Friday, February 9, 2018

Cards On Display

When I was growing up and growing up into the hobby, for some reason or another, my father and I liked to display our cards in the oddest places and take pictures of them. Not even good pictures. They were mostly a-bit-blur Polaroids. But, it was the best we had.

Most of the time these pictures focused on Ken Griffey Jr but sometimes we would focus on other cards as well.  Our favorites.

The pictures I have on display today are ones we took of my Ken Griffey Jr collection at the time. The first one here was taken on my rusty-ole display stand for my Pinnacle Inside baseball cards. I think the one Griffey that shines is the '89 UD.

Griffey Starting Lineups with their cards were always on my wall among other Ken Griffey Jr items. I no longer have most of these in this picture. Just the pennant.

I can't even tell where we took these.

These however were taken on a hot summer day on my dad's beat-up old car.

 And they may have had more value than the actual car. They at least were in better condition.

So with so many mail days coming in a row, I was wondering to myself which cards my father and I would have chosen to go in our "masterpiece" photo.

There would be a couple here in my mail day from P-Town sent me from Waiting 'til Next Year blog who recently mailed me some Hamptons.

A 1996 Topps Throwback and 1995 Topps Finest Boosters insert.

1996 Pinnacle Xpress that sadly only lasted a year despite it's great look.

1992 Stadium Club that I didn't realize I was missing til P-Town sent them along.

1997 Goudey. The mini cards. I was glad to finally have this one knocked off the needs list.

Here is one that may have made the cut for our display. 1997 Pacific Revolution Proteges with Tiki Barber. Sharp looking card.

And one that definitely would have made the cut. Hologram, shiny. Nothing better in a photo and on display than a card like this. This is actually also the die cut version I have been needing.
Thanks again P-Town for the excellent selection of Rodney's! Thanks to you I have reached the 530 different card mark! I will get more Cubs out to you soon!

My next mail day, this one from my friend @APetrelak on Twitter and I pulled off another small trade. He posted some basketball cards that caught my eye so I inquired and sent some hockey his way.

He also threw in couple bonuses being the good guy he is. Some Yanks here,

and a Gary Sanchez rookie I didn't have
The main part of trade was around some rookies that later transpired to some hits as well. I wanted this Ingram for my NBA rookie PC

And these Simmons because he is pretty solid player. These cards would have made the display as we liked top rookies.

And to end the mail day, we worked in a couple relics. Brown is having a decent season and the Payton I liked because of the two-color swatch.
Thanks again Alec for the trade. Looking forward to our next. 
I also found a couple of cards in my mail day from Tracy on Twitter @batcavelv.

A few Yanks cards I didn't have including a shiny Clint Frazier

Robert Refsnyder who I wished could have panned out more. Still a nice relic from one of my favorite underrated products.

One of the cards that would have been in our display from Tracy, this 50/50 autograph of Travis Rudolph. This guy blew it up in the preseason but failed to make much of an impact in the regular season. However the Giants really like his upside so he may stay around and I hope he does. I loved watching him in the preseason. Either way just glad to have my first Gmen autograph of him.
And then was this bag. Inside of the bag was an item guaranteed to have been on my father's rusty-old car.
Boom! Jumbo card, jumbo bat swatch. Love it!

Card is numbered to 500 and actually has the digits 24 in the 124/500. Works for me!
Big thanks to Tracy! I hope to get your return out soon that has been sitting on my desk forever.
I no longer display cards like that or take pictures of them, other than on here, in weird spots. I actually don't display cards at all. They are all tucked away. I feel like the more exposure the more of a chance an autograph fades, a card bends or something will happen to them. I know it sounds weird and odd that I don't want to display my hobby, but I just don't.
However, I am wondering, what card or cards you would have displayed on my father's car, my rusty shelf, the lawn and other places we did to take pictures of? Let me hear them in comments and why!


  1. Glad you liked the Hampton's. I gambled on the Stadium Club ones. I couldn't find them on your list and thought, "Why not?"
    No hurry on sending anything back. I'm all out Hamptons to retaliate.

  2. I don't think I'd put any cards on your father's car. I kept picturing them sliding down into the door panel. As for displaying them in other areas... I'd probably show of my collection of Gwynn rookie cards.