't pull any boom, will I in 2017, READ ON!

(the box cover design is a great start at least)
Each Master Box of 2017 Topps Triple Threads baseball comes with 2 mini boxes. Each mini box has 7 cards and 2 hits per mini box. Each master box should contain One Autographed Triple Relic Card #'d to 99 or less, One Triple Relic Card #'d to 36 or less, One Autographed Rookie Card or Autograph Jumbo Relic Card #'d to 99 or less, and One Jumbo Relic Card #'d to 36 or less. Boxes are currently running $210.

The base set for Triple Threads is 100 cards deep. The set consists of veterans and long time legends. I totally dig the design. Looks very majestic and the base cards are thick and what you would expect from a high end product. The touch of holofoil makes these stand out even more.

There are no rookie cards in the plain base set, but there are autographed memorabilia ones in the base set. Key Rookies to find of those include, Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, Dansby Swanson, Alex Bregman, Tyler Glasnow, Ian Happ, Andrew Benintendi, Yulieski Gurriel, Yoan Moncada, Trey Mancini, Bradley Zimmer, Franklin Barreto, Lewis Brinson, Manny Margot, and Ryon Healy. 

There are some fun parallels to find in Triple Threads as well. Very easy to determine which I like. Amethyst /340 and Emerald /250 were my pulls from the boxes. There was one of each in each mini box.

Other parallels not found by me include, Amber /150, Gold #99, Onyx /50, Sapphire /25, Ruby 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1. I wonder what the plates look like?

Now we go straight to the hits. That's what happens when a product doesn't have any inserts.

My first pull was this Triple Threads Relic Cards of my other stalker, Alex Reyes. It's like the fourth pull of him this year. Why couldn't have Aaron Judge stalked me?!!?

My next pull was this memorabilia trio including a bat swatch from Clayton Kershaw. This is a Triple Threads Relics Cards usually #'d to 36 but this is a Silver Parallel #'d to 27.
My next one is this autographed relic card of J.D. Martinez who really turned it on this season after being traded.

And my final hit was this sapphire /3 parallel that's written out Double Robber of Kevin Kiermaier.

Other hits not found in my box include,
Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book Cards,Triple Threads Letter Plus Autograph Relic Book Cards,Triple Threads Cut Above Relic Cards,Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Relic Book Cards, Triple Threads Autograph Deca Relic Book Cards, Triple Threads Autograph Deca Relic Combo Book Cards, Rookie Autograph Cards, Triple Threads Relic Cards, Triple Threads World Baseball Classic Relic Cards,Triple Threads Relics LegendS Cards,Triple Threads Relic Combo Cards,Triple Threads World Baseball Classic Relic Combo Cards, Triple Threads All-Star Patches,Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Patch Book Cards,Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book Cards, Triple Threads All-Star Laundry Tag Book Cards, Triple Threads All-Star Majestic Logo Patch Cards, Triple Threads Jumbo LETTER/NUMBER/LOGO Book Cards, Triple Threads Bat Nameplates Book Cards, Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relic Book Cards, Triple Threads Letter Plus Relic Book Cards, Triple Threads Bat Knob Book Cards, Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combo Book Cards, Triple Threads Deca Relic Combo Book Cards, Single Jumbo Relics: Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relics, Autographed Single Jumbo Relics, and Triple Threads Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics.

There is a lot to find in here!!! MOST of the hits also have very low numbered parallels to them as well.

Overall, this was a very, very, tough break for a $200 box. Probably why I shy away from high end. However, if I was going to take the gamble, Triple Threads is where I would put my money. Lots of great looking base, parallels and hits.

The overall product looks so nice, I would suggest if you can't afford a mini or master box,  pour your money into a box break. You never know what kind of monsters will be hiding in there and for a lot less you could find them. If you don't want to even do that, put some money towards some singles. I know you won't be disappointed.

I say this with a lot of products but that's because it's true as each one has their following. If you liked Triple Threads before, 2017 will not disappoint especially with as hot as baseball cards have been this year.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in my MLB Pick Em promo. Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Monday, October 9, 2017

Giant Overload!

For the first time since myself and @DJSeneseiNJ have traded, we actually did a very quick one. Our usual trades are long drawn out ones that take a bit of tweaking on both ends til we were both happy. This time it was a simple let's trade and mail.

I was very impressed by the cards I got in return as @DJSeneseiNJ really sent a bunch of extras this time.

Some 90's Giants here.

Some newer Giants here. I really like the Huddle Up card. Neat perspective.

Some Hampton. Sadly I have them but it's always nice to see Rodney in the mail.

I really like the Mike Berkus. Never met him and wished I had, but to have one of the industries greats card is pretty cool.

A couple more new Giants. The Simms is very shiny.

A Gypsy Oak card. He does amazing work. This is really cool.

