Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Binders Reorganization Update #1

Last year it was the Super Box Attack that took me a year to do. This past weekend I started digging into my biggest hobby project in since then and one that may take even longer....The Great Binder Reorganization!

This has been a project I have spent a year working out the details on how I wanted to approach it as I knew something had to be done to fix the mess I created back in the 90's til today. I don't plan on changing how I sort everything and where it all goes, however, I wanted to put them in binders better. For example, my baseball binders, which have not begun yet, I plan on taking the rookies out and putting them all by team. Something I stopped doing in 2005 or so and not sure why I ever did. This will be a dreaded project as I have bought so much and traded for so much baseball since, but I gotta stick with it. I may also pull out all of the "junk wax" era rookies and place those in a box instead to save binder space. But, the approach may change by the time I get to the baseball mess as my approach with today's did as well.

Today's post is all about football inserts and rookie insert binders I attacked first.

I am currently pulling out star players from the insert binders to place in my by-player boxes. This is something I haven't done in some time and I expect quite the pile when I am done. Along the way, I am also condensing them down making sure that every page is being used and not some empty slots. Hopefully by doing this it will free up some pages I can use for other parts of this project.

As for the rookie insert binders, I am just taking a gander at what I have while pulling a few key cards here and there.

Another thing I am pulling out as well is my new hobby project which I have already mentioned a few days ago, The Sets Of My Childhood. Which involves a lot of late 90's goodness.Some of that late 90's goodness can be seen here. I will have plenty of set chase updates and needs when I get through doing football.
Another fun thing about going back through these binders, some I haven't seen in years, is finding some hidden cards I didn't know about. This straggler wasn't supposed to be in the insert binders. This is Giants binder all the way.
This is just the beginning of this possible year long project. I can only fit in doing this when I am not busy or need a blog post to do instead. Which has been kinda restricted with my new blogging format of blogging daily instead of once-a-week. But, it seems the new approach is working.
More updates on the completion of football and the beginning of the baseball rookie stage to come when I get there.


  1. These kind of projects are tedious but very satisfying when you're done. I'm doing something similar but it mostly consists of bindering up sets I've put together and just kept in 400 or 800 card boxes. The advantage I have is that I'm retired now and don't feel like I should be doing something more important.

    1. I totally agree. I know this will be a long drawn out process, but when it's sorted to my liking, it will be a rewarding feeling in the end

    2. I started in oct. 2016 to get my cards organize. My cards were so disorganized I had cards everywhere. Some boxes were organized and most weren't. I started to organize them through Beckett and adding every single card in Beckett's organize. I have monster boxes by year and set. Some small or medium box depending on the number of cards in that yr.by brand. I also have a monster box of different years that I don't have many of until I have enough to add them to bigger box. Very tedious in doing this but the end result when ever that is will be all cards will in Beckett and all cards will be counted for. Only problem that I'm having is 1) I bought alot of 2017 CARDS which is slowing me down on entering my other cards in Beckett 2) I work a lot lot of hrs. So I can't always work on this project. 3) if and when I do buy cards by boxes or from eBay I enter them in as I open each pack.
      Can't wait till this gets done.
      I've been collecting cards since the 1980s and have tons of cards. I have found a ton of gems that didn't know or forgot that I had.
      I am glad I'm not the only one that has the nerve to do something like this. Good luck to you and others. It will be worth it.

    3. I think the most fun in this project I have done so far is finding those hidden gems or cards that brought back memories. I look forward to the next binder. However the putting away process will be the least amount of fun

  2. Anybody need big binders? Email QAPLAGCA at yahoo

  3. Hi, I saw your blog but couldn't find an email address.

    I am looking for signed 2005 bowman heritage baseball cards. Is there any chance you have any cards from this set signed? If you do, i would pay a premium for them.

    Please let me know,

    John Gianis

    1. Sorry John I don't believe I have any. I will check and if I luck out i will let you know