Thursday, February 8, 2018

Playing Catch Up

I am still playing the catch-up game when it comes to mail days.

Out of the blue, I went from an empty mail day list to a full one. The sad part is, it's quickly emptying.

In the meantime while I try to think of a way to refill it, here is what I recently recieved in.

Up first, this sick looking Davis Webb jersey card from @JGfan24ever. This has gotta be one of Panini's better looking memorabilia cards. Nice layout, design and love the team color around the outside.
Thanks Michael for the great card! 

My next mail day comes from a fellow Giants fan on Twitter @StephenJFurlong. He saw my want list and offered up the card I needed just out of kindness. Gotta love this hobby we are apart of. Not only did he offer up a card off from my want list, he also threw in some extra PC fun.

1999 Absolute SSD Brett Favre base. Yes, base! Whatever happened to base cards being so creative??? Now it's simply just cardboard.

Look at the back of this card. Superb!

A dual refractor of the main guy in today's post, you will need to read on to see it and Troy Aikman. Great looking card. I miss Topps having the football license.

A new Rodney!! Cool looking to. You can definitely tell this one is from the 90's. Looks like Rodney was guest starring on an episode of Saved By The Bell.

Next is a Brandon Jacobs relic. Being both Giants fans we both appreciate a card like this. I have other Jacob relics, but didn't have this one. Loved how this guy ran. So powerful.

Now onto the main course. The autograph is a tad faded, and I mean a tad, but still a beautiful on-card autograph of Mark Brunell that will knock it off of my want list. If you didn't know, I was a big fan of watching Mark back in the late 90's and the Jags were my second favorite team.
A big thanks to Stephen for his kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated! 

The final mail day in today's post is from A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts who I just pulled off my first trade with. He had posted his hits from some recent Golden Age breaks that he had dupes of so I inquired and we traded.

Along with the main trade meat, he also threw in some sides.

Eli Manning running the audible on the front of this Score card.

Mario Manningham rookie I didn't have. I mentioned earlier how I missed Topps NFL products, well that goes for Upper Deck as well. Look at this card. This is the way premier photos should be used.

This Kevin Dyson Leather football die cut from the iconic 1998 Playoff Contenders product. Dyson was the main guy in the Music City Miracle play in the NFL playoffs Vs Buffalo in 1999. He was also the guy who was tackled one yard short in the Titans vs Rams Super Bowl. Of course now he is still making an impact for kids as an assistant principal in Tennessee.

I love these cards and will take any of these for my 90's PC. So keep that in mind.

Jayne Mansfield pop up. She may had also been a pop up in Playboy as well. She was one of the early playmates, was in theater, film, and TV. She was also a nightclub singer.

Mary Pickford was born in the late 1800's and was an actress and producer into the 1900's.

David Pollock on-card autograph. He was best known for his role in The Bad News Bears as Rudi Stein.
Thanks Jon for the cards. I will hopefully get yours out to you soon. 

I still have more catching up to do with mail day posts and mail days in general. At least it's not the kind of catching up that the Patriots had to do versus the Falcons, I am at least not that far behind.


  1. Looks like you've been getting plenty of good mail lately!Hopefully this was only the start of many future exchanges between us :)

    1. There will definitely be more. Hope to look at my ginter minis and have your end out in the next week or 2

  2. Whenever you combine acetate and cardboard, sports card collectors are in for a treat.