Saturday, January 6, 2018

REVIEW:2017 Elite Extra Edition (NICE PULL!)

I think a lot of times Panini baseball products don't get enough credit. Just because they don't have a license, doesn't mean they can't put out a solid product.

I can list off quite a few of my favorites and one of those prospect heavy Elite Extra Edition. It always seems to pack a punch.

Did the 2017 version? Well...READ ON!

In every box of 2017 Elite Extra Edition there are 5 packs with 5 cards per pack. You will find up to 9-11 hits including at least 7 autographs. Boxes run for $94 and can pack a punch. That's a lot hits for that price. And if you prospect at all, these can be a steal right now.

The base set is all numbered to 999. The base set is 196 cards deep and includes all kind of college, minor league and overseas stars. They are also all foil based just like Elite.

Parallels on this kind of foil board burst off of the cardboard.

ASPIRATIONS PARALLELS: Purple /200, Red /150, Orange /100, Blue /75, Tie-Dye /25,and Gold 1/1.
STATUS DIE-CUT PARALLELS: Red /99, Emerald /49, Tie-Dye /10, and Gold 1/1.
The word Aspirations or Status put into the background slant to let you know which one you have. This will be the same way for the autographs.

Now onto the hits!

My first hit is a dual threads of Tyler O'Neill and Victor Robles. Really unique jersey swatches. The Robles pops off the cardboard....literally.

My next hit was this Quad Patch Emerald parallel /10 of Michael Kopech. Sharp looking card.

Now onto the autographs as there are many to see.

The autographs are not on card, but still glisten off of the cardboard.

Just like the base, the autographs have parallels.

These parallels include, Red Status /75

Blue Aspirations /50

and a Tie-Dye Aspirations /10

Overall, there are many parallels including, 
BASE:Emerald /25, Tie-Dye /10, and Printing Plates 1/1

ASPIRATIONS PARALLELS: Purple /100, Blue /50, Tie-Dye /10, and Gold 1/1.

STATUS DIE-CUT PARALLELS: Red /75, Emerald /25, Tie-Dye /5, and Gold 1/1.

Also one per box is Panini's famous Autograph Silhouettes. This is where my big pull comes in.

Gleyber Torres Autograph Silhouette silver /49! Sticker auto but I am okay with that.
Other hits not included in  my box are, College Tickets,Jumbo Materials,Dual Materials, Triple Materials, Quad Materials, Future Threads Silhouettes Duals, USA Baseball Tickets and USA Collegiate National Team Silhouette Autographs.

OVERALL: Lot's of autographs of future stars, nice relics, two cards numbered to 10 and a big hit to end it. What can I say, this is an obvious buy. I have never busted a bad box of EEE and every box I have ever opened has come with low numbered cards and other big hits.

Please take a moment out to thank Panini America for their generosity in providing this box for me to review and give some of the hits away in my Mystery Panini Contest (now ended). Follow them on all social media and visit their site, HERE, as well. 

Friday, January 5, 2018


Last year I tweeted out this photo on Twitter of my desk,
Immediately I had a comment of "wow that's such a disaster someone please help this guy sort things out." 

I responded with, "that's not a mess, that's how I sort. It's a bit complex."

I made a promise to that individual that I would do a segment to explain my sorting and here I am.

It really isn't as complex as it looks, at least to me. But, it is a bit in-depth with as much as I collect and as many sports as I collect.

So I thought I would make this series breaking down everything I collect and how I sort it. I hope this will explain the picture I tweeted and maybe give you some ideas for your own collection on how to sort.

Today I am starting with baseball.

When I take a stack of baseball cards, I split them into many sections. This is something I have done every since I have been in the hobby. 24+ years of the same thing.

My first section is valuable insert cards and hits which spread across everything including the NY Yankees. Anything I feel that has good "book value" for inserts, $25+, and any hits get set off to the side to be placed in penny sleeves, toploaders or 10ct plastic boxes for jersey cards or thick cards. These all get placed into 2-row shoe box houses by sport. There are boxes I mark for hits and another for inserts.


Next, I start a NY Yankees pile since they are my baseball team. The Yankees pile however does not include Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge and any Yankee Prospects or rookies. I will touch base on those in a minute. But, all other Yankees including inserts go into this pile to be placed into a binder. One of my projects for 2018 is possibly sorting these Yankee binders by player but it will be quite the project and may be one I don't get to this year. It would be a help though just in case I have doubles I can send someone else.

