Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Help Received

My intention when I posted the Sets Of My Childhood series was hoping other collectors would be able to help me locate or trade for set help. What i didn't know was how generous they would be about it.

When I posted set help for 1995-1996 Fleer Flair Hardwood Leaders, I had a ton of quick feedback that help could be on it's way. What I didn't expect was that it would involve so much generosity.

@pdxGraphin on Twitter was the first to jump on sending me some set help. He knocked three down off from my needs with Mitch Richdmond, Dana Barros and Cedric Ceballos.

Then he tossed in some sweet Knicks cards as well. They consisted of my favorite 90's Knicks players that I enjoyed watching and "being" in the backyard. I used to be the Knicks starting five playing against the NBA. They wouldn't always win either because where is the fun in that? Rivalries were more intense and I would statistically keep everything in a note pad of who score what and what the final score was. I used to determine quarters by whoever got to 20 points first.
Seeing these cards really took me back to that time...

I would make a few spin moves and then a jump back shot and yell out..

Allan Hooooooooouuusstooonnnnn

Then I would take a deep shot and go Starks for Three....NAILED IT! (except sometimes it was a complete miss. By the way, this is one of the greatest Finest designs ever)

Then other times I would get under the hoop for a rebound and/or do a hook shot. It was Ewing time.

Thanks goes out to @pdxGraphin for the set help, the Knicks cards and for taking me back for some great times in my life.

Other set help came via PWE in a surprise I wasn't expecting. Actually, that was a pretty solid Monday in June. I came home to roughly 8 packages. Most I have ever seen in a single day. It was from all of the trades I pulled off and a couple contest wins.

Thanks to Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts passed these along to me:

Chris Webber. The Washington Bullets. I will admit I do like the Wizards uni and name better. But, it's nice to see a throwback.

Speaking of Throwback, the Seattle Supersonics. I know many were upset when they left town. Maybe they will make a come back some day like the Hornets did.

Cedric Ceballos. Well, I tried to cross off these as I get them but it may lead to a couple of doubles. But, I don't mind at all.

And finally one of the greats, David Admiral Robinson.
Thanks for the set help Jon!
It simply amazes me the amount of generosity we have in our hobby community. I am glad to be on the both ends of the giving and receiving. So much fun. 

You can check out all of my Sets Of My Childhood needs here,

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bleeding Blue From The Top

Football is in my blood. No it really is.

Well, at least it's something I got from my parents.

I love this picture of my parents. It really shows their character. On the walls of their bedroom they hung NY Giants stuff on one wall and Dallas Cowboys stuff on the other. My mom is not one to take pictures so to get her in one and see her unimpressive look on her face when I said, "Smile and Go Giants!" is simply awesome. This is one of the last photos I own she was in other than my high school graduation ones. So this is one I will always cherish.
Recently my football blood came through with another trade with my father. Both of us have been chasing the same people recently. Saquon, Judge, Gleyber. For me, football is a year round sport so I am much more passionate about adding new Giants to my collection first.

As everyone knows who reads this blog, I have been on a Saquon run-see what I did there-I want any and all of his cards I can get my hands onto. My father will only trade dupes of players we commonly collect and I will only do the same as well. Like father, like son. Hmmmm. Maybe we are Goofy and Max then of the Goof Troop. Anyways, he has been busting tons of Elite draft packs at Walmart and managed to get doubles of both base and Sp cards of Saquon so I traded for them.

I really like the shine.

He also had this Griffey I needed so I added that as well. I hadn't ever seen one of these Ultra inserts.

And in a separate trade roughly a week later, he needed a few cards I had so he could pull off a trade for a Mike Trout rookie card, so I passed them along and got this in return. It wasn't very easy of him to give up being it was his only copy. He pulled this valuable bad boy from a Walmart rack pack. It's numbered to 20. And yes, that's an Odell rookie relic on there. Eight piece rookie relic.

It seems like our trading never ends and I don't ever want it to. I was glad I was able to get him to come back into the hobby after his long hiatus. Other than discussing old times like the photo above, we also get to discuss the hobby as well.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Never Too Early For Football

Every few months, I usually can expect a mail box with a box full of goodies in it from my friend Grady M who has been a Facebook follower, blog reader and Twitter friend for a long time now. I am not sure what drove him my way, but I am so lucky and fortunate to know him. Really nice guy.

