Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Guess The Autograph #1

Sometimes on Sport Card Collectors I like to mix things up a bit, throw in a new segment here and there and see how things go.

These segments can either be very lengthy or can be very short and sweet to the point. Even though this year I promised I would stick to all long posts, I dreamed up a new segment that I thought would be fun to post on here.

I have attempted this before on one of my other blogs and many liked it. The version on here however will be a tad different than that one.

Guess the autograph is as easy as it goes. I will throw up an autograph "swatch" and you guys have to simply guess whose autograph it is. There are no prizes involved, it's just for fun to test your autograph knowledge and give you bragging rights.

The autographs will spread across multiple sports and non sports so it should be fun to see the challenge it presents and see how many of you can correctly guess it. If you really want to take it a step further, try guessing the brand of card as well.

I will reveal the "answer card" and the autograph in the next post of this series.

So here is today's kickoff autograph to this series,

Can you guess it?

Let me know in comments!