Now onto Aaron Judge and Derek Jeter. They get put into their own separate piles as I player collect them as well. Each of them has their own respected binder.
All of my prospects, rookies and rookie inserts/parallels including Yankees, get their own pile and go into a rookie binder. The one issue I have with the binder is not separating this more in-depth and it is my main project this summer as I plan to separate the inserts, parallels and base rookies by team so I can locate things easier then flipping through a ton of pages and binders. This project may lead me to making a Yankees rookie card binder all in itself as well.

Speaking of pages, I am also thinking about pulling all of my late 80's early 90's rookie cards from the binders since I feel they are taking up page space and would be much better suited in a box. Do I really need to keep 15 Donruss Curt Schilling rookies in a binder??

Another pile I pull from the stack is key players/stars and of course my main man Ken Griffey Jr. These are only the base and less-valuable inserts I pull and place in this pile as I mentioned above what I do with more valuable inserts. Obviously Griffey Jr has his own binder but players like Mike Piazza, Roger Clemens, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken Jr, Giancarlo Stanton (his Yankee cards will go into the Yankee binder in 2018), Mike Trout, and many, many others go into a 4 or 5 row box and indexed. I also add new players every year if they are stars or ones I expect to be. So in 2018 players like Yoan Moncada and Cody Bellingers will appear in here.

Here are the by-players indexed.

Baseball inserts, less-valuable ones and excluding star players, find themselves in a binder by themselves. I really need to work on these binders as well and reorganize them by putting same sets together.

When everything is bindered, they get stacked on shelves. Not standing up of course as that damages cards in the long run. They are stacked alternating so one side doesn't get squished and so I can fit many on one shelf. You may notice numbers on the outside of the binders. At one point I used to number them and keep what's in them in a notebook but that got too complicated with the alternating as I can't see all of the numbers now.

And finally, the scraps. This is everything I don't collect or put into binders. The base of the base. These are put into 800 ct boxes by team and fit nicely under my desk. Some teams have already reached the 2 box level. These cards I used to put by brand, year and number but I dismantled that last year in my box resorting project as I feel it's easier putting them by team and I don't ever plan on putting together most of those sets I had once started.

As for baseball sets I used to collect or have bought, they stay in their original boxes or these ones if I hand collated them.

Another part I failed to mention, is my giveaway/trade pile. I pull that stuff out and set it aside as I go along for people I normally trade with and which giveaways I run.

Well, that's it for Part 1 of this series. There is much, much more to go with multiple sports and non sports to discuss.

Thanks for reading and your thoughts on my sorting are welcomed in comments.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Owed Thanks

The month of December was a crazy mail day time for me. I planned some of it that way while many others were surprises. I knew I wasn't going to be getting any cardboard for Christmas so wanted to make sure I had something to open and nailed it!

Today's post is 50/50 in terms of surprise and a known mail day. 

Up first, I gotta say thanks to Billy over at Cardboard History for sending me these pages. I was in desperate need of them and he was just looking to ditch them. Thank you! I have already sadly used all of them to catch up.

For the surprise part of this post, man, I was bombarded with a flat rate box by Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders with some reading material and some cards.

First up, some NY Yankees Tuff Stuff reading. I actually don't remember any of these covers or reading any of these. This should be fun. I didn't buy a lot of Tuff Stuff back in the 90's because most collectors used Beckett for they pricing calling card. Even though I preferred Tuff Stuff pricing layout since they priced all base cards and their values were a bit higher

Speaking of Beckett, a couple of throwback mags, also two I haven't read, and a couple of Sports Illustrated as well.

This Mantle Beckett I do remember reading and owning at one point, but no longer. It's from one of my favorite years in the hobby in 1995 so I look forward to flipping through these pages. There was also a Topps magazine in the mix as well. I never bought one of these but I did buy an Upper Deck one once that had a special Lebron James rookie card cover once, I wonder where that is in my house lol.

Sport Collectors Digest. Never read a single one and look forward to checking them out. My father used to read Baseball Weekly and would hand me the copies once he was done. I think we had the Dimaggio at one point but that got lost in a move. Welcome back old friend.

If that wasn't enough of a surprise, Dennis also tucked some cards into the side of the box he had sent.

Here are some guys that capture the glory years of Giants football. Back when they used to win. I hope they look at these type of guys this year in the draft and free agency. The Rodney I had, but I am always welcomed to any Rodneys regardless.

Shiny Jacobs and a numbered Shockey. Guess I never bought any of that Upper Deck brand.

There were even some Yankees tossed my way. Most of which I didn't have which is really the surprising part. Dig the Mantles and the Jackson.

Speaking of digging a Mantle, look at this amazing photograph on this Fleer card. Does it get any classier than this? Fleer did such a great job picking images for their products and this one is probably now my most favorite Mantle card I own.

