Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Trade, An eBay Pickup And Some Generosity

My mail day momentum from December has so far continued in January. I hope the rest of the year can continue to carry this momentum.

For the third time in less than a year, my father and I decided to pull off a trade again. This time I was unloading some of my hockey hits I am looking to downsize. Right now, hockey hits are at the bottom of my wants but I am still chasing plenty of hockey rookie cards. He doesn't collect hockey either but was looking for some Bruins hits to use in a future trade for himself.

What did I get for a few hockey hits? Some treasures in my opinion.

This Action Packed 24kt Gold parallel cards are not easy to come by and who knows how many actually exist. There weren't even odds on how hard it is to pull these but I busted plenty of this stuff and never saw one pack pulled. My father on the other hand had bought a box of it off from a yard sale and hit this beauty of John Elway. I have wanted it for some time for my 90's PC and finally pried it away.

Speaking of finally, added the Aaron Judge Topps Fire rookie. Not that I care a whole lot for the design, but I just wanted one.

And finally, the 2017 Topps Gallery Bellinger. I had traded for one already from him but ended up using it to trade for more Judges. But, I wanted another to replace it and luckily he busted plenty of Gallery and was able to provide me another. The Bregman was a bonus card he tossed in.
Up next, @PuckJunk from had thrown up some of his doubles up for grabs for those who wanted them a couple weeks ago. Once again it was a fun selection and one that I had to snag a couple from again. 
The Staubach I snagged because I loved the look of the card. The sepia photo of him on that colorful background was very eye pleasing. Robocop 2 was just for my non sport PC. No other reason there.
Thanks again Puck Junk!

Shiny cards and shiny cards that involve the man Ken Griffey Jr always grab my attention. So when Matt from Summer Of '74 posted some of his snags from Goodwill I saw that card and needed it. Matt was awesome and PWE'd it out to me. Great guy, great blog and great follow on Twitter if you haven't yet.
The Giants 2017 season and wide receiver depth was well, not very sharp. However, wide-out Hunter Sharp, cousin of Chiefs Linebacker Derrick Johnson, played pretty sharp down the stretch. Especially in Week 17 against the Redskins where he scored his first NFL TD helping lead the Giants to the win. I am not sure if he will continue to be on the roster next year, but I wanted to snag an autograph of him anyways because once #GiantsPride, always Giants Pride.
The Sharp the final piece to my eBay random bidding post from a week ago.  
 I have more mail days to post this week to catch up. So stay tuned!

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