Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Judge And The Giants

Trading has become a big part of my collecting this the past couple of years especially with funds so low. I will touch base on this in my next Low Budget Collector series.

So I have really expanded my trading circle over the past couple of years, but there are still my main guys I trade big time with. One of them is @90sNicheFBCards. Good guy and very easy to deal with. That's why I keep going back for more trades.

Most of our trades heavily are football related, but some baseball can be found as well. I am currently trying to help him build his baseball collection up. We will get there.

In the meantime, let's show off what was apart of our last trade.

Like I said some baseball and this time some guy named Aaron Judge. Not sure if he can come close to the magic he had last year, but we will see.

A sweet swirly Yankee blue parallel.

Gleyber! I have started growing a small PC of him. So if you have any to throw my way, feel free to.

Another Judge!

Some older Yankee faithful here including a couple of Ruths.

Now onto some major football. Over the next few posts, yes, I had to split this up, there will be some really cool stuff to see but it's all football. Even if you don't like football, I suggest you tune in anyways.

Kicking it off with a couple of cool refractor parallels. Yes, I call Prizm parallels refractors even though it's not the technical term. I am really hoping the Giants give Webb a shot and not draft a QB this year but I have a feeling QB is at the top of their list.

A bunch of Gmen including some legends and some young guys. Eli Apple is a guy I don't mind the Giants unloading. Terrible on the field, worse off of it.

My man Odell. Say what you want about the guy, but he is easily a Top 3 WR in the league. I do wish he would grow up some. My favorite card of the group is that Clear Vision. Really nice layout and design.

Eli. So glad the Giants decided to retain him. It wasn't his fault what he was dragged through last year and he put up solid numbers for what he had to work with.

Engram and Taylor. Will Evan live up to his high expectations and be a Giants legend like LT some day, we will see.

Now we are going high tek!

Eli and some variations. Kinda makes you want to collect them all. Hmmm.....

Cruuuuuuuuuuz. Some variations for him as well.

OBJ again. This time with a purple parallel.

And a couple of new Andre's for that PC. I have kinda dropped off die hard collecting guys like Andre Williams and Rueben Randle. Not only are they not Giants anymore, but they don't seem to have a future in the NFL either. I will still gladly accept cards of them in a Giants uni but not searching anymore.

This is just part one and I haven't even gotten to the hits in our trade. There will be plenty to see there starting tomorrow.

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