Sunday, February 11, 2018

Why Did You Buy That?

Do you ever wonder what eBay sellers think when you buy cards they most likely never expected to sell?

I picture them lighting up a cigar and sitting back with a drink and laughing to themselves. "Can't believe someone actually bought that card. Who collects that? hahaha"

Other times I picture them ringing a Wall Street bell. "WE DID IT!!!!"

Than other times, "Why would you pay that when you could have owned a Mike Trout rookie card for that price." *insert evil laugh*

I expect them to do a lot of those celebrations when I purchase off eBay. So many cards I bet they have had listed for years and years with no interest and suddenly I arrive.

Like this latest Rodney Hampton mail day which is the first part of my eBay gift card usage I told you guys about awhile back.

Well I do. I collect for fun and that's my reasoning for buying what I buy.

The fun thing about collecting a guy nobody else does is the fact you can get some steals as well.

Like this $1 shipped refractor from Bowman's Best.

Or this extremely rare Members Only Parallel of the Nightmares insert that I snagged for $3.

How about this for .50? Very shiny too.

Then I found a guy who has a bunch of oddballs and rare type Hamptons that I made an offer on and explained that I was probably the only Hampton collector on the planet. He happily obliged to my offers. So you know he must have had these for awhile and just wanted them gone.

Rare miscut 1995 Finest refractor,

A factory set only limited Members Only parallel of this Stadium Club Bowman's Best insert.

You can barely tell its a parallel til you look really closely on the right of Rodney.

The same seller also had this Bowman's Best Mirror Image I needed to complete my trifecta from that year. Once again, offer accepted.

I look forward to getting my next eBay gift card to use and to surprise a few more sellers with my purchases. 

How about you guys? Do you buy any cards that would surprise a seller? Let me know what that is and what their reactions may be. Also let me know if you sell cards on eBay what your reaction is when you sell a card that you thought would never leave.


  1. I'm sure every eBay seller who sold me a Kurt Suzuki or Devin Setoguchi autograph partied like it was 1999.

  2. I’m sure most sellers don’t even know who Dan Vogelbach is. It’s probably always a surprise when they sell his cards. Their loss is my gain!

    1. That's the way I feel about Rodney. His stuff people are looking to get rid of. It's cheap so I win

  3. At least Rodney Hampton played a popular sport in a big market (that Nightmares insert is really cool btw) I supercollect Peter Worrell cards, and I do kind of wonder what the seller is thinking when I spend $5 on an old Pacific parallel or $10 on a 1 of 1 show stamped jersey card.

    1. Haha. I am sure they are having a party. I know I have scored some pretty cheap Rodney because of this which I am sure u have found some steals as well

  4. When I pay over $10 for a Charlie Morton parallel I need I suspect that the seller thinks "Who actually buys a Charlie Morton card?"