Friday, January 19, 2018

Bidding For Fun

For Christmas I was surprised with an eBay gift card. I hadn't expected anything because the family had done away with getting adults gifts, but I ended up a recipient anyways. Pretty cool.

The only problem was, how would I spend it?

I could just buy one card for my Ghostbusters autograph card for my PC. But, I would hate to spend it all in one sitting and for one item. I could have put it towards a Psych autograph I needed as well, but once again I was left in the same scenario. It's not like I have all the money in the world so I can just go and grab what I want when I want, the only funds I have usually have are from gift cards. So I had to make this last and enjoyable. The more mail days the better.

So instead of doing a single card purchase, I spread it around to multiple PC's. Some cards you will see another day, while today's you will see the end of how I spent my gift card. Why did I post these in backwards order, I don't really know. I just did.

I am not usually one to just bid on something just because, but for some reason or another, two cards caught my eye that I "just for fun" put in the starting bid just to get things going. I wasn't planning on bidding anymore, just wanted to see if I could land something for cheap.

Which for some reason, I remained the only bidder for each and landed both cards cheaply.

Up first is this 2017 Panini Father's Day Odell Beckham Jr game used Pylon for $1.99. I like the oddballs for my PC and the design of this card is done well to. It's also a game the Giants won :) I did have my eye on a 2012 Panini Super Bowl Pylon Autograph of Hakeem Nicks but I didn't want to spend $14.99 BIN at the time. Hopefully that will still be listed for me for another time.

My next card really shocked me. I remember opening packs of 1997 Upper Deck Legends and chasing the autographs. I believe they fell 1:7 packs but I could be wrong. The packs were not cheap but the cards were extremely valuable which still stands true today. The base set was full of Hall Of Famers and each card featured had a unqiue photo of the player. 
I think back then the best autograph we pulled was Eric Dickerson which my father sadly sold off. I kept the Babe Parilli however.

So when I stumbled upon this YA Tittle with a starting bid of $9.99, I put a bid in. Never expected in a million years to land it for that with most listings for this card on eBay at $35.  I wanted this card because it's a 90's gem and it's a NY Giant so it's a win-win if I landed it. If not, that was okay to.

To my surprise....there were no other bidders. Wowzers. I was shocked. Such a beautiful card of a legend.

Interesting how an Upper Deck representative wasn't there for the signing but that the cards came directly from YA. But, if you look at all of these, they are all signed the same.

Landing this beauty ranks up there with the 1996 Upper Deck Game Jersey card I landed. This is a much better player however.
So after landing these two, I had roughly $6.50 left and figured at this point I might as well just finish spending it. So I searched around landing this Rodney Hampton Sportflix Artist Proof card I needed for $1.50.

Next I found this really cool Ron Dayne jersey card, my first of his, for $2.50

and my final $2.50 I put in a Make an Offer on a card and the seller accepted. However, I haven't received the card yet up to this posting. It's a bit odd and I hope it arrives. When it does, I will put it in the post with the rest of my pickups with the eBay gift card.

I felt pretty good about my spending. I landed five nice cards instead of one. Two of which I shouldn't have landed for the price but I will take it. I look forward to my next eBay gift card.

Have you guys ever landed a card you didn't expect to win just by "bidding for fun"? Let me know in comments!


  1. I once bid on an Oakland A's team signed jersey for a charity auction and ended up winning. I figured I'd get the bidding started, but someone would come in and outbid me. It ended up being the 2nd most hobby related purchase I ever made.