Man, seeing cards like this Mantle reminds me how much I miss Upper Deck in the MLB industry. Not that Topps hasn't done a good job, but Upper Deck brought something to the industry as well.

Then on top of those cards above, he hid some more in the mix I didn't see til I dug it all out of the box. Tons of new Jeters for that growing PC. I should have well over 300 cards of him now. A lot of favorites from the 90's mixed in as well.

And on top of all of that generosity, he snuck some hits into the bottom.

Super Bowl 46 hero Mario Manningham Spx football patch. I totally loved this product and busted three boxes of it back then. Wasn't cheap but I have always had a heart for Spx.

Mr. Wilson! Out of all of the David Wilson hits I own, this wasn't one of them. Love the design and shine. However seeing this card and the previous one makes me sad with those two no longer in the NFL market. I still think the NFL market would be so much more exciting with competition.

And finally, a mind blowing 1/1 plate of Brandon Jacobs from Elite. Only my second NY Giants printing plate.
I was left speechless in the end. It was like digging through a treasure chest with lots of jewels.

A big thanks goes out to Dennis for this amazing mail day. I have a stack ready to send back to you when I get the chance.

How many of you read Tuff Stuff or Sports Collectors Digest back in the day?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Top 12 PC Additions Of 2017

Narrowing down my Top 12 PC additions of 2017 was not an easy task. I added so many needed cards, 90% through trades, to my PC last year so I knew it would be a challenge. 

I could have easily done a Top 50 list.

But instead of doing that and taking a week to post them, I did my best to narrow it down to 12 and giving reasons for each and why they made their way on here. That does not mean the cards left off I didn't appreciate, it was just these ones stood out.

Number 1 is this 1995 Sp Ken Griffey Jr autograph. This one gets tops because it is a great looking card but it was also acquired from a trade with my father who I got back into the hobby. This was our first trade in 20 years so this card holds a special place in my collection.

Number 2 is this super sweet Aaron Judge autograph I added from a trade with Project Pedro Blog. We have pulled off so many big trades and this card was apart of another and my first Judge autograph for that PC.

Number 3 is one of multiple Odell Beckham Jr rookie autographs I own but in what was a sad year for the NY Giants, this was a welcomed trade addition. The Giants are gonna pay this guy the big bucks because looking at the offense without him is a sad, sad state.

Number 4 is this Mickey Mantle bat swatch. Great looking card and a huge swatch of one of the Yankee greats. By far my best Mantle card. I just hope it's an authentic swatch coming from an oddball company.

Number 5 was from a major trade I pulled off. I was in need of a Kris Bryant autograph and through many discussions I was able to pull off a trade for one. My only concern is the acetate he signed on and hoping it doesn't fade over time.

Number 6 was one of the final cards I needed for my Psych Seasons 5-8 autograph set. These normally don't fall for cheap and landing this one under $25 was a steal.

Number 7 speaking of cards to finish off my Psych Autograph set from seasons 5-8 was this dual bad boy. These usually go for over $100 but landing one under $60 was amazing. I once again owe 90's Niche Football Card Blog a huge thanks for pulling 6 and 7 off for me.

Number 8 is another Griffey autograph. It's Griffey, deal with it. This is another from one of those Project Pedro Blog greatest hit trades.

Number 9 is my rarest 90's card I own. Got this card in a trade with Project Pedro Blog. These don't go for cheap and are extremely tough to find.

Number 10 is my first inscription autograph and it doesn't get any better when it says Go Giants and is a Pro Bowl safeties signature. Once again, this card was acquired through trade from a new trade partner.

Number 11A 11B is two of the newest weapons in 2017 for Eli Manning or whoever the QB will be going forward. Engram should have made the Pro Bowl with his numbers and Gallman showed some swifty moves and that he will be a force to reckon with down the road. I picked these up in a trade with my newest trading partner, @DJSeneseiNJ,

Number 12 is also from @DJSeneseiNJ and possibly the future of the Giants? Hard to tell. They didn't give this guy one snap all year and now they go into the offseason with the second overall pick, their highest in some time, and a chance to grab the future behind Eli. Do they do that or do they have a plan for Webb is yet to be seen.

Number 12A is a tough, tough find. Luckily for me I found a seller who had one listed for $5 as opposed to the only other one I have seen that's listed for $65. I almost would have dumped the full amount on the card at some point just to own it since I never saw another listed. Glad I waited.

Well, there you have it, my Top 12, well 14 technically but some are tied, cards of 2017. I hope my Top 12 of 2018 will be just as impressive. It definitely will not be easy to match this awesomeness, but I will try very hard.