Another Star Wars medallion for my non sports PC.

Speaking of non sports PC, my second UD comic heroes auto. The silver ink really stands out here.

Up next, a really nice looking Paul Perkins auto rookie card. I really wished he had panned out but this season has been a total disappointment. Not sure if it's him and the oline, just him or just the oline.

One guy that wasn't a disappointment in his time playing was David Wilson I don't know what number autograph this marks of him that I have, but I think he is quite the inspiration coming back from his terrible neck injury to do running as a career, so adding his autographs is never a bad thing.

And to finish up the mail day, some NYY coins I didn't have.
A big thanks goes out to @DJSeneseiNJ for another great mail day and for all of the extras. I look forward to our next trade!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Winner Of The 10 MORE NFL POD Packs

Not a bad turnout for 10 FREE NFL Player Of The Day packs even though I did expect a bit bigger. I think this one was even less than the last. These packs can have hits and parallels so please spread the word.

If the NY Giants can pull out a win today vs SD Chargers, 10 more packs will be given away!!

But, first, here is our winner for these 10....

There were 25 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. @JGfan24ever
  2. Dave Shapiro
  3. Christopher Jordan
  4. Tim B.
  5. Brad B
  6. RAZ
  7. fitchjr1
  8. william carter
  9. Anthony
  10. John Sharp
  11. Steve Wright
  12. Average Gamer
  13. @flamingbagofpoo
  14. Kyle Herring
  15. Stephen Radford
  16. Alec Petrelak
  17. Unknown
  18. Dion's IP Autos only
  19. #cardrustler
  21. hudsonfan15
  22. @theangriestchad
  23. @bmoney888
  24. Travis Guerrero
  25. Nick Frank
Timestamp: 2017-10-08 12:44:14 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to @JGfan24ever on winning 10 Player Of The Day packs. You will have 48 hours to claim or the second place winner will have their claim on them. Please email your address to PLEASE REMEMBER THERE WILL BE A DELAY ON ALL PACKAGES IN THIS PROMO DUE TO HOW MUCH I WILL HAVE TO SHIP AND MY FUNDS.

For those who didn't win this round, stay tuned as 10 more packs will be up for grabs very soon!! 

REVIEW:2017 Topps Fire Baseball Collectors Box

Topps Fire comes to baseball as an Target Only exclusive but still the fun bold designs football had by artist Tyson Beck. I remember how much I loved the 2014 Fire design, was awesome!

There are three buying options at Target when it comes to Fire. There are Value Boxes, Fat Packs and Collector's Boxes which comes with 2 hits.

In each box of 2017 Topps Fire, there are 20 packs of 6 cards each. Boxes come it with 2 hits with at least one autograph. Boxes run...well....I don't have that exact info. I don't have a Target nearby to find that out, but from some research online it goes for $70.

The base set for Topps Fire features some artistic explosion with very bold colors in three different designs. There are 200 cards deep in the base set with players of today, tomorrow and yesterday. I like the Griffey. I do wish he was facing forwards however. I think these type of designs work better that way.

I pulled most key rookies in my box except the Judge I wanted the most.

Topps Fire comes with plenty of parallels and all have foil with rainbow shine. I actually think if the parallels were the base set I would like that even more.

You will find one parallel or insert per pack.

The parallels at first were hard to tell apart til I figured out how to do it by the inner bands on the design. These are red otherwise known as Flame parallels.

These are Orange parallels numbered to 299.

These are green parallels numbered to 199.

This is a purple parallel /99.

The first insert I found, which was totally my favorite design from the product, was this Fired Up showing players raw emotions on the field.

Walk It Off. Players who had walked it off and the team that celebrates with them. Cool photos and concept.

Golden Grabs showcasing those ones with the gloves of gold

This one is Flame Throwers if you couldn't tell.

Monikers with some of the best nicknames in the game. These have foil and look even cooler in person.

Now onto the hits!

I think that most boxes come with one autograph and one memorabilia card per box. I lucked out with two autographs.

My first one /500 is this one of Ender Inciarte

My second was this green parallel /75 of Tyler Austin.
It appears all autographs are sticker autos. However there is a very impressive checklist of autographs. You can find the entire Topps Fire Checklist HERE.

Other hits not found in my box are, Dual Autographs, Triple Autographs, Fire Autographed Patches and relics and relic cards.

Overall, a pretty interesting product with lots of great looking parallels and inserts. The base aren't too shabby either. The hardest part is the product being a Target exclusive and that doesn't help all collectors like myself without a Target. I would so totally go buy some more if I could.

Collectors Boxes are a bit high right now but it's riding the rest of the baseball card wave this season and can be hard to find just like all baseball products have been especially in retail. 

The pulls in these boxes can sometimes be tough but there is also a lot of big sluggers to find as well. It all depends if the chips fall your way.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well