In May, I got yet another box packed to the rim full of inserts, base card and PC specific cards. I really love digging through and sorting it all. I usually take my time when doing so enjoying every moment.

This was once again another hefty round full-o-goodness so it will take a few posts to cover it all.

Today, we stick to the football specifics.

Odell Beckham Jr. I really like the Illusions card. I didn't get that from my box break.

My first taste of 2018 Score Giants. Hopefully I can get more football cards this year unlike last year. But, we will see.

A couple of rookie cards from 2017. Travis Rudolph who had such an impressive preseason last year kind of dropped off when he had a chance to play. But, I think the kid is talented and hope he makes the cut this year. The other rookie here is Evan Engram. This guy should be pure heat this year as long as he fixes the drops he had last year.

Ron Dayne who never really panned out for his high draft status. Was a great collegiate player however. And Landon Collins who more than panned out. One of the leagues best safeties.

Will Tye Prestige parallel. Big weapon but way too many drops. He has since moved on in the Giants house cleaning And of course the Captain, Mr Eli! He was voted the most overhyped player going into 2018, but watch out this year, he will prove critics wrong.

A start of a letterman run? Now I want the rest of these. Would be fun to display. Trading buddies, keep an eye out for these.

Kyle Carter was claimed off the Viking waivers to be one of the backup Tight Ends. I assume the Vikings former offensive coordinator now Giants head coach saw something in him .

Well, that's it for the Giants in the box. There is plenty more to come so don't worry!

Saturday, July 14, 2018


So far my July posts have been a lot of mail day ones.

That will have to be a common thing for this month.

Some of the mail days this month were big and some were small but were all equally great and appreciated.

One of the bigger ones came from P-Town of Waiting Til Next Year blog. As I previously mentioned, there was so much in that mail day, that a breakdown had to happen as it wouldn't all fit into one post. Not even close.

Today we look at a few coach cards I found for a coach PC I don't speak much about. I mostly look for the guys I knew growing up but will add some of the newer coaches of today when cards are made of them. It's definitely becoming a less common thing with smaller checklist sets-most sets seem to have 100 veterans and 50 rookies-and more autograph or material content. It's probably why I don't set collect anymore. As a team collector, I want the team. Give me that head coach, top olineman, punter, kicker, and full back. I want em!

Since those don't exist much, let's take a look at a few I found in a time period where they did.

Marv Levy. I best remember him coaching the Bills through most of the 90's. He took them to 4 straight AFC Championships but couldn't ever win the big one.

Jerry Sloan was an incredible coach for the Utah Jazz. Another coach like Levy however that went to the big game, but couldn't pull off a win. Of course when you face the games greatest player in MJ, that task became a 100 times harder.

Tom Landry on the other hand, big time winner. Landry won two Super Bowl titles (VI, XII), five NFC titles, and 13 Divisional titles. He holds the NFL record for longest tenure with one team.

Another Super Bowl Dallas Cowboy champion coach was Jimmy Johnson. He won two titles with the team as well with the big trio of Aikman, Smith and Irvin and now I watch him on the NFL Fox pregame show. One of the best NFL pregame shows out there.

And finally, Joe Gibbs. He won three Super Bowls all with the Redskins. He did so well that Washington brought him out of retirement in 2004 in hopes he could replicate his performance. Well, I think Joe forgot how much the game changed as he struggled two out of four years and the other two he suffered early playoff exits. But, he still will always be remembered as one of the coaching greats.
I also failed to mention he is a NASCAR team owner. Guy has always kept himself busy. He at one time employed one of my favorite racers in Tony Stewart where Stewart won two championships.

I keep wishing there was at least one product for each sport that incorporated coaches. I know Panini did with it's Prizm basketball and that was cool. But, baseball and football need their love soon to. Hopefully one of the companies will read this and jump on it. I am sure I am not alone in wanting at least one expanded product.

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Couple Of GOOD LOOKING Cards

For a stretch in May and June, I had won a few contests and pulled off a good amount of trades. It was mail days galore! For a low budget collector, that's exactly what you want to keep your interest in the hobby going.

Today I am taking a look at a couple cards I acquired in different ways. One I won in an RT contest on Twitter, while the other took me almost a year to get. So let's take a look.

