Monday, January 15, 2018

The Mail Day List

Am I alone as a person who makes lists for everything?

There are lists for daily things like groceries and necessities (non food items).

Then there are those holiday lists like Christmas lists and birthday lists.

 Let's not forget the lists that your wife may make for you to. I get those as well.

But, in my world there are also sport card lists.

It all started when I was a young lad, not that I am old now, and I used to list every card I had by team in one of these notebooks. Sometimes I would also put the book value for each one as well. It was time consuming but I had nothing better to do when I was a kid unlike kids today. I didn't have the video games and the electronics. I had good ole paper and a pen. Oh the good days of the 90's. I miss those days.

Flash forward to now and I no longer keep my cards written down like this anymore. It would be way too hard to keep up with like my sorting. As it is already, I can barely keep up with my checklists of wants and needs.

But, that doesn't mean I stopped making lists with pen and paper. Yes, I still play it old school and don't type up my lists.

Now on my desk I keep a list of more important things like addresses, things my trader buddies collect, list of things I need to sort, list of things to take pictures of, list of things to blog about, list of cards that need to be added to my PC numbers, so on and so forth like that. Simple lists but still lists.

Then there's a list I keep on my fridge of expected mail days. This is my favorite list.
As I receive the mail days they all get crossed off. As I get more, I add more. But, if the paper gets too full, I transfer them to the next sheet.

Why do I do this? Well, first of all, it's fun to see all of the incoming mail. Two, I may not always remember what trade I made or contest I had won for something incoming. Three, it helps me remember who I may need to mail something to and who needs to be transferred to the mailing list on my desk.

I know I must not be alone in this or in list making for the hobby. Please don't let me be and comment below with what kind of lists you make.


  1. I'm a list guy, too. My Mail Day list is different than yours though. A name is added when a package is received and cards are due. For instance, you name just was added to my Mail Day list. Thanks for the PWE, I'll get something out before too long. The Mail Day list will make sure of it!

    1. Glad you got it and enjoyed! I keep both of those kind of lists just on different sheets

  2. I probably need to start doing something like this, sounds like a good idea. I also need to update my "trader directory" I have on my computer.

    1. I just need to make one of those in general. I always wanted to but I would have so many names

  3. As a teacher, I utilize lists on a pretty regular basis. As a collector, probably not as much as I should.