Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Season CARDings Part 2

Like I said yesterday, we will pick up where I left off. I will also start out with some more pictures from the storm.

It's a beautiful site from a distance but you step out and well, you freeze to death.

So let's warm up with something and kick this post back off with some Topps Chrome.

Regular refractors including Trea Turner and a Gary Sanchez for my Yanks PC.

Prism refractors with Bruce and Kershaw. I love the flow on these.

Pink Refractors. Betances for my Yankes PC, along with Rizzo, Puig and Abreu.

And to finish up the chrome, some of these throwback refractors. Really like how sharp these came out.

I think after this mail day and other 2017 chrome mail days I need to see what sets I may have or working towards. Even if I don't have any, I just need to gather the chrome together so I have it in place just in case.

Up next, Prizm, Prizms, this time for baseball.

And even More Prizm baseball. This time with some color.I really like the color ball parallel or whatever Panini may call it.

Topps Heritage refractors including 2 different Langorias.

Donruss inserts from The Elite Series to Ground Force to The Legends Series. I still think it's so weird not to see Adrian Peterson in a Vikes uniform. I find it's weird that they used the same design for all three sets. they should have done something different with these.

Some hockey inserts/parallels

I hadn't seen these 2017 Topps Fire parallels before but I totally dig em. Of course I do bleed blue for my sports teams so these ones attracted me first,

Then I saw these. The gold is so MIND BLOWING cool. Collecting both blue and gold as separates sets would look impressive in a binder.
Well, that's it for today. Still another round for tomorrow which includes the trade portion of the mail day. Stay tuned!