Saturday, February 3, 2018

Long Overdue

The phrase "long overdue" wasn't something I had ever dealt with when it came to books, back when I read them. I was always right on time with getting them back to the school library if not before time just to take more out. I loved to read.

Now I simply don't have the time to anymore.

But, reading used to be my thing. In sixth grade our teacher would set "page reading goals" and those of us who reached them would get an A and some special prizes. Well, I would beat the 2,000 page read goal and shoot for 20,000. That's just how I rolled.

I was even apart of a book club known as DCF or in other words from where I live, Dorthy Canfield Fisher who was a famous author in my state. You would read a specific list of books offered and discuss them. You also got lucky at the end of the year and got to meet an author of one of those books you read.

I was only lucky enough to go once and met Barbara Park who wrote these two books and the Junie B Jones series.

She also signed this and stuck it in the books we got for free.

It was a great experience and something I will never forget.

I just wished I could keep up with my "long overdue" posts like I did with my books. I fell behind and lost this draft in the process for a double mail day including my first one from the legendary Night Owl Cards.

I finally acquired his address and started sending cards his way which I still have many more to go of. I for some reason have plenty of Dodgers to distribute his way and even more after starting my binder project.

So in return I got this surprise mail day from him.

Tyler Austin rookie card. The Yanks have probably the most young talent in the league right now maybe besides the Astros. I can't remember a time when I was able to say that. Usually the Yanks go after old overpriced players. Things have certainly changed.

Here are two more of those young studs. This will make quite the potent lineup this year.
And then I was graciously sent some Hamptons. I have now downloaded the Google Docs app and update my Hampton list so easily as I get them in. So if you are ever looking to trade any my way, just look at the want list as it's always up-to-date.

A couple of Action Packed cards

It took me awhile to decipher what parallel this was from 1997 Action Packed then I finally figured it out. The back had such tough descriptive writing on it.

No. No I won't peel off the protective coating. Never! Cool insets from Playoff called Hot Pursuit. I know many defenders back in that day had trouble chasing Rodney down.

And finally, another Collectors Edge Excalibur parallel knocked down. There were so many for that year. But, none as crazy looking as this Prism one. So cool front...

and back!
Here is my long overdue thanks to Night Owl for the mail day. Much appreciated my friend. I have more to send your way soon!

Speaking of overdue thanks, here is another. Once again my buddy @JGfan24ever sent along some PWE surprises for my mail box.

All threw were Panini Phoenix cards I didn't have. Eli and Strahan were both numbered. I really dig the look of these.
And the possible future of the Giants backfield even though Barkley from Penn State has been rumored to be heading their way in the draft. I do like Gallman however and he would make a great complimentary back to anyone.

Well, I finally got through with my long overdue shout outs. Hopefully this won't happen too often as I have been trying to keep up with it all. 
At least I won't be charged a fee or be spoken to by a librarian if it does happen again.


  1. I don't think I ever considered myself a big reader, but I did enjoy reading chapter books in elementary school. Loved Judy Blume books... and The Chronicles of Narnia. That autograph is cool. I've picked up a few signed books over the years. My favorite was when I got to meet Lois Lowry (author of The Giver).