Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Season CARDings Part 1

It's been quite the stretch of weather where I am. Feels like I live in Antarctica with the continuous below freezing temps with an even colder wind chill factor and the non stop snow that falls on a daily basis. We already had a good amount before Snowstorm Grayson left it's fury behind.

With this kind of weather, I was glad to see another mail day from reader Grady M in my mail box. Knowing I wasn't going out too far with these temps and bad roads I was glad I had something to do and I knew his kind of mail day would take a few days.

As with all of my postings from Grady, I don't always post all of it. Why? Well, it will take a good week to post it all. He covers all of my PC's and more. So I usually narrow it down to the bare shiny essentials. That alone is three posts still. So get ready for the next three days of this and battle the storm with me as we go along.

 So I opened up the box he had sent to find this,

Then I removed the top layer leading to a card onslaught. There was so much in here that I couldn't even post it all because we would be here for weeks. So instead, I pulled out some shiny stuff and some key items to post about instead. Even still, this is a three-part series.

Kicking it off are these Prizm Prizms. Odd name for a parallel I think since the product name is that. But, what do I know. We find four solid players as well with Landry, Gurley (who I hope wins NFL MVP despite his teams playoff no-show), Khalil Mack and Von Miller.

Next some wavy shiny things and a cool Illumination despite my no love of him or his team.

Panini parallels. We find Julio and Gurley again.

We dive into a few NBA inserts and a low numbered Thomas Rawls.

These Hoops inserts are pretty cool. I have always been a fan of the product.

Donruss Optic baseball. I didn't get to bust any of this stuff this year, mainly cause of Aaron Judge cleaning off card shelves, but I get my first taste of it. These are purple parallels that includes a good group of players like Correa and Cano,

Some regular parallels with Cano here as well.

Some more purple parallels with Jose Altuve and possible future Yankee Machado, I can dream can't I,

and regular parallels can be found here and includes some big time players like Pujols, Snider, Sale and Langoria.

Future Stars. Love the design of these and they look even cooler side by side.

Some Chrome parallels including an reverse Altuve that will haunt me with his glowing eyes.

And to end today's round, some X-Fractors.

There will be more to come tomorrow and I will pick up where this chrome finished off. Much more shiny stuff to come.


  1. Those Teal Explosion cards from Hoops are really great. Note the jersey Anderson is wearing...that was only worn twice, to celebrate Chinese new year.

    1. Nice to know info. I haven't really kept up on the nba anymore

  2. Lot's of shine in this package. Next time warn your readers to put on some shades ;)

    P.S. Hope it warms up soon for you guys.

    1. Thanks. Still cold but should be a bit warmer soon. My propane bill will be ugly though lol

  3. They're giving names to snowstorms now?

    1. I know. Crazy right? I think they started this not long ago. Just a way for the weather channel to bring excitement lol

  4. That's a ton of great cards. Good job.