Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Some Things Need To Be Bought Twice

There are some things in life that you simply can't replace.

Like these ageless artifacts from my football playing years. A flat high school practice football along with my practice jersey-with a tear down it's side seam-from Pop Warner. These are items that I don't want inflated or seam sewed or ever want replaced with new ones They are a rare piece of my history and nostalgic memories.

However, a damaged rare card on the other hand, I had to recently re-buy again.

Last summer I discussed buying this rare 1997 Stadium Club Monday Night Football redemption card for $5 and that I was happy to add it thinking if others knew how tough these were for that price they would be scooped up fast.

Well, sadly during my re-sorting project, I had left it on the floor and stepped on it giving it a slight bend. 
Unlike the flat football or tear down my practice jersey, this really bothered me. But, I didn't really want to fork out money to buy another either as I saw the seller still had one. I would rather keep what I had and deal with it and use the last $5 I had left on my eBay gift card from an early Christmas gift on something else. As you all know, I like to make every dollar stretch.

A week passed, I hadn't spent my last $5 and I continued to have my hobby OCD eat away at me. So I took it to Twitter to ask opinions on what I should do.

The responses were, buy it again. I had a feeling they were gonna say that.

So I swallowed my pride and knew what I had to do even though it ate me up inside knowing that I caused the damage to it, had to spend $5 I could have gotten other Hampton or PC pieces with and re-bought the card. It gave me a mixed bag of feelings. Both joy and disappointment.

So here it is again, this time in mint condition, and this time put away out of harms way.


And I know I better make sure that nothing ever happens to this card again. There were only three listed ever on eBay. I bought the two $5 ones, the last one is listed at $60 and was one I have watched for 3 years with the price remaining the same. That one would be a very costly mistake.

Have you guys ever been through this with having to re-buy a card? Let me know in comments!


  1. I'll gladly take a damaged card into my collection, but if I damage one, it haunts me forever. Even if I do replace it I can't forget the damage so I can't even enjoy the new one. Every time I see it I remember the damaged one.

  2. I can't think of any specific cards off the top of my head, but I'm sure I've repurchased something before because of a damage issue. I mean... I'm the guy who purchased 113 copies of a Jim Abbott's 1989 Topps Big card.