Friday, January 26, 2018

Rodney&Friends (Much Better Than Barney)

Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown and I pulled off yet another trade, our first of the New Year, this time it was a bigger one as opposed to our blind trades we usually do.

 And as usual my end from Gavin did not disappoint.

The Giants just hired their new coach this week who is supposedly an offensive genius in Pat Shurmur. So Hopefully I will see these guys tear it up on the field together next year with a healthy Odell Beckham Jr and a fully loaded Giants offense for Eli. Speaking of those guys, here are some cards of them. I also like the Nassib. Didn't have that one.

I am also not quite sold on the coach hire yet as he failed as a head coach the first time around. But, many other Hall Of Fame worthy coaches failed their first times as head coaches to. Some guys named Pete Carroll and Bill Belicheat. Yes, I will never stop calling him that.

Gavin also sent along some more Eli's, another Nassib (I think he is still with the Saints as Brees backpu or third string) and a couple Rueben Randles I needed. I haven't added to that PC in some time. Hopefully Randle will return next year after a year on the IR for the Bears.

This card reminded me of a few things. How much I miss the Giants glory days, how much I miss Upper Deck football products (I mean Panini would never put anything out like this with this photography) and how much I loved Super Bowl 42. This card will be re-featured in a post about that Super Bowl later on.

A lot of people only remember the Tyree catch, but this play right here was the real game changer.

Giancarlo or otherwise used to be known as Mike Stanton the newest Yankee. This is his Bowman rookie, one I didn't have and wanted. Gavin had stuck these up to claim so I went and snagged it fast. I hope all of the hype of having him in the Yankees lineup lives up. I worry sometimes they invested too much into Stanton money wise, I mean the Marlins got nothing in return for him, and he will get hurt or hit like 15 home runs.

And with all of my recent trades with bloggers, some Rodney's have been found and I am digging it!

Black Diamond triple diamond. Loving that gold look. 1998 Black Diamond had many levels of diamonds to chase from single to quad. I believe I have all of the first three, but the quads that were rare I may never find. If any of you find it, please trade it to me!

These King B "mini circle card thingies" I never understood where they came from but glad to finally have one of them I need crossed off my checklist. There are a few others I still need to add as well.

I showed off a mini supial card a few months ago from Pacific which is the mini version of this card but now I have the large version. Which isn't as big as a oversized, it's actually a normal sized card.

This card has actually two sides. Bernie Paramalee is on the other side but I got lazy and wanted to focus on the main character to this card movie.

Next card was this autograph of Odighizuwa. I was really hoping he would pan out but field performance and off the field issues just didn't help his case much. Thought he was the future at DE. But once again, another one of Jerry Reese terrible draft picks.
And finally was this, sweet, sweet Rodney Hampton back plate! Yes, a back plate. I have never seen one and never seen one listed for Rodney. I also believe I have the front plate to it once I find it I will post both together. It's my third Rodney Hampton plate.

I didn't show the back as plates in the 90's didn't have a write up like today's plates do. 90's plates simply had a metal back and that was it.

A huge thanks goes out to Gavin for yet another awesome mail day. I look forward to our next trade big or small.


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    1. Yes thanks again. I assume the plate you found at a show?

  2. Nice printing plate. You don't see card companies do back printing plates nearly as much. As for those Quad diamonds... depending on the different years and sports... some of them can be really tough to find.