Monday, January 29, 2018

Binders Reorganization Update #2

Last year it was the Super Box Attack that took me a year to do. A few weekends ago I started digging into my biggest hobby project in since then and one that may take even longer....The Great Binder Reorganization!

I showed you part 1 of my reorganization of football inserts, football rookie inserts and rookie cards that took me a couple of weeks to do. I know the post was only four days ago, but I got that up a bit later than I should have. But, this one is a as-of today post.

Today's post takes us to my next step in my project, baseball inserts.

I had originally wanted to put these by-team, but then decided that would take way too long. Than I thought about putting them by product and then incomplete set, but thought it would take up even more binder space that way and my real purpose was wanting to condense them. So I took the same approach with baseball as I did with football.

I pulled out the star players, sets I wanted to finish, missed rookie cards, and more cards for my "Sets Of My Childhood."

The sorting got so in-depth that it overflowed my card trays so I went to a backup idea, a deep cardboard box.

This project has been very tedious but rewarding at the same time. Not just from the sorting aspect but from some of the treasures I have found.

I didn't give an update on my football finds, but these gems I found in the football rookie insert binder,


And so far I found this gem in my baseball insert binder I didn't know I had. I heard these are numbered to 56 and are tough finds. I know I busted many boxes of Golden Age and this was the only one I found.

This is still just the beginning of this possible year long project. I can only fit in doing this when I am not busy or need a blog post to do instead. Which has been kinda restricted with my new blogging format of blogging daily instead of once-a-week. But, it seems the new approach is working in terms of views and comments on the blog.
More updates on the completion of the baseball insert stage as I will move on to the toughest and longest stage of the project, baseball rookie cards to come when I get there.

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