Saturday, October 28, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Update Baseball

Topps Update is one of those sneaky valuable products that you wouldn't even consider being worth as much as it is. For some reason or another, people want the rookie cards from the product. Some prime examples of valuable rookies from this product's past are Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Jose Altuve.

Is there a future in the 2017 edition? You bet there is! This has been the hottest baseball rookie class that I can remember in some time. So you better go snag some at the price or you may not get any.

While I leave you with that thought, let's check out a hobby box break of it.
In every box of 2017 Topps Update baseball, you will find yourself emerged with 36 Packs and 10 Cards Per Pack. So 360 cards. That's a lot. There will be one autograph or one relic card per box. Boxes run around $65.

The base set is 300 cards which a box will not get you there with all of the other stuff Update offers.

Updates base cards have players not from the first two series, highlights from the All Star game and rookies that weren't included in the first two series either. Part of why it's so popular.

Speaking of rookies, your boxes should give you plenty as I found a lot of packs had 3-4 rookies per. There are also plenty of Bellinger,

and Judge! #AllRise!

There is also plenty of short prints. Holy moly! I can't remember a Topps product where you could pull so many but they only fall 1:4 packs. Flip your cards around and check the bottom where the CMP code is and look at the last 4 digits. These Sp's end with the code #5557 while base cards have #5517.

There are legend sp's as well.

And SSP that are case hits at 1:256 packs. These end with code #5904.

 Now that we are done talking base, we can move onto parallels which there are plenty to find of.

Golds, 1:8 packs. That Hunter Renfroe guy is following me.

Black are numbered to 66 and fall 1:100 packs.

Rainbow Foil, my favorite of the group #shiny, fall 1:10 packs.

There are also,
  • Vintage Stock Parallel
  • - Mother's Day Hot Pink Parallel
  • - Father's Day Powder Blue Parallel
  • - Memorial Day Parallel
  • - Clear Parallel
  • - Negative Parallel
  • - Platinum Parallel
  • - Printing Plates
Now onto the inserts.

Topps All-Rookie Cup fall 1:8 packs.

The best thing about these cards are the backs where they put that these are reprints. I have been waiting for that. So many try passing off these reprint cards for real to unsuspected collectors. Now they can't.

Untouchables is a really nice looking insert line that has Cy Young pitches galore for the ones who helped lead their teams down the stretch. It looks like some may have more than one card. These fall 1:8 packs.

The third installment of this continuity showcases more of your favorite on-air personalities from MLB Network and falls 1:36 packs

Salute cards celebrate performances from superstars throughout the season! Themes to find are celebrating rookie call-ups, walk-off moments, pitching performances and web gem catches. These fall 1:8 packs.

More of this wood grained insert series from 1987 Topps continues in Update. This time featuring set 2017 MLB rookies, rising stars and traded veterans and falls 1:8 packs

And still continuing on this year is more of those Rediscovering Topps cards. I think the best one I have found all year is this Winfield. These fall 1:6 packs and come with a variety of stamp color variations.

Now onto the hits!

Here is my first pull. Yup, I found two. This is a All Star Game relic that falls 1:48 packs.

My second hit which was a surprise is this Hank Aaron Award of Jose Bautista which falls 1:477 packs.
Other hits not found in my box include, 
All-Star Stitches Autograph Cards, All-Star Stitches Dual Autograph Cards, All-Star Autographed Jumbo Patch, All-Star Jumbo Patch Cards, All-Star Stitches Dual Cards, All-Star Stitches Triple Cards, Topps Salute Autograph Cards, 1987 Topps Baseball - Rookies, Rising Stars, & Traded Autograph Cards,Own the Name Relics and Cut Signatures.
OVERALL, some collectors look at this and go, $65 for one hit, no thanks. I don't look at it that way like I used to especially after this rookie class. This is a long term investment of sorts is the way I appeal to it now.
There are also some really big hits to be found as well. This is one of those products that is a great find in retail as well if you don't want to fork out the hobby box costs. I think if you are in it for the big hits, you go jumbo box with this product. 

I think my box was pretty well. Some good sp's, an ssp, an extra hit and some top rookies. Can't say you can go wrong here.
Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well 

Friday, October 27, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Stadium Club Soccer

Soccer fans get excited! Stadium Club is making it's appearance in 2017 for your sport.

For those that are big SC fans, we all know what to expect from the line, amazing photography which was provided in this product that's for sure.

But, let's take a closer look at what Stadium Club soccer has to offer.

Every box of 2017 Stadium Club soccer comes with 16 Packs with 8 Cards Per Pack. You will also find two autographs per box with boxes running currently $45 and under. So a pretty solid deal on these right now.

The base set has the usual full bleed photography and some shots are really cool. The only disappointment for me was the names and Stadium Club logo do not have the touch of foil like with baseball. I think it adds to the appeal.

The base set is only 100 cards of stars of today and tomorrow. So not too tough of a chase.

Here are a few of my favorite images. Love the snow one.

The rookie cards aren't labeled on the front of the card which is a bother to me, but the backs state whether they have played in the MLS yet.

The 20 SSP cards come with the same design as the base cards but with a different photo. According to Beckett, the code ends in 541, it’s a base card. If it ends with 557, it’s a variation. However, this Jordan Morris has been a mystery cards that ends 7010. He is on the checklist for a variation, but this particular card was supposed to be a base card not the variation. I can only assume it's a Topps printing error.

There are parallels to be found as well in Stadium Club. Golds fall 1:8 packs.

Black and White can be had in 1:4 packs.

There is also Member's Only, Sepia and First Day Issue parallels as well.

