Monday, November 19, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Topps Triple Threads (1/1 Found)

Topps Triple Threads makes it's return once again.

This high end product comes 'a poppin' with the greatest threads in the hobby. I haven't had much success in the past with Triple Threads but maybe this year is the year.

Check it out

In every box of 2018 Topps Triple Threads, you will find two mini boxes. There are 7 cards per mini box with two his in each. Boxes run roughly $190.

I really like this years base card design. Very elegant. As always the base cards are extra thick and the foil used is rainbow. Combine that with the clean design with a featured player in the forefront and you have a solid look. I think the only thing I would want from a high end base set, is having all of the base cards numbered for added value.

There are 100 cards in the non autograph part of the base set and includes veterans and legends.

Triple Threads has parallels of course like every product. This is Amber /199.

These are Amethyst /299 and Emerald /259

Other parallels to find include,Gold /99, Onyx /50, Sapphire /25, Ruby 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

Without inserts, let's take a look at the threads. I mean, the hits.

Triple Threads Single Jumbo Relic. This one is a Emerald parallel /18 of George Springer.

Here is one of the base rookie autographs. Not a big name find in Tyler Mahle.

My next hit was a single relic autograph of Marcell Ozuna. This is a silver parallel, look at the background color, numbered to 75.

And my final hit, by far my best hit from Triple Threads ever, this 1/1 Triple Threads relic Ruby of Buster Posey. It was already a beautiful card even withou the 1/1 tag. Look at those nasty patches.

Other hits I didn't hit but you could include,
  • Rookie Autograph
  • Triple Threads Autograph
  • Triple Threads Autograph Relic
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relic Book
  • Triple Threads Letter Plus Autograph Relic
  • Triple Threads Autograph Deca Relic Book
  • Triple Threads Deca Autograph Relic Combo Book
  • Triple Threads Windows into Greatness Autograph Relic
  • Triple Threads Cut Above Cut Signature
  • Triple Threads Dual Cut Above Autograph Book
  • Triple Threads Relics Legend
  • Triple Threads Players Weekend Relic
  • Triple Threads Relic Combo
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relic Book
  • Triple Threads Letter Plus Relic Book
  • Triple Threads Deca Relic Combo Book
  • Triple Threads Windows into Greatness Relic Book
  • Triple Threads All-Star Patches
  • Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo ASG Patch Book
  • Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patch Book
  • Triple Threads All-Star Laundry Tag Book
  • Triple Threads All-Star Majestic Logo Patch
  • Triple Threads Bat Knobs Book
  • Triple Threads Bat Name Plates Book
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combo Book
  • Triple Threads Jumbo Letter/Number/Logo Book
OVERALL: Once again, despite my big pull, I have to warn that this is a high risk high payback product. I haven't had much success in the past but have seen many many who have. This time I got a bit lucky with the 1/1 because up to that point it was getting ugly.

As for the product itself, beautiful. I don't care if it has sticker autographs or not, it looks really nice and I like the layout for the autographed relic cards.

If you can't afford to break a whole box, try to find someone who may sell you one mini box or you can jump on into a box break. I suggest using Midwest Box Breaks who have a Triple Threads one going on now with affordable prices. Did I mention they always pull the heat? Did you see their last break of it? Your mail box will burn down with these guys fire.. Go grab yourself a spot in the next 2018 Topps Triple Threads Break HERE.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the Topps Of The Month promotion. Enter now!.  Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Big Blue Sunday's:A 2nd Win

What a game on Monday Night!!!!

Giants trailed by ten at one point vs the 49ers and somehow came together as a team and scored 17 unanswered points and held on at the very end with the 49ers driving 27-23.  It had me on the edge of my seat.

Eli Manning had one of his best games of the season along with the offensive line. Odell Beckham Jr looked like his old self catching 2 touchdowns and it could have easily been three or four with a couple near misses.

