Saturday, March 17, 2018

REVIEW:2017 Panini Plates and Patches Football

Coming off from a successful 2016, Plates and Patches makes another return with more plates and patches.

I was extremely happy to hear Panini brought this product back as it may be small but can pack a punch.

With only five cards you are really hoping that each card is something good for the price point. Let's check out what the 2017 version provided me

In every box of 2017 Panini Plates and 
Patches comes five cards. Those five cards are 1 base, 1 parallel, 1 printing plate, 1 patch auto and one relic. Boxes are $110 per.

The base cards are thick and team color coded for top and bottom borders. There are 100 veterans all numbered to 99, followed by 80 Legends numbered to 75 and ending with 20 rookies numbered to 50. Would be quite the set chase that's for sure.

There are parallels to be found of the base sets of Blue (below) /50, Green /25, Red /10, and Gold 1/1.

And this product has no inserts. So we are off hitting up the hits!

Most all of the hits have parallels of, Blue /25, Green /10, Red /5, and Gold 1/1.

Up first was this slick looking Josh Reynolds Quad relic. has some really sweet patch swatches and football swatches as well. I like the layout and design of these.

Plates and Patches also has rookie autograph patches. I think Kenny G had one of the best rookie signatures in 2017. These are numbered to 99 and also have parallels of Blue /50, Green /25, Red /10 and Gold 1/1.

And my final hit the Plates form Plates and Patches, a sick black LT one from Prestige! That's one thing unique about this product. That plates come from multiple products. Last year I found Bo Jackson as my plate.
Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours include,
  • Award Winners Autographs
  • Canton Calligraphy Autographs
  • Double Coverage Relics, Full Coverage Relics
  • Gridiron Gear Relics, Gridiron Gear Autograph Relics
  • Marquee Marks Autographs
  • Marquee Marks Blue Autographs
  • Plates and Patches, Plates and Patches Autographs
  • Playmakers Autographs 
  • Rookie Quads Material Autographs
  • Signal Callers Autographs 
  • Super Bowl Autographs
  • Team Supreme Relics
  • Team Supreme Autograph Relics 
  • Upper Echelon Autographs and Printing Plate Autographs
OVERALL: Even though this was a very short break, I still had a good time. I feel the value in these boxes like any box varies but the 1/1 printing plate should help with some. There is a ton of varitey hits to be found in a break and with it ranging from players from the past, present and future you never know what's hiding.

I definitely suggest breaking a box but if you can't afford to do so, get into a box break of it to help save you on funds but give you a shot at some of the magic.

You can find the full checklist for 2017 Panini Plates and Patches football, HERE.

Most of the hits, if not all, from this break will be given away for #SCC6YR celebration. Please, please tell Panini America and Tracy Hackler thanks for the shot at these cards. Without their support with these reviews giveaways wouldn't be possible. Check them out at Panini America website and all social media sites.


  1. Congrats on the plate! I know you like that one!

  2. The LT printing plate is an awesome pull!

  3. I'm a huge fan of this product, congrats on the PC hit!

  4. nice looking cards. I'll definitely keep a lookout for these. I had not see them before. Great post.