Up first, this Bowman Chrome Mega Box mojo refractor of Devers I won in an RT contest from @Scotty_Ballgame. I know, I know.  A Yankees fan entering to win a Red Sox card seems wrong, but that's not why I entered. I entered to win to add it to my baseball rookie PC and I feel Devers has a very bright future. Maybe not as I thought he would be up to this point this year, but I still see lots of potential so adding some extra cards of him now isn't a bad thing.

Not to mention, it's my first card from Mega Box as I don't have a Target around to acquire them. Actually, my state will be getting their first Target this year but it's a two hour drive so I may still never go. Not even for baseball cards.

A thanks goes out to @Scotty_Ballgame for the card!

My next card took me almost over a year to get in a trade. You ever have two or more buddies you trade with that collect the same teams? Well, that was the case here. 

When you make my trading circle, every card that I get from a certain team is going to be guaranteed yours. Well, Bryan over at 90's Niche Football Card Blog gets all of my Packers and that happens to be the team that @TCovCards11collects. Sadly, he doesn't collect much else besides them. So that put me in a pickle. He had tons of Giants cards I wanted and missed out on because I didn't have the right trade bait for him. Then he pulled a beautiful Fans Of The Game autograph of one Marissa Miller I wanted as well but once again it came down to what I had for trade bait.

I just didn't have what he wanted. 
Except I did but it was saved for someone else and that someone else was a trusted trader of 3 plus years. There was no way I was touching what I had saved for him to do the deal. So another deal was going down the drain.

Or was it....

Months had passed and I saw that he tweeted he needed help with his 2015 Gridiron Kings set. Whoa. Something I could help with. Maybe. At first I could only find a few cards he needed so I was just going to send them to him. Then he re-posted the checklist and I found I had even more he needed. Could this finally be the deal that brings me the Miller home.

That answer was yes.

After hours of digging for set help, he graciously said he would pass the Miller onto me for helping him with his set. Good guy!

The Miller was going to be another nice fit into my non sport PC. If you don't know her you probably didn't buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She is an American model best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret.

Thanks goes out to @TCovCards11 for our first trade. Hopefully this won't be our last and hopefully you will find some other sport you enjoy to collect so I can hit ya up with some other stuff and claim your team spot in my group of traders.

How many of you trade with people who collect common teams and how many of you will trade off your own team for your team? Hmmmmm. Let me know in comments!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wasn't A Dimwit To Enter This!

Back in May, yes, I am waaaaaaaaaayyyyy behind on posting mail days, I won a contest over on The Daily Dimwit blog. It wasn't just a surprising contest with a surprising card up for grabs, but I was in shock that I won. Still am.

The contest was pretty simple. You just had to share the big news that he was blogging again. That's it. That's stinkin' it for a chance at a beautiful 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection relic of Brooklyn Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson.

So I did just that and somehow won the random. Whoa. It wasn't long after that this bad boy arrived. Looks even better in person

Jackie was on my list of baseball players I wanted a relic of along with Mantle, Maris, etc. So now he can be crossed off. That's only part of the reason why this card is so special. It's also a part of MLB history when you think about what Robinson did for the game breaking the color barrier and playing. Amazing.
Thanks goes out to The Daily Dimwit for the card. If you haven't checked out his blog yet or realized he is back to blogging again, go and do so. Also, he is dying to find some trading partners to unload a lot of stuff so initiate a trade while you are there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Eye Of The Beholder

Awhile back Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Card Blog and I pulled off a trade after he saw a pull that caught his eye from my 2018 Leaf Draft football break.

So I sent his card, well cards off, and in return he sent some that caught my eye.

I will never complain about Topps Chrome adds especially of Shockey. I hope Evan Engram turns out to be as talented as he was. Guy was a game changer. Tiki was also a game changer and the Giants added a possible one in this years draft as well.

I always felt Ike never showed his full potential in blue. I felt he always had more to show but with poor QB play in his time with the Giants-besides the good years with Kerry Collins-he may have had to keep it bottled up. Too bad. I had some good rookies of him including now this one. Someday I need to add an autograph of his.

