Friday, March 9, 2018

State Of The Blog March 2018

Here is my state of the blog address for March. I don't normally do these types of posts but I think an update was needed on here.

First, I am gonna try to make the blog itself a bit "cleaner" and neat by eliminating some of the extra side pictures and info I don't really need on the interface of the blog. I will include those in one of the tabs instead.

The blog header, may also get an updated version as well. I want it to speak more about what I collect.

The tabs overall are in dire need of updates. I do keep up with the want lists on here and checking things off as I get them, which isn't very fast, the problem I have is I don't update them with more I want. That is coming soon.

Set collecting will be split up soon. There are a few newer sets I will be chasing but there will also be a Sets Of My Childhood tab with tons of wants on there. I know many of you go to card shows so you may find some of my needs in the nickel and dime boxes to trade to me.

I am considering a trade bait tab but that will mostly be for those who I normally trade with. I don't mind trading with new people as long as shipping is within the U.S. and they can come backed by a normal trader of mine or if I already know of you. Most bloggers I will trade with just because I know we are all in this together as long as I can ship to U.S.

I am also considering an Ask The Blogger tab where people can comment and I will respond in a post to answer their questions.

Other tabs just need a facelift update and others need to be combined.

As for posts, I don't plan on changing a whole lot. I do like what I have improved upon for this year but some of the new segments may disappear over time just because they are a bit of challenge to keep up with and some will be coming to an end just because that's as long as I can make the series. But, I am always keeping the mind rolling for new ideas.

One more thing I am pondering over is moving The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict to here as a series instead of an individual blog, getting rid of Snagging Cardboard and using that name as the name of this blog. There is just something catchy about it and it makes sense for here. Thoughts on these moves are welcomed below. **Remember, these are just an idea, doesn't mean it's going to happen**

Something that is non blog related, I plan on doing more posts on my Twitter and Facebook accounts for extra interaction so if you haven't followed me @SportCardCollec on Twitter or find Sport Card Collectors on Facebook, please do so.

All of this just like with anything else will take time to build. I am hoping by summer I will have most of this fixed. Some of it will have to wait til I get everything sorted, some of it requires photos, so on and so forth. I am hoping sooner rather than later on updating all of these but we will see.

Finally, if you ever have any suggestions on what you would like to read about, just put it in comments as I may consider them.

Thanks for checking in and happy collecting!

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  1. Updating your wantlist's is always a good thing! I like the idea of having trade bait tab, I've sort of been thinking about doing one as well. Overall, it doesn't seem like you would really need change very much, as the way you've been doing things seems to have been working pretty well for you up to this point :)