Speaking of Odell, his card was included in my Twitch Collects Cards blog mail day. Yesterday I showcased the baseball part of my mail day, today I tackle the Giants. See what I did there?

This may be one of the coolest Odells in my collection. it's acetate and is reminiscent of the Skylines insert of the 90's. I wouldn't mind more of these.

Very cool patch card of Fran Gifford. My first relic of his.

I have always wanted the Topps Chrome rookie autograph of Hakeem Nicks and now I own one. I was a huge fan of Nicks. That guy could take over a game.

Speaking of taking over a game, Sterling Shepard caught the game winner vs the 49ers. It was a pretty nice catch. He also did a reverse play earlier in the game that netted him 27 yards. This Shepard autograph is what started up the trade conversation between Twitch Cards and myself. I dig the color rush uni on the card and it's also a tough find being numbered 4/10. I believe this is the lowest numbered Shepard card in my collection.

A big thanks goes out to Twitch for the cards!! These Giants were big time winners.

Winners you say? One of my Player Of The Day winners kept their promise if they pulled a Saquon Barkley card they would mail it to me. And they did!

Thanks @GundersonNathan! Much appreciated my friend!

Two mail days. Two much excitement. Two wins.

Today we face the Bucs. Let's make it a third win shall we?

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Twitch Sent Yanks!

What was a Panini card break tweet by Twitch Collects Cards blog turned very quickly into a trade and that one card trade escalated to a multi card trade.

So with a multi card post, this usually means a multi-post series and that's what you will find with this trade.

There were lots of cards sent from Twitch you won't see to help me shorten up this post series. But, I loved every bit of my first trade with him.

Today we focus on baseball addition. All new ones at that which isn't always an easy taks. Most of these are from older Topps Allen and Ginter which I really didn't get into until the last few years.

CC and Damon,

Jeter and Tex. Love the sketch renditions on these. The Tex celebrating around the bases is probably my favorite of the group.

UD Masterpieces was also a great looking card line by Upper Deck. I would have liked to seen more. The older players look incredible. The Gehrig and especially the Babe Ruth are very eye appealing. It captures what the game is truly all about.

Another new Tex, a Cano from a Bowman's Best brand I haven't seen and Austin Romine rookie from my favorite baseball card product.

My first WBC materials card and from one of my favorite products. I liked having Johnny Damon as a Yankee but when he was wearing that awful red he was one of my least favorite players.

I will also note that I have never once watched a WBC game. I don't care much for those kind of off-beat don't count for much things. No more than I watch any All Star games for any sport. It doesn't appeal to me.

My unique swatch PC got a couple of nice additions. One with this base swatch of Jason Giambi.

Giambit had some great seasons in NY. I just wished he hadn't been apart of the PED search in which another player I liked I had to turn on.

And a non Yankee one in Dewon Brazelton in which I get my first Fielding Glove card. I had no idea they made cards with those swatches and now I have one. Awesome!

Brazelton on the other hand not so great.  He had a 8-25 record in the majors with a 6.38 ERA playing for the Rays and Padres.

This is just part one of this terrific mail day.

Tomorrow we will tackle Part 2 in which I will show off the card that began the trade talk as we also discuss another Big Blue Sunday. Make sure you don't miss that one!

Friday, November 16, 2018

The First Unraveling

It's time to reveal Cube #1 in my box of goodies from Wes over at Area 40 blog. I won't be showing off every card from each of the cubes, just the key ones from each.

I will say though that these cubes gave me so many mixed emotions. They brought me back to my childhood collecting, they showed me things I haven't seen before, there were surprises and never ending fun in each one. If these were sold in stores, they would sell like hot cakes! Especially for us bloggers who I know would enjoy opening something like this. Wes Repacks....

This cube kicks off with Jose Reyes at the top. Not sure which Upper Deck product this was from, but once again I always enjoy a clear full bleed photo from Upper Deck.

Jo Adell has a bright future with the Angels and this is another card for my rookies PC of him. As always I am chasing the next big rookie..hitter that is.

