Tuesday, January 16, 2018

From The 90's Til Today

My December in 2017 was pretty epic when it came to pulling off trades and adding to my Giants collection. Not to mention the mind blowing consecutive days of finding cardboard in my mail box. I can't remember a month or year when that has happened. Most of it was planned by me as I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas and wanted to fill in the gap and some wasn't. Either way it was a really exciting month.

January 2018 started out a little show but recently has started to pick up. It's momentum I hope that will continue for the rest of the year.

Last week I pulled in two pretty nice mail days in from trades. My first one is from @NYCollects on Twitter. He and I pulled off a trade back in December but neither of us got around to mailing til January.

I had hoped to grab all of the NY Giants cards he had available, but didn't have enough stuff he was interested in so had to narrow my pick to three cards. But, they were really solid ones.

First card was this 2014 Topps Strata Odell Beckham Jr patch card /25. Great design and nice two-color patch.

Next add was this Sterling Shepard 2016 Prestige rookie autograph add. I think him and Odell will make quite the combo in 2018. Sterling showed some potential in 2017 putting up some decent numbers in a flat offense.

Final card was this 1999 Stadium Club Chrome refractor of Dan Marino for my 90's PC. Great looking card and wished I could have captured the shine a little better on here.
A big thanks goes out to @NYCollects for the trade!
My next mail day was a bit of a surprise as I was working a deal out but never fully succeeded yet. However, @SportsCardMania mailed me my stuff ahead of time and the ball is officially in my court to give back. Which hopefully I will be able to in the next couple of weeks.

Anyways, let's take a look at my scores.

Parallel from 2017 Panini of Brandon Marshall. I am hoping he actually doesn't return next year. He made no impact on this offense when he was playing before he got hurt. Seems like a waste of cap space to me that could be used for oline help.

Two Giants "stars" of the 90's. The Hilliard I didn't have from Crown Royale and the Hampton I have, but it's my favorite designed card of his. Actually that design is easily my Top 3 favorite card design of all time.

Ron Dayne who was supposed to be the next Giants great, but was actually not so great except for maybe one season. Mark Brunell was one of my favorite QB's of the 90's I loved to watch. The way he used his feet and how smooth his throwing style was for a lefty was so much fun. He also led a Jags team pretty far as well almost reaching a Super Bowl with them.

Some Optic parallels. Cruuuuuuuuuz I wished could have stayed with the Giants, but I understand why they had to let him go with all of his injury history. The guy could ball though in his prime. Someone who may never see their prime on this team is Paul Perkins who never panned out like I thought he would.  It appears Darkwa and Gallman are the go-to right now unless the Giants decide to use their pick on Barkley. However this Perkins is some help towards my potential rainbow chase.

Love, love, loved these. Paydirt inserts that fell 1:4 packs back in 1995 Skybox Premium. Great overall product. This is a set I am working on.

Well, I spoke how I felt about Brunell earlier, it was only an obvious thing that I needed to add his rookie to my PC and here it is,

And finally, I was surprised when I saw that Shane had a new Hampton I needed. I have the members only parallel of this card but not the base version. Well, that is no longer the case as this one is now in my possession.
A thanks is due to @SportsCardMania for the mail day. Hopefully I can find something you don't have and make a return mail day soon. 

This mail day provided a lot of new cool adds from my collecting beginnings, Brunell in 1993 til some newer stuff of today, the Marshall. I think mail days like this are fun as you can compare stuff from today til back then. I am however very bias on that subject, I will always go 90's first. That's a topic for another day and another post however.