Scoreless Streak insert falls 1:8 packs is for the best goalies in the game! These come with parallels as well in Members Only which I did pull one, the bottom card, at 1:293 odds. I didn't spot it at first til I re-sorted them. There is also a Sepia parallel as well.

A throwback to me from Donruss Studio type approach, Profiles well, shows the profiles of the top players in the game! These fall 1:4 and have Members Only and Sepia parallels as well.

Now time for the hits!

My box provided with me with two base card autograph pulls.

These are sticker autos in case you were wondering. Sticker Autographs still don't bother me.

The base card autographs have parallels of, Black and White, Members Only,and First Day Issue.

Other hits not found in my box include, Lone Star Signatures and Co-Signers. Both are long time collector favorites in the brand.

OVERALL, If you are a soccer fan, for $45 why not take the gamble here? Decent signers, great photography and a pretty simple clean product. Even if you are not a soccer fan but love SC, take the gamble. I can't give you a reason not to.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Thursday, October 26, 2017

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!: 1950's Baseball Digests

The next edition of What's In The Box was kicked off by a 2003 World Series find then was ended by today's find. Buried in the bottom of the box was something much older.

As I mentioned in that post, I made this wooden box in graded school and since then have shoved stuff in it. I finally dug this box out to see what junk I had collected in it over the years and found some cool finds. None cooler than today's.

These 1950's Baseball Digests were in the bottom of the box and were a treasure I long forgot about. I think I picked these up at a Yard Sale dirt cheap in a stack of magazines. Of course I don't think I paid the .25 they once sold for.

I am far too young to remember magazines selling for that cheap.

I took a photo of both front and back of each magazine to let you know what the cover was and the contents inside.

This one is from September 1959.

And this one is from September 1958. This one here is almost 60 years old and is pretty mint.


I won't ever complain coming across forgotten treasures like this. I know I have a few other boxes that I need a What's In The Box segment as well and not sure if I will get to it. The next ones would involve more newspapers and magazines that I used to collect and maybe even a couple comic books. I have long forgotten.

Some may call this hoarding with all of this random stuff I have, but I simply call it collecting and someday I hope it all pays off.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Reminiscing 90's:1999 Salvino Slammers

In what I think will be the finale of this segment, we will finish things off with some collectibles I picked up at a dollar store.

During the rave of the 1998 Home Run Chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and the rave of Beanie Babies that had reached new heights, Salvino released a line of sports related beanie bears including the ones we will discuss today.

The line I am showing here captures that chase of the 1998 home run record.

First up, McGwire bear with the "70" on the front. Now-a-days we would list that as, *70.

Then comes Slammin Sammy with his 68 dingers.

And finally, Mr. Maris with his REAL 61 home runs he slugged.

I collected quite a few of these as they came in singles and in team double packs at the dollar store. Doesn't get any cheaper than that for a sports collectible.

Over the years however, I have only held onto these three and a big Derek Jeter bear as I was more focused on cards than I was collectibles.
While we are at it, let's take a look back to 1999 near Septmber 22nd and see what else was hot.
Day Of The Week:Wednesday
President:Bill Clinton
Popular Song:Unpretty By TLC
Popular Movie: Fight Club
Popular Book:When The Wind Blows By James Patterson
Popular TV Show: Freaks And Geeks
Popular Video Game:The Dukes Of Hazzard:Racing For Home

Thoughts on today's item or any of the memorable things listed above are welcomed in comments!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

CRUZing To The Redzone

Once again, @JG24fanever struck my mail box with his #HobbyLove.

This time it's a Score Victor Cruz Red Zone parallel card numbered 20/20. I still wished my vision was numbered that.
Cruz danced the salsa in the end zone for the Giants from 2010-2016 before being let go in the off season. It took awhile for him to be picked up and finally the Bears did just that. For some reason despite some good performances in the preseason, the Bears decided to cut him. I bet they wished they hadn't done that now with their depleted WR core.

Speaking of a depleted core. I kinda hoped the Giants were going to see if Cruz had any interest in a  return since he knew the offense and they could really use a weapon. But, I had hoped for that before the Broncos game when they actually still had a shot at the playoffs. I wouldn't wish that upon him now but it would still be fun to see him back on the team to at least help them be competitive. He's gotta be better than what they got right now.

A big thanks goes out to @JG24fanever for another awesome card for my PC. One of these days I am going to pay it just may never know when :)

The Judge And His Jury

I recently won two contests both from people I have followed on Twitter a long time.

Up first, a 2,000 Twitter follower contest from @JunkWaxTwins who also runs the blog,, for those who could guess how many relics/autos he has in his Twins collection. Even though I didn't win, he graciously awarded every contestant with a prize.

Mine had the following in it,


Soriano who was a favorite of mine. A-Rod made an appearance as well.

Some inserts from Opening Day including Tex. I didn't have any of these so they will make a new home in my insert binder.

I got Bipped! A well photographed Bip Roberts card. Even though I like what Topps is doing with MLB cards, I still miss what Upper Deck brought to the game.

And to finish up the mail day, a new Aaron Judge for my PC.
A big thanks goes out to @JunkWaxTwins for the mail day! If you're not following him or checked out his blog, please do so.
My next mail day was thanks to @GiraffeVenom who was hosting a Thursday Night Football contest. He surprised everyone when he picked two winners with myself being the second. I actually got the cards I wanted from the big lot that was being offered.
Up first for my unique memorabilia PC, a Pro Bowl jersey swatch of Broncos Chris Harris. I don't own a lot of Pro Bowl material relics so when I find them I try to add them.

Up next, an autograph for my rookie auto PC of Rashad Greene.
A big thanks goes out to @GiraffeVenom for this mail day. Go give him a follow if you haven't yet. He is hosting one sick World Series contest right now!