Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Living The Americana Dream Part 1:The Inserts

In my latest trade with the great Shane from Project Pedro Blog, I was able to trade for some boxes from him from the Black Friday sale on Dacardworld.

I could have chosen baseball, football, basketball, hockey or any other sport. But what did I end up with? Well, three boxes of 2015 Panini Americana.

My love of non sport cards continues to grow and my love of this product has as well. The price of a box being around $25 and under along with four hits is so enticing you just can't ignore it. The checklist of autographs and wardrobe relics you could hit has a good mix of superstars and people you may not know as well but it was enough to entice me to want more.

Over the next few days I will break down the hits of each box I opened. Today's post I combined all of the inserts from all three boxes to showcase them. And before you ask, yes I am trying to build the base set and all of the insert sets including the blue parallels. I will update my Set tab with needs as I go along in putting them together.

For now, just enjoy the gallery of the inserts I found in three boxes.

Winners Circle Die Cuts:

Winners Circle dual

On The Tube featuring stars and some I haven't ever heard of:

Lots of big names here for Silver Legends. Sadly I ended up with a couple dupes.

Same goes for the Silver Legends Duals

More On The Tube but this time it features legends of Hollywood.

It took me awhile to see that these are actually two sets not one. There are silver singles and silver albums. Makes my chase just a bit more.

The blue parallels just look spectacular. But, I have a good amount of dupes of these as well. However I was able to add some key ones like James Earl Jones and Roger Moore.
I will try to update my needs on all of these by the weekend I hope.
Tomorrow kicks off Box #1 so come back to see the hits!


  1. Enjoy this set as well. ... If there's a blue parallel dupe of Laura Prepon or Ali Larter, I wouldn't mind if you sent it my way.

  2. Those records are pretty cool. Love seeing Biz Markie and Coolio on cardboard.