Speaking of talent, how good has this guy been since he has been with the Nationals? This is my first rookie card of him. Glad to finally have one. Normally I don't chase pitchers, except Randy Johnson but there are many reasons for that, but if they fall into my lap I will take em.

I got Bip'd!

San Diego Chicken. As creepy as he looks, I have been wanting to add some of these older versions of this card. The only one I have is the newer versions.

I hadn't seen these Mascot Madness hologram inserts til my last Wes mail day. I may try to build this set now. Youppi is a new one I didn't have.

Pedro Prism. I have always loved this line. Both 1994 and 1995 looked amazing for football and baseball. I am still hunting down my 1995 Prism football set and still need the gold parallel of Rodney Hampton from it.

Some IP and TTM autographs. Gary Gaetti, George Foster, Bill Fahey, and Gabe Gagne. These old school guys really know how to sign. However, out of these names, I think Gaetti is the only one I actually watched play.

After looking through Cube 1, I felt like Santiago on this Gallery Of Stars card.
My face widens even more as we go on. Lot's more to see from the Cubes.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Topp(s) Of The Month November/December Promotion

I have been saying this for months that I am creating a new promotion for my Topps reviews and it's finally time to announce it.

My promotion is called Topp(s) Of The Month.

Each month I will announce a new category in which one winner will receive a mail bubbler of goodies from recent reviews.

Examples of categories can be, Most Generous Collector, New Collector, Blogger Of The Month, and so on and so forth. I will be asking for nominations for these categories by email, tweets and DM's on Twitter. Please use the Hashtag #SCCToppsOfTheMonthPromo so I can search for entries on Twitter easier when it's time for the winner announcement.

Winners will be chosen by my discretion. If you don't win, just come back again, don't take it personally as someone else nomination may have been more than one or maybe had a better reasoning. There will be plenty of categories where you can even nominate yourself sometimes.

The main goal is for not only myself to give back to the hobby and make someones month in the hobby community. For that month they will be Topp Of The Month on here. I might even print off a certificate of some sort to go along with the prize pack.

So let's get to some more small print details before I announce what the topic is for the month of November/December. I decided to combine two months for the start of this since I am kicking it off so late and for the topic.

Other small print rules are,
  2. Sport Card Collectors, it's blog owner Matt or Topps WILL NOT be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. That's up to USPS, not us.
  3. Follow all directions or be disqualified.
  4. Please thank Topps for their generosity in this contest and PLEASE post your prizes for others to see. I want to continue doing this and posting pictures of your prizes will help.
For November/December of 2018,

I want to make some kids Christmas. I have been setting prizes aside for one kid to hopefully enjoy one great gift in the hobby. So I am looking for nominations for a kid who could use a hobby gift for Christmas and why they deserve it. You know no naughty list, they helped others, they donated for a cause, they lost things in a fire, they had good grades, etc. I will choose one lucky kid from the group to receive a mail day of inserts and hits.

If for some reason this really blows up and lots of entries flow in, more kids may be chosen for a second through how many ever place I choose PWE prize.

To nominate your child or someone else's child, please submit a nomination via Twitter @SportCardCollec and @Topps and use the hashtag #SCCToppsOfTheMonthPromo. You can also DM me your submission as well, post it on Sport Card Collectors Facebook page using the hashtag and tagging Topps, or email it to me at I am trying to leave it open to all forms of social media since I know not everyone has Twitter.

Good luck and I look forward to these submissions. You will have a month from today or maybe a little less to submit them so I can make sure to mail out their prizes before Christmas. So get those submissions in!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

You May Or May Not Know

As the NFL season goes on, bad teams have a tendency to dig deep into their pocket of players on the Practice Squad and call them up.

The Giants are one of those teams that recently dug deep into Practice Squads for players to add to the roster hoping to find that next gem they can carry over into next season with.