Charles "Show Me The Way" new adds. This guy was a beast of a full back. I miss card companies adding in the other guys on the teams. That's why products like Contenders I like. They have some coaches and cover some of these non star guys but it's not like it used to be. Is anything in this hobby?

I also wanted to point out the Ultra Way card here. Not only does it have a great design and photography, it is also a Sensational 60 parallel. I hadn't ever heard of that parallel set in these. I guess they fell one-per-retail pack back in the day. It's always fun to have something new and learn something new.

1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations didn't live up to it's name, but I still like to add cards I need from it.

This mail day wasn't all NY blue however as Trevor knows I love my late 90's cards. Especially the inserts.

Two rookies including Yatil Green who seemed to always land my way back then. I just love the film over the Finest cards. Miss that with today's especially since they get scratched surfaces so easy sometimes.

Some hate 1995 Fleer, but some like me love it. This was a simple but nice insert. I am currently chasing the set. I do have the Moore, but I don't mind having another.

Enis was supposed to help the Bear fans forget about the Salaam drafting, but he didn't either. Another fail on their drafting. Unlike the Bears, I don't mind adding guys like this to my 90's insert PC.

Fleer Focus was a solid product all around in the late, late 90's. They had decent looking base, but even better inserts. This one sparkles. Literally! At least the glitter stays on the card and not in my hair, hands, face and everywhere else glitter goes.

Another one of those Sensational 60 parallels. This time Elvis is in the building!

Poor Bengals. I know their fans complain about Andy Dalton and how he can't win in the playoffs, but I think they don't remember their 90's roots with guys like Jeff Blake, Scott Klinger and Akili Smith and many others. At least you win and make the playoffs now. Akili may have never panned out, but Upper Deck's HoloGrFx did at least for me. Lots of shiny stuff in that product.

Speaking of that Upper Deck product and a team that drafts QB's that don't pan out, here are the Browns with Tim Couch. Poor Browns. I even question their Mayfield pick this year even though he does have a lot of pieces around him now to help him be successful. I think if he can keep his head focused on football and not be a jerk, he should do okay. Maybe they can finally forget about drafts like this one.

The final card in my package, well it's that Shockey guy. This time in relic form. I don't have much for Jeremy when it comes to hits, so I don't at all mind adding more. I hope to add an autograph of his someday.

Another solid trade between Trevor and I and I am looking forward to the next.

Some of these cards above I know most wouldn't blink an eye at that I added, but in my opinion, this hobbies theme can be "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". What one person finds ugly, another finds beautiful. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thanks Coach!

It has been roughly five years since I attempted to send out any NFL TTM requests. I haven't had a lot of luck when it comes to the NFL or any sport. But, the NFL especially.

I must have sent out 25 requests with at least 8 of those going to the NY Giants and I never heard a single word back. Not even a return of my card or a quick just denial. Nothing. It wasn't like I was sending to the big super stars, I was sending it to rookies, second year guys and some under rated guys just to see if I could get a NY Giants or rookie auto return. But, no. No returns. I had pretty much given up on the idea of even trying the NFL again and sticking directly to non sport TTM requests as those have been my most successful.

Until I had a thought. What about a coach request? I had never tried that before.

What better time to snag an autograph then now! Giants hired a new head coach and the offseason has just begun.

Pat Shurmur comes to the Giants with a 10-23 record as a head coach. Not great, but his record looks bad because of his time spent being head coach of the Browns. At least he was able to win some games there with four one year and five the next.

Shurmur is mostly known for his offensive genius and hopefully it shines through for this team. The offense looked so bad the last three years that they really need someone to fix it. Especially with the talent they have on the roster right now. It's possibly the most talent I have ever seen on a Giants offensive team.

So I asked my buddy Autograph Blog if he had an address for the coach and as I expected, he did. So I sent out the request along with one for Saquon Barkley-that ate up four stamps but was hoping the gamble would pay off-and two months later, a manila envelope from team headquarters arrived.

I expected to open it up to see the usual fan pack that I have gotten before with player requests, but to my surprise this beauty inscribed to me arrived,

How cool is that?!

Thanks Coach Shurmur for the return and best of luck to you this season! This is my first coach return for a TTM overall and my second coaching autograph overall. I have a signed piece of Tom Coughlin from Steiner Sports I posted on here awhile back. Too bad I hadn't thought of sending out a coach request for McAdoo even though what he brought to the team was utterly painful.

