Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TMNT Episode 2: Sticker And On-Card Autographs

Deep in the sewers of NYC, lived the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most have forgotten about them living there. Some remember and shrug it off. Others still recognize them as heroes that saved their city from the foot-clan.

What have the turtles been doing all of these years in hiding.....

Sorting sports cards.

Does it truly ever end?

Nobody knew of the turtles and their collecting sports cards except for Casey Jones who would bring the turtles packs to open and card supplies to store their items.

Once in awhile the turtles run into a card-related problem that could use some help solving before it got messy.

Today Donatello and Leonardo were comparing autographs when a discussion broke out about sticker autographs and on-card autographs.

Leo: Check out this totally rad on card autograph Donnie.

Donnie: Does it really matter that you point out it's on-card every time. That's no better than my sticker autograph dude.

Leo: Are you kidding me right now? This is on-card. Ooooooonnnnnnn caaaaaaaarrrddd. This athlete totally touched this card.

Donnie: As if! The dude touched this sticker autograph as well.

Leo: Talk to the hand! There is no way that card is equal with mine.

Soon Mikey and Raph joined in and each of them took sides. Mikey agreed with Leo that on-card autographs are so bangin as opposed to sticker autographs because the athlete had to hold the card in hand. He also liked the fact that on-card autographs can't be messed up by companies sticker autograph messes they have.

Raph on the other hand, was very vocal in his agreement with Donnie and saying that all autograph cards are created equal.
The turtles continued to be at a standstill on the topic. 

Leo: I am sorry but I am right on this.

Donnie: Well, we like what we like but there is no way you are right this time. 
So not all was calm in the sewers as the turtles continued to take sides on who was right. What they needed was some guidance, some help from some knowledgeable collectors. That's where you guys come into play.
The Turtles need your help to solve this problem. Let them know in comments which side you choose and why. Hopefully by the time the next episode happens there will be a solution.


  1. I prefer on card autos, but I don't shy away from sticker autos "just because" they are stickers.

    1. I agree with this. I look at it as an auto is an auto

  2. Then Master Splinter shows up and explains that even on-card autographs can be screwed up by card companies, because they don't always witness the players signing the cards. And sometimes mischievous athletes have their spouses, mothers, or next door neighbors sign for them.

    1. By the way... I'm all about on-card autographs. I'll buy a sticker autograph every now and then, if the price is too good to pass up or if the sticker is embedded into the card and looks good. But I'd say 95% of my autograph purchases these days are on-card.

    2. I will need to bring in Master Splinter at some point. The Shredder makes his first appearance next time


  4. Duuuuuuuuude, on-card for sure! Stickers are bogus, man!

    Haha, love the discussion there. I know that i go for on-card every time if i can get it, though i do appreciate when companies find a creative way to incorporate a sticker auto. I’ve seen a couple that are in shadow boxes, for example.

  5. Love this post! I value on card autos .00001% more than stickers.

  6. I prefer on-card simply for aesthetic purposes. Well, that and the signer usually has more room to sign. There's nothing worse than a sticker auto that is missing part of the signature because whoever was signing went off the sticker.

  7. I always prefer on-card over stickergraph, and will usually pay a bit more for it. Though if sticker is all that's available or is significantly cheaper, I might settle for it.

    1. I have never compared prices between the two. I assume both costed roughly the same. Maybe I should look more into that before I purchase

  8. I like on card better but don't mind stickers as an autograph collector however I can get them..... have both have purchased both so not a big deal for me. Still would rather have a card and get it signed in person MYSELF that is the best auto for me and if I don't have a card of the player a team card or 3x5 work too!