I also try to dig deep in my collection to see if I have anything of those players so I can add them to my Giants PC. Sometimes I do, other times I don't. Luckily this time I found a few they recently added.

Tony Lippett. This once 5th round WR pick turned corner for the Dolphins and looked promising til he got injured. The Giants liked his potential and snagged him up. He will be wearing Eli Apple's old #24.

Upon digging, I found two autographs of his,

B.W. Webb was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 4th round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He didn't make it there and played for seven teams in six years, before the Giants picked him up to play here.  So far he has played great I think and is now a starter after the trade of Eli Apple.

Pulled this card in a bonus pack of Fleer Retro.

Giants signed WR Cody Lattimer in hopes he would give them another go to guy but injury bug hit him. So the Giants found a former 1st round pick just sitting out there in Corey Coleman and gave him a shot. He has a lot of raw potential but some off the field issues have held him back. He is here for now and I still have his autograph rookie card I snagged in Wes' World Wide Of Trading. I must have known about where he was heading years ago.

That's all I could find of new additions for now. I am sure as the season progresses more names will pop up I will have to research and see if I can find.

Here are a couple of names I won't have to look up. This is a newly added Saquon Barkley/Eli Manning Spectra dual swatch card. It's a beauty!
The only tough part is which player do I use the card towards in terms of number of cards and relics? It's the way my numbers are set up that I can only choose one as it's one card not two. I will have to choose one or the other and I am leaning towards Barkley at this point.

How many of you guys scout your collection for those fresh out of the box guys on your teams?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:The Wonder Years

"What would you do if I sang out a tune?
Would you stand up and walk out on me?"

If the title of my blog post doesn't stick these lyrics in your head and make you sing the rest, you better leave now. Only because that was my intention. Oh right, you can hang around anyways but I suggest you Google The Wonder Years.

If you haven't ever watched it, The Wonder Years TV  was a coming of age dramedy that starred Fred Savage depicts the social and family life of a boy in a typical American suburban middle-class family from 1968 to 1973. Which is 20 years from when the show ran from 1988-1993. It sounds boring, but believe me, it wasn't. I never missed an episode and it was too bad the show got cancelled because ABC and the producers couldn't agree on where the story lines would be moving forward. I would have liked to seen where the show was going further.

For me, the Wonder Years of my life was the late 90's. Lots of memories and lots of growing up had to happen in that time especially in the 1995-1999 time frame.

But, just because I had to grow up, it didn't mean I didn't enjoy the simpler things in life. If I wanted to play with my action figures, try to stop me. If I wanted to organize guys pictures on cardboard, I am gonna do it. If I wanted to sit down and watch a string of Saturday morning cartoons who is that going to hurt. And if I wanted to eat oatmeal with dinosaur eggs in it. I will.

If you were wondering what that oatmeal, back in the late 90's Quaker created Dinosaur Eggs instant oatmeal to entice kids to eat more oatmeal. I ate it either way but the dinosaurs were definitely a bigger draw in since I loved dino's. When you ripped open the packets of oatmeal and dumped them in the bowl, you would just see dried oatmeal with these colorful pieces in them. But once you added water and microwaved, you were taken back to prehistoric times with candy dinos in your oatmeal.

Candy and oatmeal and dinosaurs, yes please!

They actually still make this cereal today. There was also a Deep Sea edition that covered underwater friends but I didn't enjoy that as much as dinosaurs. Deep Sea is very rare to find today unlike the dinosaur ones.

Also speaking of Wonder Years, I started to put together the Wonder Years set back in 1999 from the 1999 Upper Deck Retro baseball before I went into my hobby dark age. I will tackle more on this another time.

