Thursday, March 22, 2018

REVIEW:2017-2018 Panini Prestige Basketball (NICE HIT!)

Other than Hoops, Prestige is another one of those all-time favorite lower end products for basketball card collecting.

There is just something about the allure of Prestige for me. Is it the one rookie card per pack? Is it the base card photography? The shiny inserts? Well, hard to tell. All I know is that I have always been a fan of the line since the 90s where it started with football.

Let's take a dive in and see what a box of 2017-2018 Prestige Basketball provides.
Each box of 2017-2018 Prestige basketball has 24 packs per box with 6 cards per pack. You will find two autographs per box and boxes are running roughly $95.
The base set is 200 cards. The first 150 cards are veterans with some solid photography. The base set design is the same one used for football.

I am showing off a few of my favorite shots, see what I did there, in the base set. There are others that are great as well.

Rookie cards that fall 1 per pack, make up the last 50 cards in the set. With so many rookies, it's hard to find the top names. This was the best of my box. At least the rookie shots are mostly done in game play.

Except a couple of them. I would guess these were guys who haven't hit the court yet.

If you liked Cracked Ice parallels, you will be in total love of this product as Panini upped the anti putting the parallel all throughout. In Prestige however they call it Crystal parallel. These base card parallel  is exclusive to just hobby and can be found as, Crystal /199 (all below), Crystal Gold /10, and Crystal Blue 1/1.
There are a good amount of insert programs in Prestige that have stars of today, tomorrow and yesterday. In hobby, these to have Cracked Ice/Crystal parallels of Crystal, Crystal Gold /10, and Crystal Blue 1/1.

Stat Stars focuses on players with Star stats. Hence the name.

Hardcourt Heroes has some of the underdog names in the checklist that you may not always recognize but are heroes of the game for their respective teams.

Highlight Reel covers big nights in the NBA. This is only my second Ball card.

All Time Greats features those big time names in the past of the NBA

Rookie Class covers this years rookie class

And even has the parallels like this,

Stars Of The NBA takes a stars and features them.

Micro Etch rookies. This may be a set I chase because who doesn't love some micro etching technology? These are pretty cool. They also have parallels but I think I would just chase the red.
Now onto my two autographs from the box. Both were base ones but pretty decent.

First was Chris McCullough from the Wizards. He could use some work on his auto lol.

Not as much as Giannis does, but nice pull of Giannis none-the-less.

Other hits not found in my box are,
Prestigious Picks, Playmakers,Old School Signatures Set and Prestigious Signatures.
OVERALL: If you liked Prestige before in the past, you won't be disappointed with this years either. Panini kept everything the way it has always been besides the new tweaking of cracked ice. To be honest, I think it was a tad overdone on that part. I think another parallel or two would have offset so much of it. That's my only complaint of the product.

I do think the product could be a bit of a gamble for the price point and only two autographs, but, there are some big names to be found and with the 17-18 rookie class being as hot as it is, it's probably in the long run going to be more of an investment especially if you pull the key rookies.

You can find the checklist for 2017-2018 Panini Prestige basketball, HERE.

Most of the hits, if not all, from this break will be given away for #SCC6YR celebration. Please, please tell Panini America and Tracy Hackler thanks for the shot at these cards. Without their support with these reviews giveaways wouldn't be possible. Check them out at Panini America website and all social media sites.


  1. I really like the look of Prestige this year. It's even better than last year. I was trying to put the set together from last year but I may abandon that and work on this one.

  2. Prestige has only been in the NBA since 2009-10, missed 11-12 though. However I think this is my favorite design for the brand yet. Too bad the set is so small.
    They just announced about two days ago that Frank Jackson will miss this entire season to injury.

    1. I know. I was saying prestige overall and fixed my note on that to correct it. I have bought some every year since 09-10 for basketball but for football I have for years and years.

  3. I don't need to watch the NBA to know that Giannis is a huge pull. I live in Golden State Warriors country... and that guy's name still pops up on a regular basis on sports talk radio.

  4. How can I participate in a giveaway

  5. How can I participate in a giveaway