Monday, February 26, 2018

Binders Reorganization Update #3

Last year it was the Super Box Attack that took me a year to do. A few weekends ago I started digging into my biggest hobby project in since then and one that may take even longer....The Great Binder Reorganization!

I showed you part 1 of my reorganization of football inserts, football rookie inserts and rookie cards that took me a couple of weeks to do. Part 2 I showed off sorting baseball inserts. Part 3 should have been showing off my baseball rookie card progress, but I had to take a break from it. It's by far the toughest and longest part of my sort. I am closing in on finishing it, but I had to jump to doing basketball rookies in the meantime.

So today's post is all about the basketball rookie cards.

I only had a few binders to sort through so I knew it wouldn't take me long but give me enough of a break from sorting baseball rookies by team. Originally I had always sorted my basketball by rookies by tossing them into a binder, but no more! It was too hard to find players when they are not being sorted by team so that's exactly what I did.
Along with doing the sorting, I uncovered some gems in the process which I was pretty excited about. I was also able to pull out some cards for my Sets Of My Childhood chase.

Here is one of the gems I found, a Russ Westbrook rookie. I found this and the parallel.

Then came some tremendous Prizm finds I had long forgotten about. 

Draymond Green,

Isiah Thomas,

Kawhi Leonard. This card last year was hot, hot hot!! I believe it is still on the Top 20 hot list in a Beckett.

And then this bad boy.
Other than feeling more organized, part of the fun with doing this project is uncovering gems like these and finding other cards that brought back many memories. Some cards I can tell you where I bought them, busted them, who I was with, and maybe more depending on the card.
More updates on the completion of the baseball rookie card stage to come. I am hoping the next post in this series will be an update about that.

There is still so much to go in this project. Because what gets taken out, still has to go back in!


  1. I like grabbing a stack of card out of my boxes and sorting through it. I always find something cool that I'd forgotten about.

    1. It's definitely a lot of fun finding hidden treasures

  2. With his recent play, I would imagine that the Anthony Davis rookie has been increasing in value. Definitely some cool finds!

    1. Thanks! I thought so. This is probably the best Davis I have

  3. I love going back and digging through stuff I haven't looked at in years. Don't follow basketball anymore, but I recognize all 5 of these guys.