Do any of you remember how those cards were packaged? They were put into a lunchbox. It was the age of creativity in packaging sport cards to appeal to everyone. My father and I got a call from the gas station owner, which I have said before was our LCS, that he had a hobby box in of the product and that the lunchbox was of Ken Griffey Jr, we drove right down. Another great thing about this "gas station LCS owner" was that he would set the hobby box aside for us and let us pick up a few packs at a time since we didn't have a lot of money. So even though we technically bought the hobby box, it was done in a layaway format so we wouldn't have to front the money up all at once. I was happy when we finally bought the last few packs and was able to take home Griffey Jr lunchbox.

The UD Retro product overall had a throwback feel and appeal to it all around. The insert Wonder Years stood out to me not just because of it's name but the bold colors it represent, but because falling at 1:7 packs I felt I could put the insert set together.

With 24 packs in the hobby box we bought we scored 4 of them.

Sadly after many moves and much interchanging when I moved out of my parents house in 2000, I only was able to locate two of the cards. I wasn't also able to add anymore to the set because the gas station owner was only allowed one of the hobby boxes.

Here were my remaining two I found in my collection today,

Travis Lee. I remember pulling a ton of his cards and chasing his rookies. Never quite ever panned out though.

Kerry Wood on the other hand, well, dude could strike you out!
I still may chase down this set but for now, it's not one of the top ones I am seeking. There are many others in my Wonder Years I would like to put together first.

It still amazes me to this day how a simple piece of cardboard or a title from one brings back so many memories. I came across these two cards while sorting and one thing led to another. It made me think about the TV show, the memory of buying the box from the gas station and the oatmeal. I think this is one of the biggest reasons I do collect, I want to always hold onto that nostalgia of my you and my Wonder Years.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Big Blue Monday's:I Will Take 'Em!

Well, that was a very long Bye Week without football, but I at least got to see the Redskins and the Cowboys both lose during it so that was all solid to me. Today the Giants face the SF 49ers on MNF and I don't have a feeling either way on how this game is going to go.

I do have Odell and Saquon on my fantasy team so at the very least I am hoping for big time performances by them. But, it would be nice to see a  win as well. I know other fans just want them to lose to get a top draft pick, but who wants that? I want to see wins. I don't care about drafting for next year. Any fan who roots against their team to lose so they can get a better draft position simply isn't a true fan.

Speaking of Giants fans, @Brent3323 is a fellow one as well and did a "fire sale" with his Giants cards recently. I couldn't buy, but we did work out a great trade that benefited us both.

Lorenzo Carter is increasing his playing time. Now I finally have my first rookies of him. Need to find an autograph now.

Evan Engram has been a disappointment so far this season so hoping he will pick things up in the second half of the season.

Sterling Shepard has played well at times and Wayne Gallman hasn't looked as good as last years version. Not sure he makes the team next year.

Victor Cruz and Landon Collins. I can't believe the Giants actually considered even trading Collins at the deadline. He's the guy you need to build that defense around.

Saquon! Three more gets me closer to 40 total cards.

The Shep. I haven't seen these Majestic cards before.

More Shep this time in shiny jersey card form.

Davis Webb isn't a Giant anymore but it doesn't stop me from adding more of him as long as it's in blue.

Same things for Akeem Ayers. I like first time autographs for my collection.

Tyler Sash had some up and down seasons but that's what its been like for the Giants at safety besides Collins.

Da'Rel Scott made appearances on cardboard and that was about it.

Same goes for Owamagbe. Off the field issues cut him from the Giants fast who don't deal with that. Well, except for Odell but he is a different being.

Jerrel Jernigan PC gets a nice addition to it. I liked Jernigan on the Giants. He showed some serious game towards the end of his career which at the time I thought was his lifting point to make the team. Oh well.

Two more Wayne Gallman autograph additions. Origins with its nice look but terrible 00 jerseys.

I liked this sharp card!

And to end this mail day, Super Bowl 47 hero Mario Manningham who made that incredible sideline catch. I still don't know how he did it. Both the throw by Eli and the catch by Mario were spot on.
Thanks to Brent for the new Giants adds!

Well Big Blue, I am staying up late for you tonight. Please give me a reason for watching.