I know my request to Barkley is a long stretch but hoping I can beat the odds even though I doubt it. At least I was able to get one of the coach. One I hope that will be a Super Bowl winning one soon.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Forgotten Until I Remembered

Mail days can come in many forms.

Some are known. Some are surprises. Some are a little of both.

My mail day from avid Sport Card Collectors reader Chris back in May was just that.

Late last fall, Chris had emailed me to let me know he was going to see what Rodney Hampton's he had to pass onto me for my Super Collection. Well, over time I got busy with life and had forgotten he mentioned a package would be heading my way at some point.

So one day on my way to the dentist, I decided to swing by they mail box to see what mail had arrived before I had to get a filling. Yeah, I needed a distraction. I really don't like Novocaine. Especially when it has to be used on a back gum and you feel like you can't breath or swallow from the numbness. Sometimes it sends me into a mini anxiety attack.

Anyways, a box arrived and I didn't recognize the return name so it was a mystery to me-as I didn't have time to open it til after my appointment-so I sat there trying to unravel the mystery while my tooth was being drilled.

Inside was filled with  much more than Rodney Hampton. It was a good stack of NYG. All blue!

Let's take a look at what was sent.

2 BCW Magnetic holders. 35 pt. I actually really needed these. Chris must have read my mind.

Tiki! These Pacific Heads Up base cards looked sweet with the foil and die cut.

Zenith and Rodney Hampton. There was no more of an high end feel base card set in the 90's than the Zenith release. I was really surprised it only lasted 2 years. I do have this Hampton base, but I want the 1997 set so I will use it for that and keep my other copy in my Hampton binder. If you own and have  a base set of either or both of 1996 and 1997 Zenith football for trade, let me know.

Rodney is looking at you......Dufex really brings out this card. I am glad my camera captured the magic of the parallel. This is also done of my favorite Pinnacle design of all time. Well, besides 1997.

I will admit I giggled at this sticky after I peeled it off

Wonder if I should add an appearances by Rodney to my PC?  I know some people collect that way.

Speaking of Rodney, the onslaught continues with more Hampton love.

I hadn't ever seen these before. they are 1992 All World Sports cards. I really dig the design and the photos they chose.

Two rookies that included one of the greatest Giants in Michael Strahan.

Upper Deck always puts out a great base card with it's photography, these 1994 confirm that.

And you can't mention great base card photography without bringing up Stadium Club.

Select was another one that always had some great action shots on the field. Just look at these images from 1994.

I miss when companies made a larger football base set and included stud offensive lineman, kickers and punters. I even liked seeing coaches. Love the Jumbo Elliot add here and the angle of Phil Simms for this photo.

One of the best UD ideas was making a Sp product that eventually let to Sp Authentic. One of the greatest rookie card products alive other than Contenders.

1995 Pinnacle will always be my favorite design with 1997 close behind, but 1994 would be third. Really cool look and open action photography. I wished Panini had this kind of set.

No surprise here to see Corey Miller stripping the ball away from Jeff George who to me was another one of those draft bust picks. But for some reason or another more and more teams gave the guy a chance.

Another Hampton here, but my main focus of this group is the Mark Ingram. Trick play or one hand catch....hmmm...

Dave Megget was a solid player on the field, it's just too bad it didn't translate that way off the field later on. I hadn't heard of the Stars and Stripes product til I had to locate the Hamptons for it. Solid looking stuff.

Speaking of cool looking stuff, there is just something eye appealing about these 91 Fleer All-Pro cards.

Pacific never disappointed. One of the most impressive companies of the 90's. We were lucky to have such variety.

Want a card that gives you all the action on the field and you can feel it? Yeah, that's Action Packed.

Wild Card has so many parallels. They drive me nuts trying to tell the difference between them all. My biggest early 90's needs are these for Hampton.

But not this one. This one I actually have but it will go in my extras Hampton pile I have started. I haven't decided what I am doing with them yet, but it will be a fun.
It's never fun to forget things at 35 years young, but for this mail day it was. You don't get many surprises in life so once in awhile it's nice to see one.
Thanks goes out to Chris for all of the Giants and for being a long time reader. I will always treasure them and the memory attached.