Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Player Profile #1:Gary Sheffield

Player Profile is a series that breaks down players I have pulled from my collection and designated as a player collection. These are mostly stars from the past and present and only include base cards and inserts. Hits and rookie cards are not counted. Some players I pulled because I was a fan of their game, others are obvious because of their play. Some players I actually look for cards of in packs while others get just placed in these boxes. This series will break down how many cards I have of the player, what my Top 5 favorite cards are of the player and why I pulled the player for a player collection.

This series will also cover all four sports I collect. 

Player By The Numbers For Gary Sheffield: 64 Total Different Cards. This number does not include NY Yankee cards of him as they are in my Yankees binder and not included in his player collection. My Yankee card numbers will be updated on here at a later time.

Gary Sheffield was an outstanding power hitter and all around outfielder from 1988 til 2009. He seemed to always be very "vocal" on the teams he played for which may explain why he played for so many. Eight to be exact. Most of which he was traded away.

I had a lot of admiration for him up until I found out he was apart of the PED team and was listed in the Mitchell Report. Once a player makes that list, I no longer care about adding more cards of them. If I happen to, I do and place them in their rightful spot. But, those are players I don't chase.

Anyways, I still have my Top 5 favorite cards of him despite my feelings so let's take a look.

#5 Gotta love the photographs that were featured on Stadium Club. Especially in the early 90's like this one. Gary seems to be eyeing what the pitcher is doing before getting ready for his turn.

#4 has Gary diving to catch a ball. Only Upper Deck could capture such a photograph that you can truly appreciate.

#3 is the batting stance. Another great photo captured by Upper Deck even in a low end brand like Collectors Choice.

#2 is just so, so shiny that I had to include it. Everyone knows my love of shiny cards.

#1 had to be an Upper Deck card just like four out of five were. Look at this photography. I was always a fan of the 1995 Upper Deck Sp set and it seems to be underrated in my opinion. The whole set included photographic moments like this and the design is sharp as well. We don't many of these simple but elegant sets anymore.
As I stated above, this is not all of my Sheffield cards as I need to dig out my Yankee ones and update the numbers on here with those. 

In closing, despite the allegations, Gary is apart of the 500 Home Run club which he accomplished in his final year with the Mets. I guess I can partially appreciate that despite my feeling it should be called *500 Home runs instead.

What's Gary been up to since he left baseball? Well he is currently working as a sports agent.

Which Gary Sheffield card above to you like the most and which card do you own is your favorite of his? Let me know in comments!


  1. Such an underrated player. Seems he’s forgotten about.

    1. You're not alone in saying this. I saw many collectors comment when I posted this thanking me for putting Gary back in the limelight.

  2. I considered supercollecting Sheff as I thought he was so much fun to watch growing up. I tried to do the batting stance like him as a kid but didn't have the arm strength or speed to do that. The dude could flat out rake at the plate. As a 3B in little league, I always loved the 1993 Upper deck that had the action shot of him scooping up a ball at the hot corner.

    Thanks for bringing attention to one of my favorite players. Staff deserves more appreciation.

    1. 1993 Upper Deck was a great product. Many great photos in that set.