Monday, January 1, 2018

State Of The Blog Address 2018

As I head into my 6th year of blogging, my technical 6th year begins on March 1st, I am planning on making some changes on here. Just like other bloggers, I have made many changes over the years and I just think it's the nature of being a blogger.

I think change for the most part is a good thing. It keeps us going. It drives us with new ideas and new ways to keep readers interested and for me, it gives me a daily challenge to work my brain. I still haven't missed a day in all of these years of blogging. Will I miss one in 2018? Time can only tell.

Not having missed a day is a great thing as it gives me and you guys something to read a daily basis, but sometimes for me I feel like I am pressed just to stick something up here for you and not always putting up the best content or best post of my abilities. A lot of the time it's a mail day post and it's very short and sweet just so I can have it on here.

I also rarely get more than one comment per post if any at all. I would really like to change that especially going on six years of that. I see so many other bloggers get at least five to ten comments per post, so I need to up my game to draw more in.

So 2018 I hope can be better and bigger. Here are some things you should come to expect in 2018 from Sport Card Collectors blog,
  • Longer written posts. I feel I just stick something up here just to get it up
  • Do a "live blogging approach" which means posting day by day instead of using one day to do an entire week. So if I get a mail day one day, I should be posting about it the next day and not a week or month or year later like I did in 2017. I also need to do better with posts around big sporting events, big acquisitions and holiday related times. Live blogging will help with that.
  • Speaking of mail day posts, I don't want to do so many of them unless they are huge ones. I feel like that's the only thing I post every day. So I may combine multiple smaller mail days into one post to cut down on this. There were way too many one card mail day posts.
  • I want to give some tips on collecting. I started this blog out that way then stopped. I have a few series planned hoping to help
  • Stories about cards in my collection and how I acquired them
  • I want to get a bit more in-depth with players I have collected over the years, the amount of cards I have of them. my favorites of them and why I pulled them out. This will cover many sports. You know, more cards!
  • Fun posts. Not all may be cards, some may use action figures with cards, some may be funny. I have been playing around with this for awhile.
  • Interviews. Not something I am a pro at, but may be something I look into and it may involve bloggers.
  • Discuss my other passions like NY Giants and the Madden NFL video game.
  • Take some of my success from other blogs I started and use that on here
  • Go back to the mid to late 90's which is my biggest passion of the hobby!!
Most of all, I just want to put up better content on here. It may require me losing my streak of consecutive days posting when I have to do research, digging and more to find the content, but sometimes all streaks come to an end whether we want them to or not. Right Eli Manning?

One thing I wished I could fix is the blog name and i have mentioned that many, many times on here. Even after all of these years, I still don't like it. Once again, that was something I quickly came up with just to start a blog and instead should had been something I sat down and thought about. I wished there was a name for someone who collects NY Giants, NY Yankees, Rodney Hampton, Ken Griffey Jr and non sports. That would be quite the name. If you have any suggestions, let me hear them in comments as I may consider them if they are catchy. I would even like to hear if I should keep this name.

As for current content I am keeping, there will still be reviews and contests so don't worry about losing those. They are actually my highest viewing posts on here and I tend to favor those posts the most.There will be a good amount of wax break posts coming in 2018 as well as I have been stocking a bunch of oddball/cheap wax for awhile now. You know, those rainy day wax kinda breaks.

I am holding myself accountable to make sure I stick to all of these changes and make this the best year yet on Sport Card Collectors or whatever name the blog may be down the road.

By the way, if there is anything you have always wanted to read on here but haven't yet, let me know about that as well in comments.


  1. One thing that I believe helped to boost my blog's comment count was to start making sure I replied to each comment left on my posts. Readers seem to comment more if they feel like you're reading their comments and interacting with them.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will do my best this year then to respond. I always read the comments and sometimes respond, but I never know if my responses are being read either. I will respond regardless however to sew of that helps

  2. I went kind of tongue-in-cheek with my blog name..
    I sometimes worry about what to put on mine as well.. I do have ideas that I started then stopped that I should revisit

    1. Yours is at least creative. Mine is as bland/obvious as it gets lol

  3. You're blogoversary date is one day before mine. Best of luck with your changes. I've spent the past 7 years tweaking stuff on my blog. I'm sure I'll continue the tweaks for many years to come. Happy New Year!

    1. I just think it's the nature of what we do. We will always tweak and fix lol. Happy new year to you as well Fuji!