Saturday, February 17, 2018

TMNT Episode 1: Prospecting And Established Players

Deep in the sewers of NYC, lived the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most have forgotten about them living there. Some remember and shrug it off. Others still recognize them as heroes that saved their city from the foot-clan.

What have the turtles been doing all of these years in hiding.....

Sorting sports cards.

Does it truly ever end?

Nobody knew of the turtles and their collecting sports cards except for Casey Jones who would bring the turtles packs to open and card supplies to store their items.

Once in awhile the turtles run into a card-related problem that could use some help solving before it got messy.

Today Donatello and Leonardo were looking at baseball rookies when an argument broke out.

Leo: Man, so glad I collect established players rookie cards. You just never know when a prospects values can drop.

Donnie: Well, I like the upside of having prospects. They could the next future superstars and drive the hobby market! Here, I will trade you this Moncada for your Larkin just to give you a shot of money down the road. Moncada could be the next big thing while Larkin is still stuck where he is.

Leo: NO WAY! Larkin is a Hall Of Famer! Moncada could be done in a year! You even said could be. Could is not definite.
Donnie: Prospecting is awesome! Take my Moncada, you will thank me later. If my calculations are correct, he is due for a big breakout year for the White Sox this year!
Leo: The White Sox hahaha. Larkin will do more than Moncada will ever think of doing. He is here to stay! He will always hold his value and place in my collection. Those prospects are mostly flops!
Donnie: How dare you!

*insert weapon drawn noise*
Usually not the one to talk common sense, Michelangelo decides to step into the conversation to stop the two from the argument.
Mikey: Guys, guys. Slow down. Each their own. Collect what you like dude. If Leo doesn't want to collect prospects, then he doesn't have to. If he likes collecting established players, let him. If you like collecting prospects go ahead Donnie. Both are worth what they are worth in your eyes guys.

First both stopped in shock from the conventional wisdom stowed upon them by Mikey who was usually known for eating the bubble gum out of 80's baseball packs. So the both of them agreed to stick with what they like and not try to force the other to agree with them and shook on it.
So for now, Donnie and Leo continued on with the way they have always collected their baseball rookies. And all was happy in the turtles lair til the next cardtrovercy....

So what do you guys do when it comes to baseball rookies? You take the risk and ride with a prospect? Do you focus on already established players and Hall Of Famers? And when you trade, how often do you RISK trading a prospect with a high upside for someone who has already retired but is a Hall Of Famer? Let me know in comments.
I promise I won't let the turtles see your answers. I wouldn't want to stir them up again.


  1. I used to be a big-time prospector, but then Bowman got to be too expensive. I don't really freak out over the rookies, but I have to admit - after the run on Judge rookies last season, I pulled all of the rookies from my 2018 Series 1 box and set them aside, just in case someone goes crazy. If that happens, I'll happily sell the rookie to get funds to buy cards of guys I PC! (I feel like that was the long way around to answering your question, sorry!)

    1. I have been collecting at least one rookie of every player over the years just in case. Some I have missed some. This year I will do the same but I can't imagine anything will be like last year

  2. Entertaining post. I'm more of an established player's rookie card kind of guy. Failed on way too many prospects in the past.

    1. I have switched myself especially at the end of last year. It's more about established

  3. I was down with the turtles back in the day, but don't think I owned any of the toys.. just enjoyed playing with those of my friends.

    1. I had a few, sadly I have more as an adult haha. I had mainly Ghostbusters and Darkwing Duck. Which I still would like a couple of those original figures