Friday, February 16, 2018

Neglected Hobby

I have two hobbies, one is obvious by the title of this blog. The other, is playing Madden NFL. It's the ONLY video game I buy and play on a yearly basis. I am one of those Madden nuts who must have it on release day.

Ever since I have gotten Madden NFL 18, I find my card hobby has taken a backseat some which is why some of my projects I have been working on have taken extra time. It is also why a lot of my posts from Aug-Dec were short and sweet and a bit behind.

This is the first time in my Madden history I can't seem to win a Super Bowl. I have played Madden since the beginning but became a die harder in Madden 96. I only play Franchise mode and never have gone online to play. I like to play it this way and don't ever plan to change.

I played three and a half seasons with the NY Giants. I made multiple trades, free agent pickups, my usual moves on making a team young and cheap. However, I went 20-36 in those years with the Giants missing the playoffs each year. I then gave the Jets a run after the Giants canned me and started out 0-6 before deciding I needed to restart my franchise mode over.

I carefully made a quick look at things and decided to go with the Browns. Yes, the Browns. They were already young, had cap space and pieces I could work with. For some reason or another, I was winning with them finishing 11-5-1 in my first season and winning the Division and claiming a playoff spot.

I even won two playoff games before falling to New England in the AFC title game. (in case you are wondering that is a Patrick Malhommes led offense)

While I was making my run, stacks and stacks of cards were growing deep on my desk from trades and pickups. Despite that, I couldn't stop playing to go take care of what I needed to take care of. I think part of my problem was how the 2017 NFL season went. Giants were embarrassing, the Super Bowl came down to two teams I didn't like and ended with a team that I hoped would never win. I used Madden as a distraction to control the 2017 NFL season and smooth things out in my mind. It has worked....some.

I just currently finished up my second season with the Browns going 14-2 and won the division, got a bye, beat the Jags in the Divisional playoff game all leading up to another match up with the Patriots who are also 14-2. I did beat them in the regular season pretty badly but I don't feel good about this game which I should have played by the time this is up and posted.

If I can somehow, someway pull out a big win over them and lead my team to a Super Bowl win, then, maybe, I can finally focus on Mt.Cardsmore and get that taken care of. In the meantime, it's all focus on the Lombardi trophy.

So I am sorry cards, you have taken a backseat for now. But, don't worry, I don't plan on neglecting you much longer. I have faith that the Browns can beat the Patriots and win the Super Bowl. 
I do hope you read everything above.

How many of you have a second hobby that sometimes overrides your card collecting? Let me know!!

(UPDATE:The Browns beat the Patriots in the closing seconds. Then played a two overtime thriller against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl and were victorious 26-20. Now onto year three which has started out 7-4 record and some card sorting!)


  1. The Browns won the Super Bowl? Nice. Not sure if it's a hobby, but I like to golf, hike, and walk around flea markets when the weather is right. I have a PS4, but rarely turn it on. I probably buy 5 or 6 games each year, but only find 1, maybe 2 that I play in its entirety.

    P.S. I don't do online gaming either.

    1. Yeah. I took photos of them celebrating haha. I used to document all of my stats to in a notebook

  2. This post brought a tear to my eye!

    Here we go Brownies, here we go!

    1. Oh, and for other hobbies, I play and help run Pathfinder and Starfinder Society games. (They are role-playing games.)

  3. Madden can definitely be addicting. It was one of only 3 games I play - NBA2k, Madden and Command and Conquer: Generals (PC). I'm hoping to upgrade up to the PS4 this year and also pick up a new Madden. Good post. Thanks.