Thursday, January 11, 2018

Season CARDings Part 3

Well, here comes the final part of my box breakdown from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady M. Today's is a mixed bag of stuff we traded and some bonus cards. Once again I must mention that this isn't even close to the amount of actual cards he sent. That box was just simply loaded.

First, let's take a look at something odd before I go onto the cards. For some reason this summer my bird feeder had been empty of birds. I usually get hundreds a day but they all went away. Then the bitter temps and big time snow hit and kaboom, they made a return. Maybe the winds blew them back up here...who knows.

But they are back and appear are here to stay. I am just hoping the weather can warm up soon and it appears it's heading in the right direction by weeks end. Supposed to hit 30 degrees, time to break out the t-shirt and shorts in the heatwave!

Speaking of heat, let's take a look at the cards in this finale.

First up is some new cards for my growing Aaron Judge PC. It's roughly 40 cards deep now.

Optic rookie I was super happy to add. Now if only I had some of the parallels.

For the second year in a row, I missed out on the Topps holiday boxes but was happy Grady was able to trade the Judge to me. I need to find the snowflake parallel now to.

And an Allen and Ginter since I didn't land one in my box break.

Another part of the trade was for these Griffeys. Like I said earlier in this series, I didn't get a chance to open any Optic and adding two Griffeys I needed was up my alley.

This wasn't the end of the new Griffey adds but was the end of our trading part. The next cards are more cards from the box. Not only does Grady cover my shiny card addiction, he also covers multiple PC's like NY Yankees, NY Giants and Ken Griffey Jr.
Two NASCAR relics. I love the tire one. Really dig the look of those. So far Panini has done a great job with NASCAR line. I still miss Press Pass, but Panini has stepped up well so far.

Nice Jason Sklar addition to my Non Sport relic PC.

Time for some Gmen! Adding new Giants cards to my PC this year has pretty much been my highlight of my 2017 NFL season.

All new adds here including two great looking cards from Phoenix football. I like the Landon Collins as well.

More additions to my 2017 Giants rookie class. I didn't have any of these ones either. I was really hoping the Giants would see what Davis Webb had before this draft, but I guess they are just gonna most likely draft a guy. Still don't know if that's the best idea, but what do I know.

This guy really is an unsung hero. He honestly should have made the Pro Bowl. Best run defender in the league as he is always "snacking" on running backs.

The Eli bunch. All new as well.

Odell. Man I really missed this guy on the field this year. He always made such explosive plays and that offense really lacked those.Once again, can't wait til next year.

A couple new Sterling Shepards. I think with him Beckham and Engram that Giants offense should move the ball better next year. Especially if Eli Manning stays.

And to finish up today's post, some more new Griffey additions. Been needing the Gallery ones and I like those Homerun derby cards.

A big thanks goes out to Grady again for his generosity. I look forward to our next trade and mail day exchange!