Monday, January 8, 2018

REVIEW:2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball (HUGE HIT)

Panini Chronicles baseball is an intriguing product. It chronicles many products into one and some of these products we have yet to see in baseball form.

I haven't decided if I like the format or not, but there are a lot of things I do like. What were they...READ ON!

In every box of 2017 Panini Chronicles baseball, there are 12 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. There should be 4 hits per box with boxes currently running $90. Mickey Mantle cards can be found  throughout the product. I didn't find a single one sadly.

With so much going on in this product, let's start out with the Chronicles part of it. There are 150 cards in the base set that documents the events of a game with lots of text on the back and the front of the card. Of course, Mantle is part of the base set and there is also a rookie subset numbered to 499 copies. A lot of this product is rookie based.

Players in the base set are of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

As with any product, there are base cards parallels. Those include Gold /999, Blue /399, Green /199, Purple /99, Red /25 and Black 1/1. They are defined by the color of the foil on the card.

(I put a base rookie with this Blackmon parallel for some reason but there is an example of one)

Up next, Donruss Rated Rookies. There are 50 cards in the set to collect covering the already established stars and the upcoming ones.

And they as well have parallels, Cyan Back, Gray Border /199, Gold Press Proof /99 (shown below), Aqueous Test Proof /49, Pink Border /25, Artist Proof /10, Press Proof /5 and Printing Plates 1/1.

Prizm. I don't mind another round of shiny stuff. There are 50 cards in this set as well and parallels that include, Flash, Orange /399, Light Blue /299, Blue Wave /199, Purple Scope /99, Red Crystals /75, Green Power /49, Camo /25 (the Lindor below), Gold /10, Gold Vinyl /5, and Black Finite 1/1.

That was the end of my base/inserts. Base I didn't see in this break was Gold Standard and Absolute Rookies. Both of those have 25 in the set.
Now time for the hits!

The first taste of Panini Gold Standard baseball was included. All season Reyes has stalked me in my breaks. Almost every break I have done I hit him in some form. Nice looking card for sure!

Contenders autographs. There are 50 autographs to chase with parallels of, Playoff Ticket /99 Championship Ticket /49, Cracked Ice Ticket /24, and Printing Plates 1/1

And we also get our first taste of Spectra baseball. And what a sweet taste it was. Time to get off your seat and #AllRise for this hit.
Other hits not included in my box are, Chronicles Autographs, Chronicles Swatches, Chronicles Signature Swatches,Donruss Signature Series ,Gold Standard Rookie Jersey Autographs,Gold Standard Rookie Jersey Autographs Double,Gold Standard Newly Minted Memorabilia,Prizm Autographs,Spectra Rookie Jersey Autographs, Spectra Triple Threat Materials ,Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Autographs,Absolute Tools of the Trade Materials Double,Absolute Tools of the Trade Materials Triple,Absolute Tools of the Trade Materials Quad and Absolute Tools of the Trade Materials Five.

OVERALL: Well, it's a bit of an odd combination of products in one. I actually may had liked it better without the Chronicles base cards which I believe is the main part of the product. It could have been a all high end dinner plate offered here and then offer the Chronicles base product as a low end card offering. However, it is what it is and the offerings in the product are not bad overall. I liked the designs and liked seeing baseball in products never been in before.  I hope this is a glimpse of something down the road.

Value wise without the Judge I didn't feel there was a lot here. I don't normally get that feeling with Panini baseball products as they are normally packed with value but it was lacking here, at least in my box. But, luckily the Judge saved the break.

Another fun offering I haven't mentioned yet about the Mickey Mantle cards is they come in hit form. Would have been sweet to landed a Mickey memorabilia card from Absolute.

I think it would actually be interesting to hear your guys thoughts on this one. Leave em below!

Please take a moment out to thank Panini America for their generosity in providing this box for me to review and give some of the hits away in my Mystery Panini Contest. Follow them on all social media and visit their site, HERE, as well.


  1. I like this format where you get a little of everything , almost a repack/rebox , but with hits. Nice Judge Hit , minus not having logos , i would buy a box.

    1. I liked the format to a certain extent. I would have been better without the chronicles base

  2. Nice Judge! The Rated Rookie relics look nice too.

  3. Congratulations on pulling a Judge!


  5. That Judge pull is awesome. I grabbed a ton of stuff on the secondary market from this product for Cutch including a bunch of subtle parallels from the base set, Spectra, Prizm. I think the Gold Standard are designed really really well. This would have been better as a high end release imho tho

  6. Great review. Awesome Judge pull. I'm been looking at buying a box of this. Plus it get's me in the mood for baseball :)

    1. Especially after both of our football seasons end

  7. Interesting product. I like the variety. And wow a Judge? Phew. Definitely something to look at once the prices of boxes come down. Great look at these cards. Thanks.

    1. Yeah too much of a risk right now. I lucked out but I have seen some pretty bad boxes too

  8. I could do w/o the "chronicles" portion and more Donruss. Prizm and Gold Standard are on my radar now!