Sunday, January 21, 2018

Feeling Like A Kid Again

Last week I had posted about my most recent trade with Shane over at Project Pedro blog and I had mentioned that he helped me acquire some boxes from Black Friday in our trade so I would have something to open on Christmas Day since I wasn't expecting anything.

Now it's time to reveal my choices.

When I opened up Shane's trade box, it took me back to 1980something, yeah I kinda stole that line from The Goldbergs since I can't remember what year this photo was, when I opened up this truck.You can't really see the joy across my face, I hate photos being taken, but it was there. I felt like a child should at Christmas time and that's exactly the way I felt opening up Shane's package.

It wasn't only opening up the box that brought out my childhood all over again, it was the contents. And by childhood I don't mean that blank-stare kid in the photo, I am talking about my younger collecting years.

And this was one of the first major products I really got into.1995 Pinnacle football. It had all of the fixings to draw attention. Great base card design, dufex technology and some great photography. This was a 36 pack lot that came with a few surprises.

1996 Pinnacle Mint football. Yes, the coin and card combo that only I could appreciate. This came as a 16 pack lot as I was trying to chase down some silver and gold like I did in my younger years.

1996 Donruss football. This is a much different Donruss line than the one we see today. So much better in the 90's. Wasn't everything? Especially in the hobby.

1997 Donruss football. My father and I busted this to chase down Warrick Dunn and Jake Plummer rookies. I did pull those as well along with some other cool stuff.

1997 Bowman's Best football. This is all about refractor chasing!Shiny stuff is just as important as a child as it is as an adult. This was by far the best box of the 90's group.

There were also some packs of 1998-1999 Fleer Brilliants basketball I was insert chasing in and parallel searching.

And finally, some boxes of 2015 Panini Americana. That didn't tie into my childhood theme other than the fact it could have some autographs and relics from people I may have watched. It was mainly because I totally love that product.

The 90's boxes however brought me back to a great time in the hobby for me. It made me realize all over again how much I prefer opening up those packs than packs of today. Every pack I felt that giddy magic rush looking forward to the contents of that pack and the next. The toughest part was when the break was over. I was left hanging for more and if I had the funds, more would have been purchased. 

So I couldn't just let that magic end quite yet. As I busted I realized how much more fun I was having with the products and it also made me realize I wanted to chase so much more. That's the moment I have decided to do a Sets Of My Childhood chase. Where I am seeking all of the sets from my childhood I enjoyed the most. This expands upon my already search for Spx and Ex ones I am currently doing. I have included the products above and so, so much more you will find out as my slow reveal goes on. My hope is that this great hobby community can help me in my chase and trade me items if they find any at home or card shows, etc.

For now, I have included some of the sets I am chasing so far under this SET tab. I will further expand and separate that to a separate Sets Of My Childhood tab when I have more things put together and narrowed down.

These exciting box break above will be up throughout the year. Make sure you watch out for them and stay tuned for more Sets Of My Childhood chase updates as well.


  1. Pinnacle Mint is one of the single most underrated products ever. I got a box for Christmas one year as wii youngling.

    1. I opened a few packs back then but never a this break was almost a full boxes worth. Was a ton of fun and I agree it was totally under rated

  2. Agree with Twitch. Pinnacle Mint was a cool product.